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Ron Paul and the Christian “Just War” Concept

Michele St. Pierre (c) 2011

Many Republicans find that they like Ron Paul’s fiscal ideas, but they think that they disagree with his foreign policy, calling it “weak”, “misguided”, “pro-Islam”, “anti-Israel” and then some.

Ron Paul’s stands on issues are not lightly taken. He does not flip flop, or indulge in political duplicity for gain. He clearly states the truth as he sees it, and lets the political chips fall where they may. This has caused a few gray hairs in those who would like to see him elected, as he eschews the politically expedient for a greater truth and consistency. He is, in obvious and deliberate fact, answering to a higher power.

Ron Paul is fluent in the concept of the Christian “Just War”, which has developed throughout history into a doctrine of military ethics, where the act of waging war must first be put to a series of moral questions, designed to elicit whether under Christian ethics (and indeed human morality as a whole) a war is actually justifiable.


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Just War vs Christian Zionism

The problem is that christian zionists believe it is prophetic destiny for the nations of the world to be drawn into a global military conflagration over the issue of Israel which will end with the return of Jesus. And they believe it is a biblical imperative to defend Israel at all costs or be cursed.

Although many christian zionists have a basic respect for the just war theory their zionism trumps it when it comes to nations and scenarios involved in Armageddon.

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