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AHA - The Truth laid bare in the Kokesh/Benton/RP flap!

The following information has just come to light regarding the recent divisive flap between Kokesh/Benton/RP


It is imperative to read this document.

Adam Kokesh errored by linking his efforts on RT to the official campaign, thereby placing the PEC (official campaign) in potential legal jeopardy.

Regardless of whether or not you like RT or like and agree with Kokesh as I do, I'm sure the campaign did not appreciate having to deal with this potential legal headache and potential media nightmare.

Additionally, as many freedom activists know, once you get a "government number", the media using their Lexis/Nexis scanning technology instantaneously can pick it up.

Jesse Benton (however you may feel about him) had to do two things:
1) distance the campaign from Kokesh and RT
2) be a buffer between RP and this legal matter and ensure that RP not be personally drawn in

Additionally, once a matter becomes a legal matter, the parties, potential or actual, to the legal matter SHOULD NOT COMMENT on the legal matter in ANY FORM or in ANY WAY. Any lawyer will tell you that, as it can only place the party in further LEGAL JEOPARDY.

This INCLUDES any apology Kokesh or his supporters believe he may deserve. The campaign and RP were advised to MAKE NO COMMENT and have NO CONTACT with any other party to this now legal matter!

So, regardless of one's personal feelings, since it is now a legal matter, that's simply the way it is. Now I understand Benton's reaction to Kokesh and RT and it makes PERFECT SENSE.

Benton was FORCED into that reaction by Adam's complete lack of political sense and understanding of even basic concepts of law and regulations regarding campaigns.

There's really nothing more to it than this in summary:
1) Kokesh effed up.
2) Benton reacted in a manner he was forced into by Kokesh and the legal matter Kokesh precipitated
3) RP cant say anything to anyone about this legal matter, least of all RT or Kokesh
4) The media is awaiting the campaign to make a wrong move
5) Kokesh was forced to resign from RT by RT because he was the cause of the legal matter that RT now finds itself embroiled in
6) Posters like "FromJericho" on DP is now baiting the campaign into legally embroiling itself into this legal matter, who knows why
7) Some DPers, including I'm certain both genuine RP and Kokesh supporters with genuine concern as well as establishment plants who want to hurt the campaign are whipping up the froth and division (advertently or inadvertently) to try to get the campaign to engage in something they shouldn't so the media can take advantage of the situation to hit RP

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ron paul did nothing wrong

ron paul did nothing wrong and is not in any trouble whatsoever. all publicly that comes from this will be good publicly.
no declared candidate should go on foreign owned media as per some obscure 30+ year old fec law that is open to interpretation. although the candidates have nothing to fear the foreign news networks "may be" in violation of fec "law".

adam can go on any American owned network and say the exact same things and the fec can't do jack apparently.

cliff Kincaid is the complainant. cliff Kincaid is a neocon conspiracy theorist who is funded by a conglomerate of nefarious players from the extreme christian right, big oil, media and banking interest.
Kincaid is a complicated and confused person. he has done some good in the past but his overall ideology is very dangerous.

words i associate with cliff Kincaid are....

ultra right wing christian fundamentalist, iran contra conspiracy, Oliver north, NWO, authoritarian, red scare, Joe McCarthy, homophobic, paranoid, anti-castro JFK conspirator crowd, cia operative, ends justify the means, black ops, covert war apologist, prohibitionists, elitist know best, industrialists oligarchy, military industrial complex, bigot.......

He reminds me of Agent Nelson Van Alden...
the judgment of the wicked

Agent Nelson whipping himself

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That's all nice to know but absolutely NONE of my concern.

I have no control over the situation so I really don't care to be distracted by it. Besides, everyone has their own role to play in trying to get Ron Paul elected. For me, as an independent free-thinking individual, my only focus is to continue spreading RP's message of liberty - and to support the campaign financially as I'm able. The rest is just noise.

If men are good, you don't need government; if men are evil or ambivalent, you don't dare have one.

Since America's Survival

Since America's Survival Inc's address was redacted, but mysteriously RT's address was not...



Freedom Wins!

Total revenue $1 million?

Where is that coming from?

I was wondering the same

I was wondering the same thing.

Freedom Wins!

The exposure for RT is NOT...

The exposure for RT is NOT that Adam endorsed a candidate. It's Adam's show, featuring his opinion. Nothing wrong with expressing your opinion on a show centered around your opinion even if done on a foreign network.

And it's NOT that Adam was fund raising. Adam was announcing the results of a money bomb that expired the previous day.

The issue and exposure for RT here is that RT is registered in the US as a non-profit. A non-pac non-profit cannot endorse candidates. RT is in danger of losing its tax exempt status.

There is still no confirmation or statement from Jesse Benton that he actually said the statements attributed him. The quote is NOT attributed to Jesse, it is attributed to some unnamed RT employees who claim that Jesse made similar statements.

The complaint is a joke and contains major inaccuracies. A quick perusal of Cliff Kincaid's (the complainer's) website reveals he is a noisy little neocon smearmonger.

Let's wait until we get real info. Cliff is probably getting a kick out of watching everyone at DP run around like drunken keystone cops fighting each other in confusion...

~wobbles but doesn't fall down~


So that is what you call freedom of speech and free press...

The MSM does this all the time.

they promote the candidates who they want by giving excess time and attention to their candidates. It is supposed to be a NEWS show not a suck up show. Every candidate should have Equal time on every NEWS show or stop the broadcasts.
They are no longer news shows.
They run around trying to MAKE the News, instead of reporting the News. Who owns the air waves? ENGLAND.
A sure conflict of interest. ILLEGAL.

I ran into this

last night after hearing Adam talk about what Jesse had said. It supposedly was Adams last show. If he gave up his show to be able to support Ron than I say Bravo..That's dedication..

"I have found that being rich is not about having the most but about needing the least"

Did he?

Or is he going the Stephan Molyneux route?

All the BS happening here...

makes Molyneux look like a genius.



is starting a cult that preys on emotionally unstable teenagers with the goal of isolating them from their families and friends? :p

~wobbles but doesn't fall down~

ytc's picture

I wish Adam K a LOT of luck in finding a good medium to promote

IVAW. He's young & passionate: so much better than being cynical, apathetic or evil ;-)

I hope he keeps a good distance from self-aggrandizing gurus like Steven Molyneux. (SM must have an account here in DP, too. Watch out, folks, he's not a friend of Ron P!)

IVAW deserves more attention.

Sending the injured back to battle is wicked.

Free includes debt-free!

Freedom of Speech

FEC sucks

"We don't need a Department of Energy; we need a Department of Freedom" - RP
"We need to defend liberty.. and liberty!" - RP

Anybody can file a complaint....

If you parse the complaint you will see that there are several major inaccuracies that make the complaint baseless.

There are three issues at play here:

1) RT is a non-profit and therefore it can't have paid associates endorsing candidates or it might lose its tax exemption. If RT was for-profit there would be zero issues with Kokesh endorsing a candidate or encouraging campaign donations.

2) Cliff Kincaid is a vigorous but amateur neocon smearmonger who has successfully trolled DP.

3) Currently it is just hearsay that Jesse actually said the things alleged. The statements featured at the end of the show are not quotes from Jesse, they are quotes from several unnamed RT staff claiming it is what Jesse said.

~wobbles but doesn't fall down~

Let sleeping dogs lie....

This thing will go nowhere, there's nothing to it. You know what happens when you stir sh_t, let it go. This Kincaid guy looks to be a moron anyway. Have y'all checked out his site?

The biggest bunch of statist doublespeak I've ever seen.

I appreciate y'all's concern, but really, don't give this non-issue any power. Ignore them like they try to ignore us, and remember, were not in control anyway. Trust that truth and honor will truimph.

Good intentions - but screwed up

I enjoy watching Adam Kokesh - but it appears that while he acted with good intentions, it actually put the campaign in jeopardy. We all need to take note of this. Everything we say and do will reflect back on the campaign right now. We need to win this - our country needs for us to win this.

We all need to settle down and focus on the issues that will win this race. It is vital to successful campaigning for people to stop seeing us all as crazy conspiracy theorists. If that means putting aside some of the issues that too many are just refusing to see, then so be it - we need to win.

The simple

explanation here is that Adam is young and thought nothing of showing his support of the good Doctor. The road to hell may be paved with good intentions but that doesn't mean that he's some sort of enemy agent. Get a grip.
I don't remember seeing anyone here saying "Jeez, maybe Adam shouldn't be so supportive of Ron Paul. I mean after all, he's got his own TV show and it might be possibly illegal to like the good Doctor."

I knew, I've said it all

I knew, I've said it all along. I believe Kokesh is cointelpro. there is no other reason why he would have gotten a show on RT (whether it is owned by the Russian government or not). Now, seeing what he did to the campaign it seems to me an attempt at sabotage. Kokesh could be anyone, he could be a high-level intelligence operative who is putting-on the liberty movement uniform.

I suspect Napolitano may be as well, but I could be wrong - I hope I am.


Saddens me to say it, but I terms to lean the same way in regards to Kokesh. Somethings not kosher there.

"If this mischievous financial policy [greenbacks], which has its origin in North America, should become endurated down to a fixture, then that government will furnish its own money without cost. It will pay off its debts and be without debts. It will hav

I suspect you might be a goober...

I hope not though, I could be wrong.

Funny Story about Goobers

I'm Canadian and was told this story about this American that came up to Canada to visit and on his journey he would ask at the gas station do you have any goobers??? lol In Canada we do not call them goobers we call them peanuts! lol If you call them goobers here no one will understand you... lol Cause goobers is snot from your nose!! lol

Round my area

a goober is a well-meaning but oblivious fool

If Adam IS cointelpro...

then he's doing a really crappy job of it and should be fired from cointelpro work.

I think he's just a young guy who got a little too confident and bit off more than he could chew and didn't seek out proper mentorship.

But then again he could be part of a reptilian-commie-islamic-union conspiracy... :|

~wobbles but doesn't fall down~

He almost single-handedly

He almost single-handedly derailed RP's campaign. This could become a serious legal problem. duh.


The Campaign is not responsible for what third parties do.. AT ALL.

You drank the kool-aid in the main post. That's the problem.

This issue is between Adam and RT and nobody else. And nobody can seem to come up with any confirmation that Jesse actually said the words he is accused of saying...

~wobbles but doesn't fall down~



And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor.




Did you even read the complaint?

Adam Kokesh got into this mess because he was ENCOURAGING people to DONATE to the RP campaign on TV! He (along with the judge I might add) has done more to spread the liberty message than most people will do in a lifetime. Show some respect before you blast these kinds of accusations across the internet. Sometimes people make honest mistakes. Kokesh is young and new to all of this still. He probably didn't know he wasn't allowed to do that on TV (after all other TV personalities endorse candidates all the time, only difference is their corporations are not based in foreign countries).

Who is next on your cointelpro suspect list? Jesse Benton? Peter Schiff? Rand Paul?

Please think before you start rambling on against the folks that put their blood and sweat into helping this movement.

Sorry if this is too frank but this post was a bit upsetting to me.

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