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The line in the sand is in Nashville!

The line in the sand should have been drawn long ago! Abuse of federal police power must come to an abrupt end. This time its the Gibson Guitar Corporation in Nashville and Memphis.

I hope the musicians have had THEIR fill of it now! If this doesn't lead to a massive concert in Nashville that marks the end of the line for this abuse of federal police powers I don't know WHAT it will take for the American people to awake from the self induced coma.

Remember, this (like the recent raw milk raids) is an actual raid and unlawful confisication of property. The federal police powers are most often used to intimidate but seldom, albeit increasingly, they raid. The intimidation is happening on a daily basis and it's increasing at an alarming rate.

The raw milk raids and now the Gibson Guitar Corporation are like the very tip of the the iceberg. The massive cancer of abuse of federal police powers lies mostly out of sight in our nation, it has grown steadily without significant uprising to stop it and it is as deadly as the berg that sunk the Titanic.

Maybe the line IS in Nashville!

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