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Ron Paul Interview with Jon Stewart-Daily Show

Congressman Ron Paul will interview with
Jon Stewart-Daily Show
Monday September 26 5:30pm Eastern Time

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dude, thank you for the 1 month advance notice


Ron should

Ron should walk on stage, grab Jon and kiss him on the mouth. :)

You mean like Al Gore

kissed Tipper on stage? Double Yuck!!!! :)

OMG..no..I ..uh..not for THAT

OMG..no..I ..uh..not for THAT long..LOL
(man I never saw that movie).

I bet it would get the MSM to

I bet it would get the MSM to talk about him!!!

I'm guessing

It's not Ron's style.

How about a nice "man-hug" ?



That would just be gross! IMHO. It's ok for other people I guess, but would probably sink his candidacy faster than a rock. LOL.

Would be funny as the

Would be funny as the dickens, tho, and blow Jon away totally..hahahahaha