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AHA - The Truth laid bare in the Kokesh/Benton/RP flap!

The following information has just come to light regarding the recent divisive flap between Kokesh/Benton/RP


It is imperative to read this document.

Adam Kokesh errored by linking his efforts on RT to the official campaign, thereby placing the PEC (official campaign) in potential legal jeopardy.

Regardless of whether or not you like RT or like and agree with Kokesh as I do, I'm sure the campaign did not appreciate having to deal with this potential legal headache and potential media nightmare.

Additionally, as many freedom activists know, once you get a "government number", the media using their Lexis/Nexis scanning technology instantaneously can pick it up.

Jesse Benton (however you may feel about him) had to do two things:
1) distance the campaign from Kokesh and RT
2) be a buffer between RP and this legal matter and ensure that RP not be personally drawn in

Additionally, once a matter becomes a legal matter, the parties, potential or actual, to the legal matter SHOULD NOT COMMENT on the legal matter in ANY FORM or in ANY WAY. Any lawyer will tell you that, as it can only place the party in further LEGAL JEOPARDY.

This INCLUDES any apology Kokesh or his supporters believe he may deserve. The campaign and RP were advised to MAKE NO COMMENT and have NO CONTACT with any other party to this now legal matter!

So, regardless of one's personal feelings, since it is now a legal matter, that's simply the way it is. Now I understand Benton's reaction to Kokesh and RT and it makes PERFECT SENSE.

Benton was FORCED into that reaction by Adam's complete lack of political sense and understanding of even basic concepts of law and regulations regarding campaigns.

There's really nothing more to it than this in summary:
1) Kokesh effed up.
2) Benton reacted in a manner he was forced into by Kokesh and the legal matter Kokesh precipitated
3) RP cant say anything to anyone about this legal matter, least of all RT or Kokesh
4) The media is awaiting the campaign to make a wrong move
5) Kokesh was forced to resign from RT by RT because he was the cause of the legal matter that RT now finds itself embroiled in
6) Posters like "FromJericho" on DP is now baiting the campaign into legally embroiling itself into this legal matter, who knows why
7) Some DPers, including I'm certain both genuine RP and Kokesh supporters with genuine concern as well as establishment plants who want to hurt the campaign are whipping up the froth and division (advertently or inadvertently) to try to get the campaign to engage in something they shouldn't so the media can take advantage of the situation to hit RP

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Norfolk, VA

Time to INVESTIGATE the investigators of 9/11. PROSECUTE the prosecutors. EXPOSE the cover-up.

Whoa... O.O

I didn't know about this. O.O

¶~~*~~Losing an illusion makes you wiser than finding a truth. ~Ludwig Börne~~*~~¶


What a mess! I had no idea this was happening back then.




Never be afraid to ask simple questions.

He was

a vet. But for a long time now I've seen him as more trouble causing nuisance to the campaign than an asset.

But bitching about Benton? Yeah, that helps the cause.

"If this mischievous financial policy [greenbacks], which has its origin in North America, should become endurated down to a fixture, then that government will furnish its own money without cost. It will pay off its debts and be without debts. It will hav

Look at what Benton said

Benton said:

Ron Paul "does not have a great personal desire to be the president"


What is your point?


~wobbles but doesn't fall down~

The point is Jesse Benton needs to be...



Jesse Benton's boss, Ron Paul, was confronted with Jesse's quote about Ron Paul and he agreed with it. And Jesse Benton's boss did not fire him. :p

Ron Paul is more concerned with influencing and changing policy than being president...

~wobbles but doesn't fall down~

Jesse Benton is more concerned with...

treating the grassroots that breathed life into Pauls campaign in 08 with utmost disrespect. He likes the big bucks that pour into the campaign from us that pays him mighty well. And since, as he said it to the MSM that Ron wants to be the one to influence the debate rather than "win" the election. Also since he only sees the long run for his own salary beyond this election he needs to do the honest and humble act and resign as chief executive a and give the reins to someone with true honesty, integrity and experience in Winning an election. By the way Paul aced this interview which didn't surprise me at all, and did it regardless of Benton

You said...

You said:

"he needs to do the honest and humble act and resign as chief executive a and give the reins to someone with true honesty, integrity and experience in Winning an election."

Maybe Ron should hire the guy that helped his son Rand win in a landslide in Kentucky. Oh wait! That was Benton... :)

~wobbles but doesn't fall down~

Rand Pauls lead drop dramatically when Benton

got involved with his campaign. Please check the facts on this as I was paying attention very carefully of what was going on at that time. Rand had a major lead and the minute Jesse got involved this lead dwindled big time and jeopardized the end game. Thank goodness Rand was a great candidate which is why he won, Benton had nothing to do with the win.

At the end of the day...

your problem is with both Ron's and Rand's judgement. I choose to give them the benefit of the doubt. I too have sometimes questioned Jesse's decisions and statements. But then again I often criticize the actions and decisions of people that are WAY more successful than myself.


~wobbles but doesn't fall down~

Weebles, I agree with you on most things, but...

... a presidential election is not a state level election.

I think Jesse is capable of delivering a race, a state race, but not a presidential race.

That said, you are correct, he is RPs choice, which means until RP decides otherwise, we have to live with it.

I'm not sure we disagree...

I'm just satisfied that Ron Paul is aware of whatever "situation" is going on and I'm ready to move on to something else. :D

~wobbles but doesn't fall down~

not really

Never say that your candidate isn't running seriously for the job. Benton needs to be more careful in his verbalization. It would be understandable if they said to RT, "look please don't talk about RP so that we can get him on other channels, we know you want an interview but you may have to wait as you are not our top priority at this time", but to make a statement about not doing RT interviews because they have a crappy viewership is a little off the wall as Ron Paul has been on local radio shows recently. Then to blast one of the most ardent supporters of the campaign publicly because of their affiliation to this channel is a step in the wrong direction.

I think that this Benton guy needs to explain to the disappointed supporters of RP why he felt that AVTM should need to be canceled for the Paul campaign and then he needs to STOP making public statements on behalf of this campaign for risk of alienating Paul supporters. This is now the ONLY black mark on this presidents record of running for integrity and could backfire hard on the campaign when it's time to take down the great kleptocrat reactor "Obama" and it is a big one because it catches Ron Paul in a lie and it will be a gotcha question at debates coming up. On the other end cutting ties with RT makes it hard to make weird claims about the two (which were being made), so I can understand distancing from the campaign. If "no one watched RT anyway" then why did AVTM have to go off the air to satisfy Benton?

I know it could be an idea that backfires but, idea but maybe Paul could garner better attention from the use of other advisers. The idea that one of the top members of the campaign team would verbally alienate an ardent supporter over the word "Russia" is quite childish and casts a hypocritical light. Actions like this make it highly questionable as to whether or not Benton can handle this level of responsibility in a political race of winning by just being better. Perhaps a smaller role in the campaign is more fitting.

Somehow, I don't think this sits comfortably with RP either, he supported Kokesh's run for congress and taking away his job is not the best way of showing ongoing support.

Also to whoever said it was important to support the campaign below my response is "not blindly". Remember Ron Paul's platform is in essence that we should question authority figures if they make a mistake and demand they correct it; if he is true to his guns either Benton has to reverse his earlier sentiments in a public statement or Ron Paul may have to fire him and pick up a better campaign president.

I know both of these guys.

Adam Kokesh is a friend, the sort of friend that will be there through thick and thin. He only cares about the truth and what is right. Kokesh is a true patriot.

Jesse Benton is generally ok but he is ain't no Kokesh or Ron Paul. He is the archetype of a petty political functionary, someone who could do equally well helping Ron Paul or the campaign of some 39-cent politician, democrat, republican, you-name-it. Benton doesnt always tell the truth and he is not a straight-shooter.

What ever Kokesh did, I support him even if it might not have been politically correct or wise in the eyes of hacks like Benton.

Me too

I totally agree.

Look people

I like Adam as much as the rest of ya but the fact is that Adam is part of this campaign just like all of us...! That’s why it's called grass roots, and to have him attacking Jessie is as bad as attacking Ron... If the media wanted to they could say there is dissention in the ranks of the grass roots movement of which would cause harm to Ron...! So, This is to Adam, I love ya bud but back off and take one for the team if that’s how you have to look at it... I know you were in the military and that they taught you about the "team"...!? Look we all make mistakes whose fault it was doesn't matter and if you’re really for freedom and Ron Paul then you will stop this and find a new way to help the cause... I love ya Adam, be safe and I look forward to seeing your new venture for freedom and the grass roots...! :-)

We can't let stupid stuff show division amongst us...!

Ron Paul 2012...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i know what you mean, but...

Benton is a jerk, and this isn't the first time he has insulted people when he could have accomplished the same end without doing so. I think he is rude, arrogant, and not terribly competent. What the hell does Benton mean, telling CNN that Ron Paul just wants to "influence ideas", but doesn't care about winning?! Some of what he does and says makes me question if he isn't a mole trying to sabotage the campaign!

If we make mistakes, we have an obligation to correct them.

Not ignore them.

Jesse deserves some flak.

Personally, even though Jesse is on the "inside," I trust Adam far more than Jesse and so do many others. And it's nothing personal, it's just that Jesse Benton has a history of screwing up on campaigns.

What the reason is, who knows?

Either way I feel bad of kokesh.

It's too bad we can't give him a diff TV platform. H show was somewhat spun but it was at the least interesting and approached a lot of issues that others won't touch. Maybe he can run for Ron Paul's congressional seat when he has to vacate it to be president.

Over...Done With...

ok, let's let this go for now...it's not good no matter which side of it your on. Hash it out on Adam's site if you feel the need..He isn't currently running for President and can't be damaged by this kind of stuff.

((for the record I love Adam...but we need to let this go for now))


Kokesh indeed screwed up. He should know the limits of where he can go and he is IMHO a bit way over his head and lacks sophistication. A bit more humbleness can't hurt. In contrast Judge Napolitano knows very well what and how to say, that he cannot publicly endorse a candidate but can come very close to it and the viewer can fill in the blanks for themselves and one actually limits your appeal if you come off hyper partisan.

Dr. Paul cannot waste his time too much by preaching to the choir. I think one can safely assume that most if not all viewers of Kokesh's program are Ron Paul (or Gary Johnson) supporters. Benton has the responsibility of getting Dr. Paul on shows with viewers that are undecided or support another candidate, but can be swayed over to Dr. Paul with an open mind. In this context it is much more important that Dr. Paul appear on a local TV or radio station than on Kokesh. Some of RT's other presenters are in any case very favorable towards Dr. Paul.

Yes, I think RT ended the deal with Kokesh because whether or not the FEC complaint is successful or justified or not, they want to spare themselves an embarrassment, especially as they are expanding and specialize in covering points of view that are being neglected by the US MSM. They have Tom Hartmann's program and Tom is actually more like a Green party and sen. Bernie Sanders supporter actually (he used to be a libertarian years ago, thus know some of the arguments). And RT thought they also needed a libertarian program, e.g. not a neocon. and as they are also anti-war of aggression, they are fine with peace broadcasters from the "left" and "right".

To fill Kokesh's vacuum, I hope they get someone like peter Schiff, e.g. give him a program. And Schiff could IMHO do a much better, smarter and professional job than Kokesh. Kokesh has some talents, but he should first gain some more life-experience and it will take some time still to get over his PTSD. Someone like Schiff will also get guests with which he and us do not agree with, and also attract more viewers, who could be persuaded and think how he can educate about economics!

Judge Napolitano certainly may endorse a candidate.

It's not illegal for journalists to endorse a candidate.


unless the contract between the editorialist and the media outlet forbids it. Or if the media outlet is non-profit.

But this is not an FEC issue at all...

~wobbles but doesn't fall down~

Too many chiefs... not enough

Too many chiefs... not enough indians.

Get to work.

time for Jesse Benton to step down?

i will make my decision after Adam fully addresses the issue.

not looking good for benton though. if you thought people were being hard on him before....you ain't seen nothing yet!

if true (he got avtm canceled) there will be grassroots hell to pay and only ron paul coming to his defense will possibly save him.

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Rand Paul 2016

Jesse Benton's

main purpose is to get Dr. Paul's message on as many media stations so that he can win the nomination. It should come as no surprise in this light he should favor media with listeners or viewers that do NOT already speak to the choir. So he (Jesse) is doing the right thing IMHO.

Do you have any facts about how many viewers Kokesh 1) has/gets and 2) how many of them are not already Ron Paul supporters? and 3) how many guests Kokesh has to argue and persuade? or does he do the Keith Olbermann thing where he only gets guests with whom he agree with?

Also, Dr. Paul needs to appeal to more Christian conservatives, who are also socially conservative (like himself) and IMHO a presenter with tattoos has a limited appeal to them. I bet you if they have to choose between Kokesh and Benton (both probably about the same age and both RP supporter), they would much rather go with a person that looks professional (no tattoos) and speak about spendings cuts and lower taxes than someone who wants to legalize all drugs (Dr. Paul wants to end the federal war on drugs and decriminalize it, which is NOT the same as legalizing it in all 50 states!).
Benton is also a human being with mistakes, but you have to admit he was successful in leading Rand Paul to victory in KY and experience with the 2007/2008 campaign and well known in libertarian-conservative politics, having worked for Bob Barr earlier. Dr. Paul needs to work with people he can trust 100%, as is the case with Benton and get can built pros around him. Remember in 2007/2008 Lew Moore did not exactly turned out to be very trustworthy or competent in the end, having jumped ship to McCain. I do not think you can blame all the mistakes of 2007/2008 on Jesse Benton at all! Everybody makes mistakes and it is important that one learns from them and gain experience, which Benton has.

Lew Moore is modeled after the pattern of a scumbag.

I am not sure that Moore is even a genuine scumbag, just sort of an artificial one. There is no doubt that Moore sold out to the bad guys and tried to sell lots of supporters up the river. F**k Lew Moore (or less).