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Al Sharpton (and Others) Discuss the “Prophet” Ron Paul on MSNBC

Writes Bob Murphy:

I can’t believe this is happening. People on MSNBC are talking about Friedrich Hayek, Ludwig von Mises, the gold standard, and Ron Paul as a prophet. If they bring up David Gordon, I’m going to pass out.


Time Magazine: Ron Paul, The Prophet

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Hear, hear!

Hear, hear!

David Companik serves as a REALTOR® in the Greater Houston area. As an avid Ron Paul supporter, David provides a uniquely free market perspective on the economics of real estate. Visit http://davidcompanik.com to learn more!

I'll second that!

I'll second that!



Give me liberty or give me death.



O boy

they are so clueless about what is coming with both Ron Paul and the economy.

Freedom is SEXY!!!!

Ron Paul's ideas are "not sexy and hard to understand"??? What a dumb ass that guy was. I guess demolishing houses and increasing foreclosures is what really turns these people on!

It sounds like they should be working for the 'FED'


first two minutes and I want to punch the man and the women


seriously. how many times can people not get it through their damn skulls.

ron paul isn't standing by ready to smelt gold.

these damn idiots don't recognize the absolute simplicity in ron paul's principles.

ron paul talks about the gold standard simply because it was the only thing that kept goverments SOMEWHAT restrained in their spending, historically.

whereas fiat offers NO restraint. period. none. in fact fiat is the opposite of restraint, it's an unchecked flame near the powder keg.

paul WANTS monetary sanity.

paul talks about how monetary INSANITY in the past has destroyed countries.

paul talks about how gold was used to somewhat mitigate that.

paul already knows that we may never return to the gold standard, but if we don't do something to return to monetary sanity, WE. WILL. LOSE. THE. DOLLAR.

stupid people. they don't like the way he phrases things?!!! if they say the same things, wrapped in verbose, slick, british accents, only then is it fit for the masses? what hog wash.


dumb lady rejects gold standard, and says "we need to think out of the box"

OH YEA WOMAN?!!!! think outside the box, maybe like, LETTING PEOPLE CHOOSE THEIR OWN MONEY?!!!!, PERHAPS ALLOWING COMPETING CURRENCIES?!!!! What about abolishing income tax, and allow people to get paid in precious metals, or hell even pork bellies if they want them.


if ron paul states facts, problems, and solutions, ....these people call it radical.

then they talk about the same things (took them 40 years to catch on) and they have to wrap it in sheeple speak.


ok. vent over. now to finish watching the video.

they are talking about it brother!

their ignorance is on display! for everyone to see!
compared to them, we are rocket scientists! and what did we do?
hang out at the DP and pay attention.....
imagine that.

Sharpton's Coherence

That's the fist time I've ever heard Al Sharpton mutter anything approaching coherence in the entirety of his career.

Is it me?...

or has he had botox? Maybe his semblance of rationalization is stemming from that?

you simply much. . .you must

you simply much. . .you must much, you much do this and that. . . thing. . .

Dear MSM: Get this through your thick skulls...

It is YOU who is delusional to think I "have to go somewhere", meaning vote for someone else besides Ron Paul.

I say BULLSH**!!!

Even if (god forbid) Ron Paul does not get the republican nomination I will STILL write him in during the general election, just as I did in 2008. And I will sleep very well that night - again!

I don't care how hard your hand picked "top-tier" RINOs try to sound like Ron Paul - I'm not falling for it. And I most definitely refuse to play my vote like a casino gaming chip, like voting for the lesser of two evils for example.

I hope I'm not alone on this.

If men are good, you don't need government; if men are evil or ambivalent, you don't dare have one.

You're definitely not alone!

I wrote in Ron Paul in '08 and if I have to(if Ron doesn't get the nomination) I will do it again. I too slept very well after that vote and I've never felt like my vote was wasted voting for the only candidate that represented me.

Did I hear that right???

at the very end one of the guest (writer for Time mag) said, " We need to bull doze houses to jump start the economy?? No wonder we are so screwd with ideas like this..and RP is fringe???

I was thinking the same thing

"We need to clear the market.." and the first that comes to mind is blow the damn things up? Why not let the prices fall? Seems more economically sound and less messy!


If non-fringe Paul Krugman was there he could have suggested a nice civil war to knock these excess houses down. Well...at least then we'd be nation building at home.

I'll take my Liberty, it's not yours to give.

Long time follower, first

Long time follower, first post ...this clip really got to me.
Let me get this straight, the gold standard is a strange idea but destroying houses is a viable option ...WTF America?

I love

your spunk!

: )

Glad you broke your silence.

Glad you broke your silence. Keeping posting.. you're batting a thousand so far.

Not a Suprise

A number of other comments mentioned the utter stupidity of this clip but it s not surprising to me for it is the same message we always get from the kind people who would have Al Sharpton on a panel; screw ordinary people. Do not let prices fall, which would benefit many ordinary people, no knock down the houses. This is the same mentality that destroyed food while many were starving during the Great Depression, that event our leaders are now busily trying to recreate. Ron Paul is called a radical because he is the only one running who does not want to screw you and me over.

Keith Halderman

reedr3v's picture

Sharpton was a surprise to me here;

he actually credits Ron Paul's principled integrity, if not his policies. That Ron Paul is respected across the spectrum is a wonderful testament to his honesty and immaculate record.

It's like

a bunch of people sitting around a dinner table at a guests house, talking about the weather and sports, being sure not to offend the guest. I guess the only reason people would watch them is to see if they have figured it out yet, as opposed people watching them to figure it out. Pretty funny

Spreading The Message of Liberty at Jiffy Lube

My car blew up again and down to Jiffy Lube I went. When I got there and explained that my AC blew up again, all five grease monkeys in myself began talking about how business has slowed to a crawl, the cost of living and the value of the dollar. I asked them if they ever heard of Ron Paul and got alot of blank.. I then introduced myself to them as someone who is older and much wiser now and who for many years had been brainwashed, tricked, bamboozeled by the Mainstream media lies and propaganda about politics in general. I then asked them to do me a favor and google Ron Paul and read as much as they could about the 11 term congressman from Texas. They were very young, but receptive and curious about the subject f Ron Paul. They asked me a few questions about his beliefs. I expalined to them that Ron Paul wanted to end all the undeclared wars, bring the men home and allow them to spend their money here at home, thus stimulating or jump starting our economy. I explained that we don't need our troops overseas, that these wars were bankrupting our economy. I advised them that in the not to distant future, if we don't reverse course there is going to be a great event in America ; the dollar crisis, explaining how inflating the paper currency by printing it or creating it out of 'thin air' will eventually cause hyperinflation, the distrction of the dollar and possible riots in the streets unlike the one in Greece. They seemed to be captivated and interested in the subject. I then continued mentioning that Ron Paul had never voted to go on government paid junkets, never voted for a tax increase and has opted out of the lucrative congressional pension plan, etc, etc.. I told them that Ron Paul was in active military during Vietnam War, serving as an Air Force flight surgeon for about 5 years. They were stunned to hear that Ron Paul had received more campaign donations from the active military than all of the republican candidates combined, including Barack Obama.

Subsequently, I had them promise that they would go down to Republican Headquarters ASAP and Register, so they could vote for Ron Paul in the California primary.

Lastly, I mentioned that they might want to check the Daily Paul website, read the articles, and blogs and join in the fun, while learning all they could about The Champion of The Constitution, sound money, limited government and other issues as well.

We are in a revolution..The people are sick and tired of what their getting...We want the government to get off our backs and get their hands out of our wallets and leave us the hell alone!

"Never let it be said that we did nothing, that no one cared." ~ Ron Paul

Did you

find time to get your car fixed? : )

Terrific job...thank you!

And their brilliant answer....

to the housing crisis "no one saw coming" (lol) is that we need to increase forclosure rates and "destroy houses"?

How is that any different than digging a hole and then re-filling it and calling it a "productive enterprise"?

How is that NOT a crazy, silly, ridiculous idea? Destroy homes to save the housing market?

....so why not go around and burn all the houses and businesses to the ground, then we would all have jobs rebuilding everything that got burned down?

....I can't believe they actually said this and act like it is a reasonable suggestion. Maybe I am just crazy and it really is a reasonable suggestion....


They just CAN'T GET RID OF HIM. :)

Those Ron Paul votes HAVE to

Those Ron Paul votes HAVE to go somewhere! bwahhaaahaaaa

Absolutely Frightening

That pompous establishment suit who calls the good doc radical then at the end he calls for radical ideas to jump start housing... like knocking down homes. Boy, are we in trouble. This is proof positive that our fate is sealed.

You think that's scary? None

You think that's scary? None of the candidates are any smarter than these boobs. Except for Gingrich. And that's even scarier. You're right. I'll start packing.