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Has Freedom Watch with Judge Napolitano been "disapeared" from fox buisness?

I have been away from TV and the internet for a while and last night tuned in to fox buisness at 7PM central time to watch Freedom Watch and Varney at night was on. I have not seen this on the DP. Have I missed something?

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Here's what the Judge posted

Here's what the Judge posted on FB Tues. 8/23

Judge Andrew Napolitano
is on vacation for two weeks friends! But don't worry, I'll be back on the watchtower in September. Team Freedom is still hard at work and Varney & Co. is taking over for the meantime in the 8PM ET hour on Fox Business News

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Napolitano! Taking a vacation while our freedoms crumble around us? Why can't he be like our President...working tirelessly to secure our freedoms....ohhh, wait......

TV is Seasonal

The new television "season" begins in the next couple of weeks, and August is usually where they dump cancelled episodes, replay season ending cliff hangers for the second time, and generally don't care, because "everyone" is on vacation.

If they were to take him off in a "sweeps" month, I'd be more worried.

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Thanks all

I missed the thread about his vacation. I hope fox don't make it permanent I like the Judge very much and don't trust fox at all.

The judge is on vacation for

The judge is on vacation for two weeks, and the show will be back in September. I hope that helps.

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There was a thread about it

a few days ago, and somebody said that the judge was on vacation.
I don't have any other answer than what I read on that thread.

They said it, but I could not

They said it, but I could not confirm it, and the show had not been the same for 2 weeks before I heard that, so I still do not know for sure.

No one has said anything. It

No one has said anything. It is gone. It was on for awhile with different hosts. I miss it a lot, but so far, can find nothing out.