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Meet Cliff Kincaid, The Guy Who Shutdown Adam vs. The Man

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Cliff is the clown who went after Adam Kokesh’s show on RT with an FEC complaint which claims that, since RT is funded in part by the Russian government, Kokesh’s declaration of support for the Ron Paul campaign on his show constituted a breach of federal election laws.

Cliff edits usasurvival.org and runs America’s Survival, Inc. (ASI) , a pro-fascist web site which is supposedly dedicated to uncovering communists in the US government and media. Like all good fascist reporters, Cliff has written a litany of articles demanding increased American government spending and interventionism across the globe, while at the same time singling out various groups to target with biased hate speech.

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I don't believe that he caused it to be cancelled.

I think he was just a boring host, so they got rid of him.

There is no need to cancel a show because of a supposed violation of FEC laws. You just ask the person not to violate the law anymore. I think the FEC thing was just a rumor floated, maybe to save face for him.

You've been ZAMPED!!!!!!!

I do not get it, I really

I do not get it, I really don't. Clinton and Obama FOR sure had fundraisers in England and the FEC did not care when FLAGRANT violations were committed . FEC did not care when NO birth certificate was produced by Obama that anyone would validate, and now they go after a war veteran who voiced a simple opinion on the net because some crazy told them to? Too much trouble to look into the media bias and no equal time for Ron? These FEC people should be beSIEGED, before the few months before the election when (last time) THEY WERE ALL CONVENIENTLY ON vacation!

You're Arguing for the Lesser of Two Evils

No question- the U.S. government is guilty of (warmongering) propaganda world-wide. You're right. Our tax dollars are being spent to "beam our goodness" across the world' airwaves.

But, "RT" is too. Do you honestly think that RT has America's best interests at heart? They are supporting ANYTHING that they think might result in an out-of-control VIOLENT REVOLUTION in America. NOTHING gets on "RT" without the party's approval. NOTHING.

Adam got cancelled because he didn't "deliver the goods". Good guy who got duped by the Russian Mafia. Silly children.

Tune in next week to RT's "new show"- Burning Washington the Ground. WTFU.

I donno...burning Washington to the ground

not in America's best interest?

Leges sine moribus vanae

To sum up:

Cliff seems to be a low-IQ paranoid psychotic with genocidal tendencies, who may be harboring latent homosexual fixations.

Ya know, the more I think

Ya know, the more I think about it, perhaps the guy was beaten as a child.

I have to concur.

I have to concur.