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Ron Paul needs to write a book on kindness

Ever since I started following Dr. Paul in 2007, I've been amased by how polite and respectful he is on the news networks. He is treated unfairly, hardly given respect, and after Bill O'Matthews attempts to trample his crediblity with exaggerations and hyperbole, Dr. Paul is always there to say, "thanks for having me :)"

I admit, when I'm in the position of defending the good doctor I am not as polite. It is not that I am insecure about my beleifs, its just that I can't handle answering the same rude questions 50 times over.

I just want to learn how he learned to be so respectful to people, even when it isn't mutual. If Ron Paul can go 30 years without blowing his lid off, than I should be able to 4 or 5.

Please, if anybody has any connection with Dr. Paul, ecourage him to write a book on this subject!

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Ron Paul is always a gentleman

Ron Paul is always a gentleman. I too, have been amazed by his ability to always take the high road, even when being treated very disrespectfully. How does he do it? What does he know that the rest of us don't know?