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Tom Woods smashes American Spectator hit piece

From TomWoods.com:

You know that article by Jeffrey Lord that’s been touted on the radio shows of Mark Levin, Michael Medved, and Rush Limbaugh? It’s toast.


See also: Defense of Paul, Smackdown of Spectator on The Mike Church Show

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Tom Woods' logic is inescapable, & so is Levin's illogic.

Woods vs. Levin: 2-hour PPV debate to be decided by objective professional debate scorers with their scoring done in real time and total proceeds going to the winner.

I love watching Tom Woods smash things.


XD...Tom Woods is just awesome...haha

..."What kind of bizzare, pantheon of the gods are they expecting us to wave incense before here?"

The game is to keep everyone only talking about a false LEFT/RIGHT paradigm.

To limit and control the debate in order to then control the masses.

Thankfully, this fraud is no longer able to artificially influence peoples views any longer...thanks to folks like Tom Woods and Ron Paul.

Real issues...Real Debate...Real Solutions


RON2012PAUL...The r3VOLution continues...
"I always win"
+GOLD and SILVER are money+

Bump for the best post of the

Bump for the best post of the day!

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Love Tom Woods!

I could listen to him all day.



Tom Woods is a Genius

Don't for get to listen to

Don't for get to listen to Woods and Gutzman on the Mike Church Show as listed at the bottom of the thread:


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Great - Thanks for the link!!






is not smarter than that. A urge everyone to seek out his radio show and listen. His new name for Ron Paul is "Dr. Demento" along with usaul "wacko" comments. If you listen you will come to the conclusion that Tom Woods should be calling Medved a ZOMBIE!!!


I think Medved would be called that other "Z word", to be more accurate.



Distribute Far and



Tom Woods shredded Lord's article!! It's unbelievable how much knowledge he has.

Tom Should be Ron's Press Secretary

Wow- What a mind!

I second the motion!

I was thinking the very same thing.

Bump because this video

Bump because this video should be on front page instead of the O'reilly-Cenk video.

A country at war abroad lives in fear at home.

A country at war abroad lives in fear at home. To Destroy a foreign culture requires the destruction of the home culture first. (Summarizing Chris Hedges ~War Reporter)

News reporters are disgusted at an act of animal cruelty yet are mute on the 6,702 civilians that were killed on the first night of shock and awe in Iraq in 2003.

What civilized culture believes that killing civilians will foster democracy, peace or justice? Only Thantos, the Lord of Death revels the killers.

War is a racket and a breeding ground for atrocities such as mass murder, torture and assassination.

War is financed by debt. Nothing is more profitable to creditors than war.

We will know that we are becoming civilized when we reject war and repay our debts, when we reject self-destruction and embrace compassion or at least tolerance. Perhaps then we will reap the full benefits of liberty.

Free includes debt-free!

Front page

Front page material!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The article he was combating wasl all over neocon radio and tv!

Nothing, huh?

Nothing, huh?

neoconservatism is communism

Look up Leo Strauss. Constantly arguing the case for war is a Marxist idea. Neoconservatives are not Americans.

-quiet engineer

Why isn't this on "Top recent

Why isn't this on "Top recent topics"? If Neocons visit this site, this is the most important thread to view :)

There is nothing conservative about war.

There's nothing conservative about war. What the heck are you conserving? Human Life? Nope. Cost? Nope. Democracy?? I mean give me a break.

Is it even possible to convince people like Lords & Levin that they're dead wrong and not conservative at all when it comes to Foreign Policy?

Conserving Tradition

WW II, especially, had the propaganda machine behind it and I imagine returning soldiers kept the worst to themselves. It was considered very patriotic to "help the war effort," and not question government policies.

Both the government and subsequent generations have been trying to recapture and "conserve" that "unity" and feeling of patriotism ever since, in the face of increasing scrutiny (television coverage, and now, the 'net).

It's on its way out, for sure. I believe it is that love of that patriotic tradition that has driven so many people out of the dominant parties, (yes, Democrats, too, have a soft spot for these heroic rescuers of helpless victims overseas).

What do you think? http://consequeries.com/

well the people in question that smeared ron paul

as called out in this video need to be pressured into responding to this video somehow. if they simply not watch this or ignore it, the myths they perpetuate will go on.

Sent the editor an email

explaining my disgust at the article & why i've unsubsribed. Short & to the point.

That My Friends

is how you calmly destroy a horribly flawed argument.

thank you Tom

not just for the substance of your argument, but for the way you conduct yourself also



Dr. Woods just tears em all apart. ..."How I sent Levin home crying" ahahaha!

Keep on keepin on Tom!