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Where are the best places to swing independent voters to our side?

The only way the "Good Doctor" can win is by converting independents to vote in the Republican primaries-- what are some of the best places to meet, and swing independent voters to our side?

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Not a joke. Drive as much business to the site as possible. Let Ron Paul win them over. Many voters shying away from party and looking around.
Signs are most important. The more people see his name, the more curious they become. Signs should have RonPaul2012.com in bold.
Like said below, work your area, and if you can do nothing else, get lots of signs out.

Undo what Wilson did

I've got a Ron Paul sign in my yard...

I've got a Ron Paul sign in my yard...maybe I should make a Daily Paul sign as well!

As A Senior

I would like to see that Seniors on Social Security be able to receive cost of living increases. That alone would draw almost all of the seniors on Dr. Paul's side.

Of couse the ones now on Socail security would continue to receive what they deserve because they have paid into the system all of their lives.

In the future they will have to change. That change should be one that the younger people would get a better deal by putting their money in something worth while. Congress should have to pay back all the money they robbed from the seniors. IMO


That Alone Would Draw Seniors On Dr. Paul Side

Promise the seniors now in the system to be able to continue and a cost of living increase that was promised them (Obama and the congress did away with). Dr. Paul would get nearly 100 per cent of seniors on his side. It is the right thing to do anyway. IMO



If any of the candidates went against this, they would lose the senior votes. If any candidate agreed with Dr. Paul on this would lose votes because they did not bring it up first.



I hear a lot of really smart people are ready to wake up there.

Suggested meeting spots: streets, eateries, schools, living rooms, swimming pools and swimming holes, museums, barbecues and churches. If it's a place or area that people congregate or pass through, it's a safe bet this is a good spot.

Not suggested meeting spots: under water

Your own precinct!

Win over the independents in your precinct by going door to door. After going door to door, arrange a meeting at your local library--sign out a meeting room.

Discuss issues; show documentaries on central banking, debt, deficits; bring and discuss news articles; create an email list. Stay in touch with them on new issues that arise every week. You will win with that formula.

Veterans Organizations and Colleges

Get invited as a speaker and bring some videos on a laptop.

We also need to reach out to seniors

They vote massively and not just in the general election. Sadly, they are not online and do get a lot of their info from television and the press. Reaching them is really the key to winning this.

Good point.

Good point. So outside of television and the press where would you get a chance to talk with seniors? Sounds kind of funny to put it that way. Lol.
I've talked at a few Churches-- though I'm not a member of any particular church-- about politics before. I'm going to try scheduling that again. Anybody else have any ideas of other forums of speaking we could individually hit up?

I'm also going to start talking about it at my bands concerts-- who knows maybe I'll sway someone.


What about Senior centers, and old-age homes. Those homes I believe have to provide transportation to the voting places for those who desire to vote. There are plenty of seniors in old-age homes and they really have nothing else to do; plus they would love company. What do you guys/gals think?