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Historical Proof for Free Market?

So i understand the logic behind all of Ron Paul's economic teachings, and they definitely make sense to me. Can anyone point me to specific historical evidence for its effectiveness? Like cultures around the world which have implemented the free market philosphies of austrian economics? Any good past civilizations or current? I somewhat familiar with Hong Kong...any others?

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Examples like this?

Tijuana vs San Diego, East Berlin vs. West Berlin, Havanna vs. Miami, Mainland China vs Hong Kong all cases where workers migrated from the less to the more free economies and thrived.

Also see the Economic Freedom of the World Indexes put out by Wall Street Journal/Heritage Foundation and Fraser Institute/Cato Institute.

I think the Black Market is the best

example of a free market, No government regulation, supply and demand, no sales tax. I am sure there are other benefits but can't think of them just now.

"We can see with our eyes, hear with our ears and feel with our touch, but we understand with our hearts."


Most of the great civilizations rose from nothing without government interference. They produce and trade ASSETS, not empty promises. Their currency is an asset, often specific weights of gold or silver, not paper with arbitrary numbers on them. As they grew they established governments to prevent people beating the $#it out of each other. Then the $#it-beatings REALLY STARTED!! That needed taxes. They went further and further astray, devolved into tyrannies and subsequently collapsed.

Much of the history has been rewritten to obscure this, and little evidence is available, yet there are clues. Old texts from China, India, Greece, Rome, the Bible, etc, all hint at this. As you know this requires much searching and study.

Hong Kong was a dramatic proof of Free Markets. In 1930, the 2 poorest countries on earth were India and Hong Kong, both colonized by the British. England focused their efforts on larger, India with more natural resources and let the little island of Hong Kong, with no natural resources, drift away on their own. India is still a "nation of licenses" (mercantilism, the original British vector into India), and is still one of the poorest. Hong Kong, having nothing more than local police and courts to prohibit murder, rape, etc (REAL crimes, rather than illusory and victimless "crimes against the state") in a few decades surpassed ALL other nations. They were the wealthiest, healthiest, best educated people on Earth, because they were the freest, both free markets and civil liberties. Sadly, now they have been turned over to Com China.

Of course one could always look at the differences between tyrannies and semi-free counterparts, in divided groups or neighbors. Korea, North vs South. Germany, East vs West. Com China vs Taiwan or esp Hong Kong. Compare different levels of Freedom and prosperity in Eastern Europe after its emergence from the Iron Curtain.

Mostly Liberty is rare. That is because the maintenance of Liberty requires effort, thought, action, courage and sometimes bloodshed. We are relearning this.

Japan, after WWII, never really had much for Civil Liberties, but their markets were relatively free. And their economic progress was meteoric, until the elite gangs (central banker types) further asserted their will in the 1980's. Japan still produces, but has slowed.

Switzerland. Free, Independent, Sovereign and Neutral for almost all of the time since 1291 (!!). Still one of the best and freest places, sadly now following us down the tubes. 2 IMPORTANT POINTS about them. Their Constitution is similar to ours. We are "check and balances" with 3 branches, that is not working very well, but they have the FOURTH BRANCH that trumps the other 3: a BINDING REJECTION REFERENDUM by which the CITIZENS can legally and bindingly reject any law passed by the legislature. It is widely accepted and easy to use. By this they have historically rejected over 90% of the laws passed by their Parliament. Point 2: Upon HS graduation Swiss boys are conscripted, not for military service, but for military **training**. When complete they keep their ASSAULT RIFLES at home. In Switzerland they have no army, the people are the army. The government does not tell them what to do, they decide themselves. Result? They never engage in any aggression, but will defend their soil to the last drop of blood. No one, not the Kaiser, not Mussolini, Hitler, not Stalin, messed with them. They are known to be the best trained and equipped, yet to them it is just integral with having their goats, chocolates, watches, etc. Better to be prepared and not have to use it, than to need it and not be prepared. Read "Target Switzerland" by Stephen Halbrook.

The nemesis of Liberty everywhere is central banking, one of Marx's planks. Here is the seed of the monster root that destroys Liberty. It all starts with the debasement of money. Read "Creature from Jekyll Island" by G Edward Griffin.

In Liberty we Rise, in Gold we Trust and in Tyranny we Fall.

Awesome reply