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November 5th Money Bomb

Hello All, I would like to propose again this year a November 5th money bomb to rival and surpass our previous attempts in 2007. I feel more now than ever it is fitting with the media actually censoring Paul and it becoming even more so apparent. I know critics of an 11/5 money bomb feel the connotation to Guy Fawkes is negative but I feel at this point it is an opportunity to explain our frustration at the media and establishment. Any publicity is good publicity and any attention brought to Paul is good because it is an opportunity to explain our views and shine a light on what is happening. Any reasonable person that takes the time to objectively listen to Paul, rather than shunning him based on the perception pushed on them by the media, will undoubtedly agree with us. I am a very big Paul supporter as I imagine most of you are but barely heard of the 8/20 money bomb for his birthday in time to donate, due to the lack of publicity and organization. Obviously it will take more than one money bomb as late as 11/5 to promote Paul's campaign but as a grand gesture, one that cannot be ignored, I propose another super money bomb on 11/5. If you agree please begin to spread the word through the forums and various sites as much as possible as soon as possible so people will remember the date. Remember Remember the 5th of November...

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I understand there is a

I understand there is a campaign sponsored moneybomb in September, but I think that the November 5th bomb is important. People need to feel the 2007 power again plus some. We never followed the campaign and a pyramidal top down model before. Ron always supported our free market method. He wasn't a big fan of Ron Paul 'rEVOLution' and picked hope...however, he went with the free market 'rEVOLution' because he supported US!

I personally as a free individual will NOT support the campaigns September 'Constitution' bomb. I will support the November 5th bomb. Remember, remember the 5th of November!

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I say we do 1 money bomb a

I say we do 1 money bomb a month then all of us do what we can to get 1 MILLION people to donate $20.12 a month! I could probably get 50 to 100 people to sign onto this, and if 10,000 dedicated Paulites did the same, it'd be game over for the Establishment!

"It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere".

It's hard not to be a menace to society when half the population is happy on their knees. - unknown

I say no

There is already a Constitution moneybomb recently started September 17-30th for the official campaign. See here:


There is also the Superbomb for Revolution PAC currently September 19th.

It would be too soon for another one.

Symbolic Money Bomb

The November 5th money bomb is not just another fund raising money bomb. It is symbolic as much as it is for financial purposes. The date has relevance to the campaign and message as well as being an easy date to remember. Remember Remember the 5th of November Money Bomb...