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This is how we roll in my area, St. Louis

I received a message earlier from one of our local Ron Paul guys. This is what he had to say.

"I just bought a billboard near Manchester@Vandeventer at the tax lien auction this morning. It will take a month to get clean title, and some number of weeks for sign approval, but I want to put up Ron Paul propaganda asap. I suspect the city will be careful to not unnecesarily delay or deny this, after the "End Eminent Domain" guy won his case. If there are any city licensed architects who want to donate their time to prepare the required drawings, I am happy to provide the platform."

All I can say is, this is how we roll in the Lou! Rock on Robert!

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I still like Ron Paul

I still like Ron Paul Honestly
For The People.

Great work!!!

Someone on here led us to a really cool sign the other day that said, Ron Paul, The Change You Were Hoping For!!!

This is the one I would go for...

Support Our Troops, Vote For Ron Paul 2012!!!!

I can't help you in the engineering dep't but figured I would throw some ideas at you. Keep up the great work!!!!

Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must. like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it.-Thomas Paine

The R3volution requires action, not observation!!!!

Ron Paul pWnG3...3a+ i+

Ron Paul pWnG3...3a+ i+

This is Robert Vroman

Hello, I'm the one who bought the billboard. For those who know the area, its in the Tower Grove strip on the east side of the Indian cafe at Kentucky. I do NOT own the building itself nor have anything to do with the business there. I purchased the mounting hardware and the right to put a sign there, which is a separate land taxed entity, though it shares the same address.
I am currently researching whether or not the architect has to be specifically licensed in the city of St. Louis, and what exactly the drawings have to show.
I will post here again when I'm ready to proceed. If you think you might be qualified to help either with the application process, or procuring the actual sign, can friend me on facebook. http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002343700065

i agree

i agree

Sign Hanging

I make and sell vinyl banners. If you get me the dimensions of the sign hanging space we can have a nice full color banner made up for $3 per sq foot or less depending on the size.

I'll grommet it every foot so all you have to do is go hang it up. It would be simple.

I'm in KC but I know of plenty of good local vendors that can help you with this.

If it's meant to be it's up to WE!

Wholesale Printing Material Supplier

I would love to help out if possible. My company is a wholesale distributor of Large Format Digital Printing Materials. We specialize in exhibit and display materials but we can get virtually any material you could possibly want. Depending on the amount and size I can probably kick in the material for no cost. Seeing as ink cost shouldn't be any more than .30-50 cents per square foot this should bring the price down considerably. Please get in contact with me to discuss. Bsimms@bigdogms.com I have also been looking for a printing partner to make about 50 qty 3' x 7' banners for Ron Paul supporters around Denver where we are located. I had planned on kicking in all of the material for this I just need a printer to kick in the labor and Ink cost. let me know your thoughts and what kind of equipment you have so we can get rolling if you are interested.

billboard idea

(White background)
(Blue Letters)

[Diagnal text]over the words "WHO" and "?" with
"Liberty" and "!" (in Red)

Here's another one:

President Ron Paul 2012
Yes He Can!


Since I'm new

to the liberty message, I just want to say that the more I learn of Dr. Paul, and the more I see of why people support him, the more it cements my resolve to spread his message.

A billboard! WOW! How many of the other candidates have their supporters digging deep in their own pockets for this type of advertisement? This impresses me. Maybe a disclaimer type note at the bottom of it that it's paid for by supporters and not the official campaign?

I'll give as much respect to my elected officials as they give to the Constitution!

Get involved?

I am a Wash U student and would love to get involved with the St. Louis RP meetup. Is there an emailing list I can get on?


Consider the baby kissing Ron Paul Vs Politicians kissing babies! - Not only would it bring joy and laughter - It certainly would appeal to a variety of people...

This is it.

"Ron Paul: The People's Champion!"

Ron Paul: The Champion of the Constitution!

Ron Paul: 30 years of consistent political experience, miliary officer, economic guru, medical doctor...Ron Paul has the right stuff.

Ron Paul "never" list

The lesser of two evils or The People's Champion, Ron Paul.

Ron Paul "Now" list: bring the troops home now, end the fed now, end the IRS now...

Well done!

As a native St. Louisan myself, this makes me proud. Can't wait to see a finished product.

Blessed are the peacemakers, but elected are the war hawks.

Good job from Springfield

Good job from Springfield

CAD operator here

I do CAD drawings for an electrical contractor up here in MI. If you can give me a lot of detail in what you need exactly I can mock up some drawings and show them to you, and you can edit/approve of them for submittal. Of course if you are talking about graphic design, I am not your guy. If you are talking about site drawings, detail drawings, installation drawings, etc, then I can probably help (but I'm not sure what I'm getting into, but I'd love to help spread the message.)

let me know if you need some help in this area.

Why the need,,,,

for city-licensed architects?

~wobbles but doesn't fall down~

To prepare drawings

To prepare the drawings for the sign approval. This is a representation of the physical sign, not the content.

You are a Patriot

Thank you so much, every time you help Ron Paul, you Help America and you help every single person.

you are a Patriot...

Busy area

near the Grove nightlife area....



Prepare & Share the Message of Freedom through Positive-Peaceful-Activism.

Tell everyone involved "Thanks" from the DP crowd.

Way to take the initiative. This kind of thing is what makes the Paul campaign unique.

Love-ly!! :) More, more..

Love-ly!! :)
More, more..