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Ron Paul Economics-for-Dummies Website

I posted this in "economics" too, but i think it could potentially help bring people over to our side.

This site does a really good job of laying out an overview of the system in a easy to understand way. Might help some people understand what Paul is trying to say when he gets the 30 seconds to explain the economy in the debates.


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will be handy


Infinite Geometric Series

When you start with $1000 deposit and 90% ($900) of this is loaned out and an IOU is held by the bank as asset, the bank reports now $1900 ($1000 + $900) asset it holds. Of the $900 loaned out IOU asset, 90% (or 9/10) of this is loaned out to a 3rd person and a 2nd IOU is posted as asset in the bank's book. The bank now has $1000 + 900 (=$1000 x 9/10) + $810 (=$900 x 90%) = $2710 total. Do this many times and we have the sum of the infinite geometric series with:
ratio = 9/10
principal $ = $1000

1000 + 900 + 810 + ...
1000(1 + 9/10 + (9/10)^2 + (9/10)^3 + (9/10)^4 + ...)

The formula for getting this sum in Algebra is simply = principal/(1-ratio) = $1000/(1 - 9/10) = $1000 X 10 = $10,000 (in the economy);

giving a theoretical maximum expansion of 10 times (x 10).

If you like a different ratio, then substitute that new ratio into the formula in lieu of "9/10" and use any simple calculator to see what the "multiplier" will be.

Example at an 8/10 ratio instead of 9/10, the multiplier is 5. Try it.


This is fantastic


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I read the first chapter and have a question.

The page states that if I put $1000 in the bank, they keep a reserve portion, for argument's sake, $100, and loan out the $900. The paper says that this $900 is not taken from my original $1000 but is printed and increases the money supply. So, this means, if I want my $1000 back, no matter how bad the investment made was, the bank should still have it. Maybe the example is too simplified but I really don't follow the logic.

I think what is trying to be described is not that an individual gives a bank $1000 but that the govt. puts its money supply in the bank and spends on the projected profits and increases in money supply?


I think it's trying to say

I think it's trying to say that the 900$ is taken from your $1000 and lent out to someone else, even though it keeps $1,000 as assets on its books it really only has $100 of your money in the bank. Then it loans this 900$ to someone else, but it considers this loan an asset on its books too (even though only $1,000-$900 or $100 of your money is physically at the bank). So the bank puts on its books that it has $1,000 in assets from what you deposited even though it's not all physically there, plus an IOU from the person it ended up loaning the $900 to, which it also considers to be an asset on its books. So now the banks total assets are $1,000 + $900 = $1900...which expands the money supply by $900. Then the $900 that was loaned out gets put into another bank and the process repeats over and over again....expanding the money supply with each iteration.

I think i've read that anytime the fed injects money into the system....fractional reserves can actually increase that newly injected money by 5-10x....depending on where the reserve ratio is at. It's like a pyramid of debt.


I think the way it works is just that the bank keeps the full $1000 on their books as a deposited asset (meaning can be withdrawn at will, as you mention), but even though they still only have $1k and have to pay it out on request (making up the shortfall from other deposts/assets they have on hand as needed), they still proceed to loan out another $900, which goes on their books, and is where the inherent inflationary angle comes into play.

Fractional reserves, lenders of last resort, and fiat - it's a big shell game.


Very simple. I put it on facebook

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