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Supporter Fear of Ron Paul's Victory & His Being Scapegoated

Hi friends in liberty,

I wonder if any of you have heard this fear of Ron Paul's 2012 victory:

The fear that Ron Paul's presidential victory would be a way for the powers that be to completely collapse the system and then more easily be able to scapegoat Ron Paul's ideas and the free markets in general.

Has anyone heard this fear expressed in the movement?

I believe Tom Woods said something moronic to this effect, and I personally just heard a few big name backers privately express this same fear to me.

It seems to me to be a self-defeating fear, for either way we are header towards collapse. It would certainly be nice to have someone in power who has a lick of sense and a love for his fellow citizen's as the collapse fully takes place.

Any thoughts?

Replace your fear with love, stay humble, and ask God for strength.


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It's simple, do you want Ron as president or no?

what does it matter if it collapses and he is blamed, its still better than him not being president when it collapses.
It's not like there will be some revolt against Ron Paul or his philosophies. More people will get behind him than ever because they will finally see he was right all along.

Next President WILL Be Blamed

If the country goes into depression over the next several years the next president will be blamed for it (regardless of who it is or what policies he adopts to deal with the problems). Ron Paul CANNOT prevent a depression. If he is elected and adopts the best policies he will still be blamed for the poor economy. It's human nature. Politicians also get credit when the economy is booming even when they don't deserve it.

Liberty or Collapse?

Dr. Paul has said with Liberty we'd be back on our feet in a year. And then just imagine...

Not important, it's all theoretical

I don't see the point in discussing this. Anyone who brings this up is just desperate to make Ron Paul look bad. Let's stick to the facts and focus on winning.

Collapsing the system is not

Collapsing the system is not good for business.

Too many powerful people would stand to lose everything.

Who will be able to purchase newspapers? Who will be able to afford cable television? Who will be able to afford an internet connection? A bank account? Why?

If the American economy collapses, the world economy will fall as well.....not good for either side, we all lose - nobody wins.

If anything, a total collapse would do more harm to the PTB....people would be calling for their heads to roll, literally.

Collapse the system? That might actually wake up the masses, so it's not in their best interests to do such a thing.

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.

Yup, same thought.

It's a logical thought if you believe there are "masterminds" behind all the sheep in Washington. It is not logical if you believe there are only a bunch of self serving idiots oblivious of the consequences looting on Capital Hill.

Either way, you cannot scapegoat Ron Paul. He has hours of video documenting his beliefs on the downfall and plenty of evidence from Europe and prior collapses to back him up.

But hey, I've had the same thought and it no longer bothers me. I know it's collapsing, and so does every other Ron Paul supporter.

WE ARE NOT FAIR WEATHER FANS. When push comes to shove, we will remind the sheep who, why, and how.

At the end of the day, they

At the end of the day, they will either be pawns on the chessboard or kings of a single square.

Drain the swamp!

IMO, they wouldn't do that

because the President controls the military and federal law enforcement troops. The PTB will want these troops and agencies under their command when the SHTF, so that they can put the hammer down on the population.
They won't do that with RP as President, so I think that fear is not realistic.

Believe it or not, I had this

Believe it or not, I had this thought last week. My thought was, that the PTB would LET RP win, so they could have someone to blame it all on when the SHTF. Then, though, I also felt that they would probably not be dumb enough to do this, because I really believe he knows how to handle it and they would end up with hardly any power. HAHAHAHah.