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Jesse Benton To Russia Today, "Ron Paul does not do interviews with Russia Today. No one watches you guys anyway".

Adam Kokesh announced on his show tonight that this will be the last show of Adam vs. The Man, but didn't say why. However, he did say he interviewed Ron Paul on May 4th of this year, and since then has tryed numorous times to have Congressman Paul back on the show, with no reply. In Ames the weekend of the straw poll an RT reporter caught up with Ron Paul's Campaign Communications Director, Jesse Benton, who was quoted saying this after being asked in person about having Ron Paul on again...Jesse Benton - "Ron Paul does not do interviews with Russia Today...You've got Adam Kokesh on the air beating his chest every night...and no one watches you guys anyway".

Watch here @ 28:17 minute mark---> http://www.youtube.com/wa...

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This deserves a better explanation

Ron's been seen on the major networks in the US that include the war propagandists FOXNEWS and MSNBC. Nothing wrong with their chest thumping...

This is the presidential candidate who is admired for saying that the United States should trade, talk, and be friendly with foreign countries, like Cuba and Iran. But, he wouldn't go on their networks, no one takes them seriously...

It is plain awful, given Ron Paul's natural inclination to discuss libertarian ideas with ANYBODY, for Jess Benton to dismiss and mock RT. He effectively closed out another avenue to spread the message that we support. I think the Ron Paul response should be "just because I go on their channel doesn't mean I endorse all or any of their views."

Leave Jesse Benton alone! He

Leave Jesse Benton alone! He goes EVERYWHERE Ron goes for God's sake, it's obvious he trusts the man.

Wasn't this in Off Topics?

I would love to know who moved it out. This deluge of same topic crap is making coming here useless.

Lew Rockwell posted it on his site,

I think Lew is right.

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Now you've done it. Good job.

Ron Paul 2012

Ron Paul 2012

As A New Poster In The Forum

My observation on this Jesse Benton issue is this.

I made an early comment in one of the threads about it that was along the lines of constructive criticism. A negative comment in fact.

At this point after coming back online and seeing all these posts in multiple threads about this I would like to say this.

Enough is enough.

There has been ample criticism of the guy.

More than enough to make him feel pretty bad if he ever reads all these posts.

In fact he should if he is going to keep his job.

Having said that; at this point if you continue doing it after reading my post I personally would have to regard you as cointelpro intentionally stiring up trouble.

Its a no brainer that people close to Ron Paul saw what all of us saw and and whatever is decided at a higher level will be acted upon and none of us will ever hear a word about it because it really is none of our business and that is as it should be.

While you people were flap jacking in these threads I spent the whole night explaining to people who were not even going to register and vote why they should register and vote for Ron Paul.

This is what someone asked me last night.

"Tell me why I should register and vote for Ron Paul.

1. I don't have any faith in this system any more
2. I don't trust a 33 degree mason
3. I don't trust a 9/11 official story tard"

This is what I took the time to write back to him.

You already know what will happen if things continue on the present course. The man is THE ONLY PERSON alive that is in a position to make a difference that has the track record to indicate that he would follow through, but then only with massive overwhelming support from all of us.

Had enough of us done that for Perot he would have stopped NAFTA dead in its tracks.

If you recognize the hypocracy and corruption of politics as it appears you do then you should be smart enough to realize that Ron Paul has to play the game in order to remain viable. He did not make the rules, but he must survive within them in order to achieve any of his goals.

Look at what happened to numerous other well intentioned politicians who took the hard road and created a problem. The list is extensive. I will name Paul Wellstone, Cynthia McKenny, and James Traficant as examples. They were neutralized in various ways. They refused to be a team player and pretty well went rogue in terms of their outspokeness against the system.

Like it, or not if Ron Paul had come out against the official government policy and the official story about 911 he would have been labled and denounced with every kind of ridicule immaginable by media attack dogs and any chance he might have of being taken seriously by the public would have been destroyed through media, or worse.

Consider how they tried to trap Ron Paul when Trump announced his candidacy and the media went with the Birth Certifcate issue.

Paul sidestepped it and avoided the Birther label. It works the same with the 911 issue.

Like it, or not this Nation adopted a course of war prior to 911 and launched those wars after 911. Most of us know that now.

As a member of Congress for Ron Paul to function with any degree of professional respect among his collegues he has to go along with certain lies with things that have been catagorized as National Security issues.

Sadly the official 911 lies do in fact fall under that catagory.

You would be naive not to realize that all governments operate that way and probably always have with very few exceptions.

Despite all of that; does not his rhetoric and positions on the issues even though they do not directly expose the corrupt lies reflect the proper course of action that should be taken were those lies exposed and corrected.

He publicly denounces Gaddafi as a thug, but argues that our participation in the war is unconstitutional.

He throws his monkey wrench into the system to stop what is wrong, but he does it in a way that does not incite, or insult his collegues and to an extent actually supports the official position.

Being a Mason does not make you a mind controlled robot. I feel that is a non issue. There was a time years ago when I harbored conspiratorial paranoia about it, but I outgrew that.

The man is a Doctor who has delivered over 4,000 babies. He has reached an age and a wisdom where for all intensive purposes he is beyond the normal type of corrupt influence a much younger person would be subject to.

If you were going to take a chance this would be the time to take it.

The worst that could happen would be that things would remain as they are and our course unchanged.

The possibility is that something wonderful could come of it.

This is what he wrote in reply.

"I hear ya dolphin,

My family and I will vote ron paul, but i expect it to do nothing, I have no faith in him nor this countries current methods of elected leadership. I think it is much too late and after nafta and not electing perot we enslaved ourselves."

This was what he wrote in my Reputation Comments.

blind prophet
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Need I explain more to anyone?

Jesse Benton's the fool who setup Ron Paul to be hit on by Bruno


And before that Jesse Benton worked for Bob Barr and set him up too.

In 2008 while working for Ron Paul, he said he supported Fred Thompson as a second choice.

He's either an idiot, or infiltrator.


It was another staff member and has been discussed at length. You were already corrected on this and yet you still reposted this lie.

I don't recall that.

Benton was in charge, how did it get past him?

You must have me confused with someone else. Please link to what you're claiming.

How would...

Jesse have known who Bruno was? The "setup" was part of making the Bruno movie. Nobody knew who Bruno was.

~wobbles but doesn't fall down~

Jesse's Part of Ron's Family...

Jesse Benton is Ron Paul's own grandson in law for goodness sake!!

Please don't speak unless you have a clue of what you're speaking about.

I think it would behoove you to know a little bit more about this guy before you say things like that, honestly. We don't know all the reasons behind this. You have to realize, this is no longer just a movement, it's a serious campaign too, and as it gets more serious....Dr. Paul's going to have to be shrewd in his dealings. Not dishonest, just shrewd.


Marriage does not excuse the actions of an individual.

Egypt and America

seem to have the most visitors to RT followed by Russia and the Saudis.



Russia Today supports Ron Paul

They had the very best coverage of the Rally for the Republic. They have done numerous favorable stories about Ron Paul. They have interviewed Ron Paul on several occasions.

RT is part of the new media. New media is where Ron Paul gets his best coverage. To dismiss RT is a bad move.

Perhaps Jessee cares too much about what WND says. WND is not friend to Ron Paul and will only give him positive coverage when Ron Paul has won a dozen primaries.

Perhaps Jessee has never watched RT, but many Ron Paul supporters do. They have often been the sole outlet for unbiased and accurate reporting on current events.

People may do well to add http://rt.com/usa/ to their daily reading list.

something is weird about this

I've seen Ron Paul do interviews with RT more than once



So to say Ron Paul doesn't do interviews with RT isn't true. That's the first thing. The second thing is if Jesse did say this, then Jesse needs to learn a lesson from Dr. Paul in tact when dealing with media.
I for one do not see this being what Ron Paul believes. Alex Jones still constantly beats his chest and Ron Paul gives interviews there as well. Something is amiss here.

I hope Kokesh doesn't take someone else's outlook of what Ron Paul thinks to an irremovable level.
Kokesh certainly still remembers that Ron Paul did endorse his run for Congress I hope?

it is always possible the person at RT

that reported this to Adam, is a provocateur (and thus could have exaggerated a comment from JB). Since we don't know the details, lets not let this post get so out of hand.

I agree

with your suspicion. Nobody got it on camera or recorded it. As far as we know its hearsay. Maybe they're doing this to divide us for some reason. Maybe they did feed false info to Kokesh. Sad.

"I never submitted the whole system of my opinions to the creed of any party of men whatever in religion, in philosophy, in politics, or in anything else where I was capable of thinking for myself." - Thomas Jefferson

We have no idea the tone of

We have no idea the tone of what Jesse said -- nor do we know if he was actually quoted accurately. If that is what he said it's unfortunate -- and equally unfortunate is the showboating Kokesh to air this dirty laundry intentionally aiding the division between the grassroots and the campaign. I'm sure he felt snubbed and his ego was hurt so this was a way to get back at Jesse. The bigger man sees the whole picture though. By doing this he indirectly hurts Ron Paul who likely had nothing to do with this.

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I don't think this thread is productive or helpful for

the Liberty cause in general or for Ron Paul campaign in particular.

Ron is doing spectacularly well now, so far beyond what we all achieved four years ago.

Let Ron and his campaign do what they believe is best. We, his supporters, do NOT OWN them. If anything, we owe Ron a sincere gratitude for his 40 years of dedication to the cause and that was possible only because his family stood by him. Let's trust Ron's judgement and STOP forcing our own pet peeves on him or others.

Adam Kokesh gave one of the most powerful speeches for Ron: he has his IVAW mission that he can pursue in many different ways. RT show was great, but was getting a little repetitive: this might be an opportune time for him to branch out to further his mission.

RT has some great analytical journalists working as their reporters. I have been impressed with many of their shows. I would trust my own ears and eyes before I trash their reputation.

Who sends them money.

Donors will complain or stop if they see their money ill spent.

Free includes debt-free!

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Some of us donate to RP campaign, because we agree with most of

his stance on issues and because his philosophy of liberty resonates with our ideals of life. . . NOT because we want to or feel entitled to micromanage his campaign details.

Just as Ron respects our freedom to choose how we live our lives, he will do best when WE TRUST and RESPECT him and his decisions, imho.

Agreed, what people could do and what they do do,

Complaints are a market signal. Often a useful basis for action.

I agree with you on style. Dr. Paul has earned my trust and respect. (Especially the way he deals with complaints.)

Free includes debt-free!

‎"4 most accurate &

‎4 most accurate & comprehensive news on #Libya War, I watch Russia Today (#RT). Who would have thought? USA media=Houses of Presstitution."

-Gerald Celente

maybe he was just saying

they had adam there everyday talking about RP ideas.

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Hillary Clinton mentioned how RT is beating MSNBC

and other U.S. news outlets. People watch RT and people watch Max Keiser.

This condescension towards any outlet is bad policy.

Jesse should be reprimanded and apologize.

Never insult the media especially when RT is an actual ally.

This smacks of foolishness or maybe someone not getting enough sleep.

History does not long entrust the care of freedom to the weak or the timid.
Dwight D. Eisenhower

Media ratings should be online?


Free includes debt-free!

Jesse Benton gets you bent out of shape?

my response....get to work >>> http://iroots.org/

Check out http://iroots.org/
"If you’re into political activism, at least for Ron Paul if not for anyone else, I strongly recommend spending some time with iroots.org." - Tom Woods

How is it a waste of time to demand competent campaign officials

We're not here to go after Benton because of his gum chewing, it's what he does with his mouth when he's NOT chewing gum that bothers us so much. As far as his involvement with Rand, let me say this. Rand Paul is no Ron Paul. He panders to NeoCons just like Jesse Benton... and many of us highly disapprove of this. As far as RT goes, I don't care if "likely GOP voters" are watching it or not, it's one of the ONLY networks that reports the truth. Regardless of what the NeoCons wanna watch, I still prefer a little integrity in my journalism. Where's the link to your RT interview, I wanna see it?.. I really liked the part where you pretty much implied that this campaign is not about making the constituents happy, but rather winning by means of selling out the NeoCon establishment. Whatever it takes to win, right?.... Let me ask you this, if you "win" under that notion, have you really "won"?... Sounds like a hollow victory to me. We'd be no better than the liars we fight against. If we're wasting so much time writing about this, how do you justify wasting the time to actually make a freakin' video?..... but it's okay, we'll "just stop it"... it seems like you're the end all, be all of the campaign anyway. Go make another video while you're so busy not wasting time... we'll just sit here quietly.

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