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Cleveland GOP Cheats Ron Paul: Article Exposes Fraud

Here is the article that exposes how the Republican Party of Cuyahoga County (RPCC) sabotaged Ron Paul in their online straw poll. They even reference the Daily Paul! All of our hard work paid off, guys. Thanks to everyone who helped.


For those who want the back story, check out my previous two posts on this topic:


In Liberty,

Matt Brakey

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they acknowledge Dr. Paul...

but they CHEAT him daily!

they cheat him out of air time at the televised debates, they cheat him at the media based polls (saying bachmann is ahead of him?), they will misrepresent what he garners at the voting booth, too, if we are not visual at the election and take our own exit poll numbers

the tea party faltering? i think not! i am not faltering...are you?

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
Rockin' the FREE world in Tennessee since 1957!
9/11 Truth.

If you're going to run an online poll...

For votes to be worth anything at all they have to be linked to users with some sort of history so reputation can be established.

You've got to expect people to click more than once both on purpose and by mistake. You've got to expect several real users will share a single IP address. You can set cookies and analyze browser/plugin versions to try to detect this, but ultimately there's no way to protect an anonymous online poll from abuse.

...and these lying republicans may even commit vote fraud if

given a chance when the primary and caucus season begins..ie, throwing away paper ballots and rigging the diebolds..

Too bad... good idea, poorly worded article!

The media dropped the ball on you this time. The article is not at all clear as to what happened. It sounds as if the RP folks scammed the poll, then emphasis and belabored plodding discussion of the IP addresses, ... 'he said, she said'!

From this article I expect you will gain some and lose some, especially as it rambles. People need clear, concise, cutting edge expose', which draws them to a clear conclusion that someone is the demon and someone the saint! This it did not accomplish.

Better not to fall for the media's tricks to gain stories... stories which do not step on toes!

Better write your own followup to the blog, leave out the relatively unrelated distraction on 'single IP addresses' unless it is the key matter which you have proved they lied about, and focus instead on the issue of pulling and/or zeroing the votes... that is the fraud! They did this or they did not... which was it?

If they did, then prove it, and drop the hammer on that one issue! Point made!... Party exposed and embarrassed... people looking again at a Ron Paul, since his opponents are willing to cheat and lie.

Drop anything which is an argument! No one wins. No one gains. Liberty loses precious time and resources.

All levels

Corrupted at all levels, even local. We need to oust the corrupt not only in Washington, but also in all of our local councils and state.

Lying Republicans?

Lying Republicans? I am shocked. Shocked I tell you, shocked.

Helloooo Cleveland!!!....

Keep up the great work! It's true what they say, you guys DO rock!....RON PAUL 2012!

"sometimes I hug the coffee table when no one is looking."

This is ridiculous

Set up your poll to dedupe the User. Not that hard.

The reporter should have given ALL of the facts

The reporter should have given ALL of the facts and included the results of his experiment.

He has proof of how a poll for Ron Paul can get big numbers in a short time and he failed to mention it. That would have given his piece much more impact.

I'm just puzzled to why the Cleveland GOP was so invested

against Paul. Is there huge military-industrial complex interests in the Cleveland area/Ohio that is anywhere close to the same magnitude as California, Washington state, South/North Carolina, or Florida?

I always thought of Cleveland as similar to Detroit: a completely depressed economic graveyard. They should either love RP or be busy loving a democrat.

Reporter Created Poll

They didn't mention the huge vote that go turned out for the reporter created poll. While I found that disappointing, that doesn't take away from the central message.

Matt Brakey