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AHA - The Truth laid bare in the Kokesh/Benton/RP flap!

The following information has just come to light regarding the recent divisive flap between Kokesh/Benton/RP


It is imperative to read this document.

Adam Kokesh errored by linking his efforts on RT to the official campaign, thereby placing the PEC (official campaign) in potential legal jeopardy.

Regardless of whether or not you like RT or like and agree with Kokesh as I do, I'm sure the campaign did not appreciate having to deal with this potential legal headache and potential media nightmare.

Additionally, as many freedom activists know, once you get a "government number", the media using their Lexis/Nexis scanning technology instantaneously can pick it up.

Jesse Benton (however you may feel about him) had to do two things:
1) distance the campaign from Kokesh and RT
2) be a buffer between RP and this legal matter and ensure that RP not be personally drawn in

Additionally, once a matter becomes a legal matter, the parties, potential or actual, to the legal matter SHOULD NOT COMMENT on the legal matter in ANY FORM or in ANY WAY. Any lawyer will tell you that, as it can only place the party in further LEGAL JEOPARDY.

This INCLUDES any apology Kokesh or his supporters believe he may deserve. The campaign and RP were advised to MAKE NO COMMENT and have NO CONTACT with any other party to this now legal matter!

So, regardless of one's personal feelings, since it is now a legal matter, that's simply the way it is. Now I understand Benton's reaction to Kokesh and RT and it makes PERFECT SENSE.

Benton was FORCED into that reaction by Adam's complete lack of political sense and understanding of even basic concepts of law and regulations regarding campaigns.

There's really nothing more to it than this in summary:
1) Kokesh effed up.
2) Benton reacted in a manner he was forced into by Kokesh and the legal matter Kokesh precipitated
3) RP cant say anything to anyone about this legal matter, least of all RT or Kokesh
4) The media is awaiting the campaign to make a wrong move
5) Kokesh was forced to resign from RT by RT because he was the cause of the legal matter that RT now finds itself embroiled in
6) Posters like "FromJericho" on DP is now baiting the campaign into legally embroiling itself into this legal matter, who knows why
7) Some DPers, including I'm certain both genuine RP and Kokesh supporters with genuine concern as well as establishment plants who want to hurt the campaign are whipping up the froth and division (advertently or inadvertently) to try to get the campaign to engage in something they shouldn't so the media can take advantage of the situation to hit RP

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Exactly my point. He endorsed

Exactly my point. He endorsed Ron Paul while in a media position - illegal under FEC. Now there is legal shit... think about it. Kokesh literally came out of nowhere and gets offered his own TV show? because he ran for congress? BS.


Regardless of Kokesh's INTENTION, he screwed up. HE got RT in trouble which is why Kokesh got fired and he implicated the campaign, which is why I'm sure the campaign had to put a brick wall between him and them.

Good intentions pave the road to hell.

There's a reason that statement has stood the test of 5000 years of time.

If you don't understand why, it would be wise to ponder Socrates words.

Can you please answer my questions from below?

I'll post them here again so you don't have to scroll down.

You claim this is the "Truth laid bare..." but what is your source?

Do you have any information beyond the linked complaint that this was the real reason behind Jesse's statements?

How do you know what the campaign was advised by their attorneys?

Please give some proof to your statement that this is the truth of the situation.

Not trying to be a jerk. I just want to know what the source of your information is.

Don't think you're a jerk...

...but the post is pretty straightforward.

If there's anything to verify it's the precise terms of Adam leaving RT: exactly what happened and under what conditions.


I have known about the complaint for awhile. I received an email from WND when the whole thing first came up. I'm not doubting the complaint. I have issues with a few of the premises in it, but that is not the point here.

What I don't know is how you know this is why Jesse Benton said what he said and how you know what legal advice the campaign was given.

Did you talk with Jesse Benton? Did you talk to someone else with the campaign? Or is this your theory based on the fact there is a FEC complaint against RT concerning Adam Kokesh?

If this is your theory, fine. I agree it may make sense. But to say it is the truth of the situation requires more than your speculation.

Really dishonest

I rated this down. The author of the original article against Koresh lost his security clearance for making stuff up - he was part of the neocon crowd. Which is exactly what this is as well. So spinning it so the agresser, WHO IS ALREADY KNOWN TO BE SUCH, to the victim, is really dishonest

CIA Officer Larry Johnson said: "It's a group of ideologues with pre-determined notions of truth and reality. They take bits of intelligence to support their agenda and ignore anything contrary. They should be eliminated."


And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor.

High Treason

And this isn't academic either. Some group of people with the same motives at the same time 9/11/01 to Dec 2001, released anthrax attacks from a USA government lab, attempting to murder people and start a war. High treason.

You can say it is just different people with the exact same motives if you want, but there is an alot of overlap here, and both of these things were wrong. You don't start wars with ONE person involved.

And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor.

Is it possible....

...that Kokesh is just ignorant and childish and not necessarily cointelpro?

Yes. But, I can't believe

Yes. But, I can't believe that the TPTB who go out of their way to ignore Ron Paul would at the same time give legitimate Liberty-movement individuals TV Talk-shows. the media is highly controlled, do you think they would give RP a talk show? I bet a million they wouldn't. Why? cause that gives him an outlet to express the views they don't want expressed.

So why would they put Adam Kokesh on TV, why would they put the Judge on TV when all they do is speak out against TPTB? Cause they are cointelpro with the purpose of later derailing or acting as a relief valve for the Liberty movement.

ratings and viewers...

follow the money.


Defend Liberty, for Liberty
Vote for President Ron Paul 2012

Good point.


Adam K. pushes the envelope.

Adam K. pushes the envelope. That is the kind of guy he is, a loose cannon, as the saying goes. He's got cajones, even if his judgement is at times poor.

Jesse Benton

And before any other total ignoramus says something brilliant, like "Jesse Benton is just a plant..."

Jesse Benton is Ron's family! He married Ron's granddaughter! Gee whiz, some of you guys get a life!

Marriage doesn't excuse everything someone does.

Spies marry the enemy to try to gain the appearance of legitimacy. Some people even stoop to marriage solely for personal gain, don't you know?

This is probably one reason Ron Paul wants to keep working with Jesse Benton; Ron Paul probably feels he should do his best to educate him, because he's family now.

When Jesse Benton setup Bob Barr, Barr fired him. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cjKR9Bfaur4

When Jesse Benton setup Ron Paul, probably the only reason Ron Paul didn't fire him is because he had married his granddaughter.

This is a mere complaint against RT

C4L is not a respondent to the claim. Using this as an excuse for what Jesse Benton said is invalid.

So you're saying RP *SHOULD* have contact.....

....with the parties in this legal matter?

Can you explain why?


This is a mere complaint.

It's not even necessarily valid. You could file one yourself today.

And it's not against C4L at all.

Once filed and accepted ,...

...it becomes a legal matter.

Are you saying RP should expose himself or the campaign to it?

No, once filed it's still a complaint.

It's just a filed complaint.

Further, C4L is not a respondent. This is a complaint against RT. Even if Ron Paul went on RT today, it would have no effect.

And so therefore RP SHOULD?

What are you saying?

This is not only a legal matter is also POLITICAL.

If you hadn't noticed RP is a media target and is running a campaign for president while this is going on.

Again, what the HECK does the C4L have to do with ANY of this? Only you brought up the C4L. Quit dissimilating.

RP should be on RT every single day...

if they let him tell his message without distortion.

I don't care what anybody says about Russia Today. They let the guests talk. They ask fair well thought out questions. Best interviews I've seen in any major media in a decade or two.


~wobbles but doesn't fall down~

This is only a notarized letter.

That is it. Is there any evidence it was filed?

How did you come across this anyway?


Thanks for posting. Even though I liked Adam's show and appreciate what he has done for the cause, he acted childish and used poor taste ending the show the way he did. He knew about the FEC problem that HE created and he knew that the RP campaign had to distance themselves from him, but instead he took a shot at Benton and played ignorant as to why the campaign had not returned for an interview. Not sure why he would choose to further damage the Ron Paul campaign.

Cliff Kincaid

He's an old school Neo-con that sees a jihadist under his bed every night, and a "communist" everywhere except the RINOs that he supports selling out the country.

RT issues the standard disclaimers "about the views being the hosts and not RT" but the fact that the show is in US broadcast markets complicates things.

This suit will go nowhere, but RT is owned by the Russian government, so Adam had to go for promoting the money bomb.
This was a "defensive" move. Now RT can declare that it was Adam's views, and not theirs.

The FEC will drop it unless statist influence is pressed to make the Ron Paul campaign look bad.

It's all over, and I am really sad, as his show was the BEST.

Best of Luck Adam, I hope you land somewhere, you are needed.

This is why Alex Jones, another Kincaid enemy for promoting Ron Paul, owns his entire operation, and answers to no one.

The FEC laws are the problem

Romney gets millions in cash from a former employee and that's all good. These laws are stupid and only serve the existing establishment.

There is no FEC issue....

The FEC complaint is 100% bogus.

The issues at hand are:

1) possibly RT's non-profit status


2) some influence Jesse had on RT that led to Adam's departure (according to Adam's latest statement)

~wobbles but doesn't fall down~

Hard to disagree with that!

Unfortunately, however, they are the laws/regs that the PEC has to operate under.

As such, well, .... I think it was stated fully in the original post above.

BTW, why are you talking about Campaign for Liberty? Who brought that up. We are talking about the PEC, the PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION COMMITTEE.

Who said anything about the C4L?

not me

Ooops that was meant for someone else.

My apologies.

no problem

I was just confused.