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Tom Woods smashes American Spectator hit piece

From TomWoods.com:

You know that article by Jeffrey Lord that’s been touted on the radio shows of Mark Levin, Michael Medved, and Rush Limbaugh? It’s toast.


See also: Defense of Paul, Smackdown of Spectator on The Mike Church Show

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For simple male thinkers, an

For simple male thinkers, an aggressive foreign policy is an extension of their own sense of masculinity. That's a pity because there's so many of them, and so often they vote.

The U.S. is a nuclear superpower with ICBMs. We are surrounded by a huge moat (the Atlantic and Pacific oceans), and have very friendly neighbors to the north and south. Plus, because the dollar is the reserve currency of the world, no one dares attack us for fear of what negative domino-effect that might have on all the other global economies. So, we're as safe as houses and do not need the forward position defense strategy that Neo-cons think is so vitally important.

Because of the high cost, necessitating the need to borrow heavily from China, for example, it's actually the Neo-con philosophy regarding foreign policy that makes this country more vulnerable. Ironically, strength can be enhanced by pulling back. It's the true "tough-guy" approach. I want a stronger America. I want the foreign policy philosophy of Ron Paul!

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painter, just about everyone on this forum

agrees totally with your view on foreign policy of course (after all it's a pro-Ron Paul site.)

But I have a big disagreement with your group-think attack on males. Sadly, statistics show that women support the 2 war parties at least as much as do men. True, fewer go out and fight the damn wars; but it is the couch potatoes of both sexes who vote in the murderers. And women like Condeleezza and Hillary show that violence is cherished in the empty souls of all corrupted by Power, again no matter the gender.

This may seem a trifle nit-picky given our agreement on the main issue. The reason I pursue it is that demonizing groups of people is used through history to justify wars and other outrages against targeted groups; even though men are not actual targets, the group-blame habit is a weakness that is often exploited. Peace and freedom must be accomplished by individuals, not group-identified units.

I sure am glad Tom did this.

I sure am glad Tom did this. I thought that article in the Spectator was horrific.

One correction, Levin is an

One correction, Levin is an impostor. He is a Canaanite that has assumed the identity of a Jew. Lets not insult the real Hebrews by equating scumbags the likes of Levin with them. I mean think about it, the guy is completely devoid of even a trace of Godliness. Looking at the record of what this guy represents which bloodline do you think he best represents, Adam or Cain?

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Saying conservatives are pro military intervention is like ...

Saying conservatives have always been pro military intervention, is like saying Christians have always been pro choice.

"All good Christians know God wants women to be free to make their own choices! Christians have always known this. See? Look at this passage here in the Bible"

(*twist some obscure passage to back pro choice*)


- Make a box

- Encourage people to jump in the box

- Change the label on the box

- Convince people that was always the label on the box

We have always been at war with Eastasia.


Email this to LORDS, LEVIN, RUSH, MEDVED, ETC. Let them know we are on to their game. They are propagandists....scumbags.

Bravo, Mr. Woods.

Bravo, Mr. Woods.

"Air is the very substance of our freedom, the substance of superhuman joy....aerial joy is freedom."--Gaston Bachelard--

Tom Woods on Mike Church


Mike Church slaps down the Jeffrey Lord article in American Spectator

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Good Video

This debate going on between the above mentioned folks, vs Tom, Mike Church, Kevin Gutzman, and Jack Hunter.. Personaly, i think our sides been smashing the neocons.. But, they have the main stream media on their side to spout their nonsense..

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