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Is this true?

This can't be true can anyone explain this?


P.s I just believe what the manager says is not what Ron Paul would say because he said before he's never opposed being interviewed by anyone!

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Adam wants to dismantle the

Adam wants to dismantle the US Army....not a politically wise thing to advocate.

Being on or associated with RT is not politically wise, period.

Russia Today endorses Ron Paul! May as well be the kiss of death to Ron's campaign.

Nice job, Jesse.

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.

this is really getting interesting.

Adam is one of us, but his choices have become toxic. just like discussing 911 is toxic.

go figure..


Was actually pretty funny.

I don´t know who said what or why nor if it´s true.

Pretty weird.


Poor guy. He's interviewed Dr. Paul in the past. He should know it's not true.

I did laugh, though.

The tides are changing!

Some people have nationalistic reasons for dissing RT.

I can't say that it is blindly unfounded, in that at least the viewpoints expressed by an extra-national news media may have an ulterior motive to support anything. It's nothing Earth-shattering. Doesn't mean RT is The Devil, doesn't mean RT is a perfect angel. It's whatever.

How about that it is public television.

Russia taxes its citizens to pay for RT.

So, I can fully understand pro-liberty people with principles being opposed to governments coercing citizens to pay for things those citizens don't want to pay for themselves.

Not whatever

This is a personal snub to Adam Kokesh & his fans.

No it's not, it's called

No it's not, it's called POLITICS!

Ron Paul being associated with Russia Today is flat out bad politics when you're running to become the next President of the United States!

Grow up, boys.

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.

I'm thinking in the larger picture.

I know some people consider Kokesh as a lightning rod but that's one thing I've just never paid attention to. And that includes Kokesh himself; not because I'm anti-, just never cared about the guy either way.


I just had a topic up on this and poof it disappeared.

I'm looking for an explanation too.

I never liked Benton and I'm

I never liked Benton and I'm fairly certain he deliberately sacked Paul's bid in 2008. I'm surprised he didn't replace him, and after this I hope he does. RT should get an award for giving us the news that would otherwise not be possible through our controlled media. I think Adam should invite Dr Paul on for an interview.

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What did he do?

He was also going against pretty much the entire power structure in this country just to say. What did Benton do to crash the campaign?