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Ron Paul turned down Factor interview among several others? What is going on?

It has come to my attention over the past 36 hours that something is out of sorts. The Good Dr.Paul was to appear on the Closing Bell and also an appearance with the Judge. Both of those came to pass with no Dr. Paul.

I just saw a bit on Faux that Ron Paul has been claiming being ignored by the media but turned down an interview with Bill O cry me a river on the Factor. Then news comes about with Benton snubbing Kokesh, not that I have any problem with that but it was done without tact. Not to mention the hacking incident the evening of the b-day bomb.

I believe there is something afoot beyond the likes of which we could imagine right now. I'm generally a realist and optimistic but I just have a sense of deviance at hand right now... Anyone else see some writing on the wall at this point?

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Headline: 'Ron Paul Turns Down Pie in Face on Clown Show.'

Dwarf-tossing performer Dick Morris states, "That just shows he can't debate issues in our forum. I was really looking forward to pieing Ron Paul, and squirting seltzer down his pants, and Bill was going to whack his rear end with this big polka-dot paddle. But he apparently is unable to deal with serious debate."

Support the Constitution of the United States

Thank you too-Funny!

If only Morris and Billo would take turns being shot out of a cannon. "OOOHHH! HIT THE CLOWN CAR!!OHHH! That HAD to hurt!"




it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

I love to laugh early in the morning -

Thanks for that one. :)

I especially liked "dwarf-tossing performer" - (and dwarf himself LOL)

Maybe Dr. Paul needs a couple of days off?

I doubt that he is at Martha's Vineyard tho.

Formerly rprevolutionist

We need Ron Paul to go on O'Reilly.

Ron Paul cannot win the Republican nomination without the support of Republicans. Republicans watch O'Reilly. They will not support a candidate without seeing him on Fox. That makes them feel that he is a serious contender --someone worth voting for.

Fox has been running promos questioning Ron Paul's refusal to appear on O'Reilly's show. So this looks bad. He shouldn't let them use this against him. He should go on the show and wipe the floor with O'Reilly. We will wake up some more people.

Ann in Florida

*we* . . . ack--

*hitting my head on the monitor*

Ron Paul is an individual, and he will make his decisions; he may follow counsel, but I doubt very much that he comes on here and reads what *we* have to say and says, "ah, I MUST go on this particular program"--

I'm sorry if this is offensive, but . . .

what *I* am sensing here is a lot of coaches in the stands--

this isn't about sports; this is about one man trying to educate a nation. If he is supposed to be president, he will be president--

but he doesn't need to deal with fools, either (speaking of talk show 'hosts')--

I believe that a divine Hand is guiding the world (not just this nation), and I believe Dr. Paul is being guided by that Hand--

Many Americans have made anti-liberty choices for many decades, and one of the worst choices most Americans have made is to be too dependent upon media--

especially television.

Things will work out.

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

O'Reilly is is a top-rank moron

Not only Dr. Paul, but anyone with the slightest sense of pride or dignity or simply decorum should never book an appearance on that mans show. The fact that he can book *anyone* as a guest makes me despair for humanity.

No, we dont need O'Reilly. There are real journalists out there, even on Faux, but he has never been one of them. He's just a blowhard hack who doesnt deserve the attention you are giving him.

Apparently there are many on this forum who forget that there

are hundreds of thousands of Americans who still don't know much about Dr. Paul or what he stands for. Or worse, they view him as some kind of nut.

Dr. Paul has spent a lot of time in Iowa; the fact that he almost won the straw poll there is great, but that doesn't necessarily translate into success in any other state.

As AnnInFl said, Dr. Paul needs to appear on O'Reilly's show if he expects to be viewed as a serious contender.

Dr. Paul is moving up to the big league, but we should NEVER forget; there is still a lot of work to do!

No need to go on that clown's show.

RP would never get a word in edgewise, just like last time.

If anything, Dr Paul could turn the tables and challenge the clown to a debate on stage at some neutral location.

That way Dr Paul would be allowed to finish his statements w/o being berated in mid-sentence or shouted out by the blowhard shill.

From my perspective: The

From my perspective:

The O'Reilley Factor garners about 3 million people a night. If Dr. Paul makes an appearance that is almost 3 million people that are either introduced to
Ron Paul or 3 million people that "may" look up more info on him. Hypothetically, let's say he goes on there and only gets through to 5% of them...that's almost 150,000 people that will join the movement. Even if 1% of viewers jump on board...that's still 30,000 people.

Quite worth the 5 or so minutes it would take out of his day.

Good analysis!


Ann in Florida

I do not know why I like this

I do not know why I like this video so much..but I do. It is so unique. "A sinister connection 'tween his ass and a hole in the ground"..rofl!

If you pause at 3:32 he's

If you pause at 3:32 he's going 110 mph in an '88 Dodge Caravan. That's amazing in and of itself.

Columbus, Ohio

Could be 110 kph=68 mph which

Could be 110 kph=68 mph which is still amazing in a Dodge Caravan.

Columbus, Ohio

November 5th Money Bomb

Hello All, I would like to propose again this year a November 5th money bomb to rival and surpass our previous attempts in 2007. I feel more now than ever it is fitting with the media actually censoring Paul and it becoming even more so apparent. I know critics of an 11/5 money bomb feel the connotation to Guy Fawkes is negative but I feel at this point it is an opportunity to explain our frustration at the media and establishment. Any publicity is good publicity and any attention brought to Paul is good because it is an opportunity to explain our views and shine a light on what is happening. Any reasonable person that takes the time to objectively listen to Paul, rather than shunning him based on the perception pushed on them by the media, will undoubtedly agree with us. I am a very big Paul supporter as I imagine most of you are but barely heard of the 8/20 money bomb for his birthday in time to donate, due to the lack of publicity and organization. Obviously it will take more than one money bomb as late as 11/5 to promote Paul's campaign but as a grand gesture, one that cannot be ignored, I propose another super money bomb on 11/5. If you agree please begin to spread the word through the forums and various sites as much as possible as soon as possible so people will remember the date. Remember Remember the 5th of November...

wow, some of u need to relax....

I know that much of the back and forth on this issue is out of real concern and from a desire to win.

that said, as others have alluded, dr. paul's campaign could be holding out on o'reilly to build it up a bit. another take is that oreilly and the campaign might be colluding on this for ratings.

i fully understand the desire to get dr. paul out there to as many people as possible. as every1 knows, he has had more than a fair share of hostile interviews so he knows what he's getting into w/oreilly and i'm sure he's ok with it.

he might not want to shoot all his campaign bullets right now.

No, he can't be everywhere at all times and do everything--

when Dr. Paul 'complains' about being ignored by the media, he is talking about being IGNORED by the media . . .--

he's always had plenty of invitations to talk shows, etc.--

the man needs to take care of himself; he needs to have some margin in his life.

I find it so amusing to see on here all the advice that well-intentioned people are giving to Dr. Paul.

I think he can manage things; he has managed well for over 30 years in public life!

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

To everyone who is concerned with how Jesse Benton is

handling the campaign, I think we should start supporting the Revolution Super PAC where Tom Woods and other competent people are running things. Regardless, I hope everybody chips in for the super pacs moneybomb on september 19.

Jumping to Conclusions

I think the critics here are jumping to conclusions. Paul is a busy guy; he can't just drop everything to be available to O'Reilly when ever O'Reilly wants. Besides the Paul campaign has already said he' be happy to be on O'Reilly in the future. Should O'Reilly drop his plans and put Paul on when Paul is ready? Plans have to be made in advance by both parties!

If you missed this on the other thread:


This is from the 2008 go around.

Ron Paul is My President

This video is from 2007! (Btw, the audio does not work )

This is 2011; Dr. Paul is now a top-tier candidate with much name familiarity, an army of seasoned, enthusiastic supporters willing to give him all the money he will need to win.

If Benton thinks it's fun to play games with the media by keeping Dr. Paul off O'Reilly etc., HE SHOULD BE FIRED!

As I said before, there is too much at stake for someone with his poor judgement to be running Dr. Paul's campaign.

Maybe I'm wrong here,

...but I'm not convinced that RP would garner nearly as much support from brainwashed and well-programmed O'Rielly/Foxbots, as he would from independents, 3rd Partiers, and even the left, from whom he'd earn respect and votes by standing up to O'Rielly and letting Fox's competition draw attention to the snub from RPs campaign. This could generate lots and lots of attention.

Maybe he has an office, a family, a campaign, a practice

to tend to.

He just spent all his time on Iowa. And since he knows that the media will bash him, he knows he'll get PR while he tends to other parts of his life.

BTW: I really think that shows kiss Paul's butt when he pays them...and when he doesn't they bash him. I really think all political folks have to constantly pay these networks off, or they'll bash 'em.

Look at how suddenly they turn on people: Palin, Newt, Bachmann, even Perry is getting slapped around...even Obama on lib shows from time to time.

The media might not be as biased as we think. Maybe they are just mercenary business people who use their power to bully people for "protection" money.

So, yeah, they would love for Paul Ryan and whoever else to step into the ring. So they can extort money to NOT bash them.

oh wow so he skipped a couple

oh wow so he skipped a couple shows big deal, even if he did go on them thats only a few minutes of air time and then theyll be done and back to talking bout perry romney and bachmann 24/7.

Maybe it's time to give the

Maybe it's time to give the power of these corporate shows back to the people. Why give shows like the O'Reilly Factor, Maddow credibility? Cable shows are losing ratings...so why waste your reputation, message and image with a known, agenda-driven sabotage? If these corporate hacks fail to get "marks" to come on their shows, soon they will have no show. Why pander to this type of journalism (????) in the first place?

Please don't make excuses for this kind of campaign negligence

Dr. Paul needs ALL the exposure he can get! He especially needs to get his anti-war message to all the viewers who watch neocon O'Reilly.

As a longtime Paul supporter whose family members gave the max last time around, I expect nothing less than a full throttle effort to WIN.

I am watching the campaign carefully with the hope that the kind of mistakes made in 2008 will not be repeated.

JESSIE BENTON NEEDS TO GO; his incompetence was apparent in 2008, and after reading recent stories, I am afraid that he's no better now.

The bottom line is that this election is too critical to the future of our nation to have Jessie Benton in charge.

Dr. Paul will ALWAYS get my vote, but if Benton continues to call the shots, he won't be getting more of my money!

I will say this again and I

I will say this again and I dont care how many thumbs down I get. Ron Paul needs the MEDIA to get elected. People cheering on that he sin't going on O'Reilly or other big shows have no interest in him winning, but just pursuing their own idealogical bipartisan rhetoric, rather than accepting that we wont go over 15% without the average voter who watches those "stupid" shows....

It simply just amazing that some of you are actually GLAD that Paul isn't going on O'Reilly etc. There are 50 states he needs to win. RIght now he will only focus on 2-4 states. He needs the MSM to reach out to the rest of the states.

This is why Nader, Kucinich etc never get far. They dont get coverage... and now you are CHEERING this?? Who cares if O'Reilly is an idiot. Dont you have confidence that Paul can handle himself? And let people hear HIS OWN WORDS< rather than what is being spewed in the media and by O'Reilly without Paul on.


If you disagree with me on anything you are not a real libertarian...

We don't need the media to get

Ron Paul to win the republican primaries, we need delegates, door knockers, phone callers and word of mouth of his message. O'Reilly doesn't decide elections he just runs his mouth.