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*Drafting John Mayer*

Daily Paulers - Let's brainstorm.

What do we know?

Ron Paul is the only real candidate running in this race.

The MSM, even with good relations will not just allow Ron Paul to run away with the race.

Ron Paul is a front runner, and has significant name recognition.

So in an effort to combat the mainstream media's ploy to bury the words of Dr. Paul, we are all doing what we can to achieve that goal. Donating, fundraising, talking with friends and family, writing, advertising, attending events...etc.

What I'd like to suggest is to leverage our supporters. Celebrities help! Doesn't anyone remember Oprah and Obama? Some people believe Oprah got Obama elected, so star power is not to be underestimated.

We should pool our efforts to identify those who have the most exposure to voters. One person who comes to mind as the title should suggest is John Mayer. Did you know John is a supporter of Ron Paul?

I don't know if he still is, but this video seems to suggest so;


Using the power of our community, do you think we could draft John Mayer for the R3VOLUTION??? Hell, wouldn't he be a great addition to this venture??;


Give his agent or manager a call!

John Mayer's Manager:

Michael McDonald

Mick Management

157 Chambers Street

12th Floor

New York, NY 10007

Phone: 212-233-6648

John Mayer's Agent:

Rob Light

Creative Artists Agency

2000 Avenue Of The Stars

Los Angeles, CA 90067

Phone: 424-288-2000

John Mayer's Publicist:

Ken Sunshine

Ken Sunshine Consultants, Inc.

149 Fifth Avenue

7th Floor

New York, NY 10011

Phone: 212-691-2800

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I have a reply from the management...

I have been asked for details on the project we have in mind. I opened the door by saying it would only take 1 minute of his time, so I am thinking of asking if John would contribute to a project in the works over at ronpaulforums. The idea is a speech recorded by many people and then edited together, details here:

I like this idea because it would be easy for him to do on his own with minimal burden. It could open the door for other more in depth projects.


Draft him for one night of

Draft him for one night of rock the revolution tour. We qre backed by fappac and the revolution pac. Read ore about it here in the forums... Email ,e at davescherer@gmail.com so we can discuss this further

Dont want to look too much like....



But i think that we need some creative minds to brainstorm creative ideas. Honestly, the campaign should be on top of this.

I believe unless we get several "celebrity" endorsements, one John Mayer stuck in there is going to be weird.

My ideas would be this.
1. solidify 2 or 3 good ideas
2. Send those ideas to the Campaign to get input and see how they respond.
3. Petition any potential endorsers with the idea(s) to get a response.
4. Start social media "groups" to detail and add supporters to the cause.


The campaign can do what they want. We are grassroots.

I do think you should act on your idea.

I will not wait on the campaign to act on this. I don't like that Obama video either. I see this as different. This is just people speaking out and John Mayer is still a regular American even if he is more famous. Having him mixed in with Grandma and veterans and everyone else is much more real than a bunch of know it all celebrities telling people what to do.

Awesome! Way to go!

Awesome! Way to go!

Waiting on the World to Change

"Waiting on the World to Change" would be such a good song to use throughout the campaign

"We don't need a Department of Energy; we need a Department of Freedom" - RP
"We need to defend liberty.. and liberty!" - RP

You know, everytime i hear that song I think of our campaign but

I didn't think I had any company here that would believe that this song identifies or fits 'The Revolution.'

Wow! That would be so neat. I know John loves Ron Paul. He was so excited when he heard Ron speak in N.Y. last election cycle he couldn't contain himself..

John Mayer talking Ron Paul w Justin Long : Take a look!

Make sure to get him in

Make sure to get him in contact with Zack and the Rock the R3VOLUTION tour!


Now we wait...

Email sent to the assistant of his manager.

212-691-2800 says they do not

212-691-2800 says they do not handle John Mayer any longer.
424-288-2000 put me in touch with the people that handle his live shows. Said I need to speak with Mick Management. Gave me the email of the assistant to the manager.

Stand by...

I will make the call right now.

He's a thinking man's rock star

"When you trust your television, what you get is what you got...cuz when they hold all the information, they can bend it all they want."

"Waiting on the World to Change" - John Mayer

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Can he write a song about Ron Paul?

IMO, the proof of a great song writer can be seen by their incorporating different languages into their songs and by their activism, i.e. anti-war, hunger, current events, etc.

I bet John Mayer could write a great Ron Paul song.

you don't need official endorsements..

just them talking about issues from time to time without mentioning names will do.. sort of like what some youtube vloggers like philip defranco is doing.. ron paul is an all issue guy and once someone gets into the campaign he is going to be all issues and no personality.. believe me he just doesn't jive with the celebrity gossip type voter/endorsement.. the point is to get people passionate enough to VOTE not to just go to ron's page and leave a 16 year old comment 'i'm here because of john mayer'

grow up and lay off the celebrities guys.. seriously.. if they wanted to help save this country, all they had to do is talk about issues to their fans without mentioning politicians' names to turn them off, and they would already be doing so if they wanted to because MANY ALREADY ARE. you can mention single-issues or focus on points of interest such as the media bias like what john stewart did without an endorsement. if they haven't done ANY of it, chances are they won't. spare us the celebrities.. pls sever that last liberal hipster bit from your traits to get your brains functioning again.. away from feel-good fantasies.

We ought to encourage

the implementation of every good and responsible effort to support Paul, not discourage because you see it as a "waste of time."

The truth is, many people who know nothing about Paul, and will continue to know nothing about Paul, might look into him if someone they've grown to love (in this case, Mayer) throws in their support.

Bottom line, we ought to cheer on every reasonable and positive effort to gain supporters, whether celebrity or average joe.

"He did not come into the world to condemn it, but to save it." - John 3:17

"Well, you know it's like I always say 'it ain't government work if you don't have to do it twice.'" - Jerry Gergich

John Mayer is a practical joker

He loved to mess with the press by allowing them to listen-in to 'private' conversations. There is a video of him having an outrageous faux phone conversation while the paparazzi are recording his every word.

I see no evidence that Mayer is a Ron Paul supporter. I like John's music, however.

I am a fan of John and have

I am a fan of John and have done some research on him. You're right - he has done jokes in the past not only on the press but also on his own fans - but I don't think this is one of those situations. He's obviously a little inebriated and his tone does not sound even slightly joking. If you listen to John live, he does get political (or has in the past) and definitely has a streak of activism in him. I think it's worth a shot.

John Mayer is a supporter.

John Mayer is a supporter. He contacted me for a benefit I did last time in the name of Ron Paul and added his email to the list.

This is interesting info

Can you elaborate on the conversation? I may have to change my opinion of Mayer.

He's not a supporter...

he was playing devils advocate in that video, i wouldn't bother with this...