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Rick Perry, Ron Paul and a Tea Party

So much for that predicted epidemic of "Texan fatigue."

Gov. Rick Perry leads by double digits in the campaign for the Republican presidential nomination, according to one poll due today. But that's not the most surprising news.

U.S. Rep. Ron Paul has tripled his support in Iowa since the 2008 election and has pulled into contention nationally alongside Minnesota Republican Michele Bachmann, based on the Iowa straw poll and a new Gallup Poll.

According to Gallup, either Perry or Paul would finish in a virtual tie with President Barack Obama today on an imaginary presidential ballot, and Paul draws more Democratic and independent support than Perry or Bachmann.

Paul, a Lake Jackson obstetrician, former Libertarian candidate and favorite of some Tea Party groups, has already joked to crowds that Perry's early Texas tough talk "makes me sound like a moderate."

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Perry is Bilderberg's Choise.

That's why he is probably the instant front runner.


Where is the Jesse Benton and the campaign getting talking points out against Perry - NAU, Gardasil, Al Gore etc... Why not just donate to Revolution PAC so we know a hard hitting message is going to get out because God knows Benton won't. Being a gentleman and not being on the attack again is going to get the same results. We need to show how disgusting the other candidates are. Perception needs to be good vs. bad not good liberty vs. good mainstream.

Rick's blind eye and wink to child molestation-

Hands off: In 2004, whistleblowers repeatedly informed Perry's office that the Governor's Texas Youth Commission hires and protects "known child abusers." His office ignored the warnings. Three years later, the story broke that top officials with the TYC had learned of and done nothing to stop widespread child molestation at a juvenile detention facility in West Texas.

Where you at Jesse Benton? Why does the grassroots have to do your job to keep the cause moving forward?

As for Perry

I don't think he's there to win the presidency. Maybe as a hedge in case Obama does something the establishment doesn't like, which is unlikely.

Perry is there to bump Obama into a second term. There is still plenty on their agenda, like gun control and other second term selling out like the North American Union.

Don't you get that sense?

Why are all these things about his horrible grades and flip flopping on issues, not to mention completely selling out to corporate interests not being played up yet? Even establishment media can't hide that forever. They would lose what little credibility they have left.

Bush didn't have nearly the dirt going into this compared to Perry, and look at what a disaster he was.

Well the idea does make sense

from a long-term strategy view.

For instance, we know for a fact(by their own admission) that the Neocons are leftists who were disenchanted with the Democrat Party because there wasn't enough support for wars for Israel there. They were "hawkish" Democrats who infiltrated the Republican Party, and were successful.

Now, it would fall into place that since Obama has no compunction about bombing and attacking and occupying other countries at the behest of Israel, that they could/would use their copious influence in the Republican Party to ensure that Obama would be re-elected. After all, the Neocons ARE Democrat infiltrators, and if the Dems can give them their wars, then they can supply the treachery against the Republicans to ensure Democrat victory at the polls. I mean, that's often what infiltrators do, isn't it? I think this was why they put up McCain as a sure loser, so Obama could win.

So, historically and strategically speaking, you may have a point that could be accurate.


Direct hit. Mc Cain is a perfect example.