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Ron Paul Close 2nd in GA Straw Poll

Just left the GA Straw Poll in Perry, GA.

Cain 232
Paul 229
Perry 179, then Newt, Bachmann, Romney. As I was leaving, the Cain bus was loading up. I didn't see a Paul bus but there were plenty of Ron Paul signs on cars!

Picture of Ron Paul camp:

Picture of Rick Perry camp:

Almost won AGAIN!

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3 votes?

I wouldn't put it past them to lose a couple in the trash.

I suspect the same happened at the Iowa Straw Poll.

How could this happen

Can any one explain to me just how the two most corrupt politicians known to man, Cain and Newt, happen to come out of GA? I mean we are red lining here, first Jimmy Carter who held the slot of worse president every, that is until Obama showed up, and now here comes Cain and Newt, neither of which can tell the truth and flip flops like fish out of water. I just had the privilege of watching Herman Cain on Megan Kelly, Fox News, and I swear that has to be the dumbest man on the known planet. And lets not even talk about Newt, well OK lets say this, I would not trust him in an outhouse with a muzzle on. I was down in Mississippi last week and a guy asked me where I was from. I told him Texas. No way will I tell anyone I am from GA. But I hope they all stay in the race. That way Paul has a much better chance of winning.

Because they blew up Larry McDonald

It's poetic irony that Newton got his seat.

The local Fox News affiliate interviewed my wife.

The journalist said the video would be broadcast Sunday or yesterday.

report on the event / questions

I'm sorry to be so tardy in commenting. I've been away from the internet for about a week, which is actually pretty nice.

First of all, the blue baloons were a stroke of genius. They were distributed across the room, and Ron Paul was the only candidate who had them. It created the atmosphere that Ron Paul clearly had the majority of support. In fact, a friend noted that there was no way he could lose. It was clear, however, that there were a lot of Cain supporters, and I'm not surprised at the outcome. O for those three votes!

One is always interested in the motivation behind supporters of any candidate other than Ron Paul---how could they possibly?---and I happened to run into a friend who was there with a Cain sticker "being submissive to her husband" as she put it. So I made a point of aggressively badgering, er, I mean politely questioning him about his support of Cain. Basically, it came down to the following positions (which I wouldn't be surprised to see turn up later as anti-Ron Paul talking points, in spite of their apparent absurdity):

1. I have no problem with the Federal Reserve.
2. The Federal Reserve is under the authority of the Congress.
3. Interest rates are set by the free market.
4. There were recurring, deep, and lasting panics caused by the gold standard before the Federal Reserve took over the money supply. These were, in particular, the cause for the civil war, and the issue of competing currencies was settled there.
5. The Federal Reserve system, due to its tremendous efficiency, is responsible for all the freedoms and wealth we enjoy.

To be fair, I think his response in number 3 to my accusation that it was immoral for the Federal Reserve to set interest rates was the result of a misunderstanding. He thought I was referring to interest rates of return on treasury bonds, while I was actually referring to lending rates. By the time I figured this out (and could have said that it's actually the treasury department that issues bonds and that's a different thing) he was pretty disgusted with me and just kind of walked off.

In summary, this particular Cain supporter---who might be representative of a problem voter for us---felt that the basic system we have (Welfare/Warfare/Federal Reserve etc.---though he might question some of the greater excesses of Welfare/Warfare) is really pretty good and stable and only needs some minor tinkering. He pretty much agrees with Ron Paul's direction in tinkering, but thinks a major change like ending the Federal Reserve monopoly would be disasterous.

There were other predictable aspects like his support of Federal benefits for large corporations on the basis that "they pay taxes." (And I wasn't quick enough on my feet to point out the fact that individuals pay taxes too, but get no such benefits.)

Again, a key issue seems to be stability. They think the current system is unbeatable, that things are going to get better, and that we just need to send in the "R" team instead of the "D" team. Of course, as ives (poster with cool pic below) reminded me, the current Federal Reserve system has created *the illusion* of prosperity. And if the free prosperity (and I don't mean free in the sense of freedom, but in the sense that we've enjoyed it at the expense of others like the Chinese) is going to continue, then there might be good reason to avoid any major changes like those everyone knows Ron Paul will pursue.

I happen to know this guy is particularly sensitive to "doomsday" predictions in general and I perhaps unwisely gave him a time guess of things getting much worse within five years. I also tried to point out that even if I was wrong about five years that the current system was fundamentally immoral and that it had to come to a bad end, but he wasn't buying it.

Anyway, it might be worth looking over the numbered points above and thinking about how to discuss them intelligently. He also gave me specific dates of panics and, when I told him I didn't know about them, criticized me for being ignorant of history. Fair enough. If anyone knows about these panics just proceeding the Civil War or the institution of the Federal Reserve (or where I can read about them) send me an email. Also, he hit me with the "fact" that interest rates stayed at a constant 1% all through the decade of the 50s. Maybe he meant bond rates, but if anyone has a source for Fed interest rate history, that might be helpful too.

Anyway, to the poster below who bemoaned the fact that we didn't get those three more votes. Hey we're sorry. I'm sure I could have personally gotten them myself and didn't do it. And I regret it.

Banking & Panic are symbolic terms. One is legal fiction.

Banking as a business is legally & economically fiction.

Panics are much more heartfelt. Very real to the persons imagining them.

Both are economically distant cousins to money. Once upon a time, long, long ago, banks vaulted money. Typically Gold & Silver coin, other coin of the realm, or tokens of esteem. Valuables were held in a safe for a fee.

Bank panics before the Fed had much to do with folks realizing their coin is gone & they wanted it back. The vast majority were local to a bank. Branch banks were uncommon. Retail banking was rare. Businesses obtained credit from other businesses, including banks. Many historical accounts of local bank panics have been euphemistically reduced to "snake oil salesmen." Promising what wasn't there. Over promising; under delivering.

Perhaps the most instructive financial panic was Knickerbocker Trust, 1907. Knickerbocker tried to corner the copper market. JP & the Boyz spread rumors that Knickerbocker was in trouble.

Search DailyPaul: 1907 "Knickerbocker Trust" copper
Buy a harem (same as above, but cheaper): + "Mark Twain"

That assisted JP & the Boyz usher in the Money Trust under the banner of Federal Reserve.

Hope this helps. Regards,

Disclaimer: Mark Twain (1835-1910-To be continued) is unlicensed. His river pilot's license went delinquent in 1862. Caution advised. Daily Paul

Ron Paul Leads in Cummulative 2012 Straw Poll Results...

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Straw_polls_for_the_Republican_... (totals at bottom of page)

...and he is already my President.

Electable Ron Paul is my hero.

I don't think...

that Herman Cain is going to do as well in other future state polls. He has been trailing in national polls (recording less than half of Ron Paul's support), and finished in the single digits at Minnesota's straw poll. This guy is probably not going to go anywhere, and it's still early in the campaign season. There's plenty of undecideds left to convince, as well as minds to change. When what you deliver is the truth, enough people will naturally gravitate to it. The key is to get past peoples' preconceived notions of what is fact, and convince them otherwise. We also need to effectively counter smear campaigns, which our unsavory opponents love to use.

Cold Pizza

YEah Perry and Romney were obliterated, but Im surprised that we lost to Herman Cain. Really? Thats the choice people had, and Cain convinced 4 more people than RP???


Those willing to trade their freedom for temporary security deserve neither and will lose both.

Macon Telegraph article on the Straw Poll

There's a good picture of Paul supporters if you click through the pictures. "Paul supporters let out the loudest cheer of them all as the straw poll results were announced."


Updated Rick Perry Booth Picture

I added some thought bubbles and dialogue to the Rick Perry booth picture. I might have taken a little creative license. :) What do you think?




It's called

the Gadsden flag and it's apparently been placed in the wrong camp.

Rick Perry had more signs and flags than supporters. Embarrassing!

Another Candidate Wins Home State, What Are The Odds?

Amazingly Bachman won the state she was born in. And it only took her buying some 6,000 votes to actually get some 4,000.

And now Cain wins the state he lives in. Wow. What are the odds?

(I am being sarcastic for certain).

Odds for a home state win? 1

The odds of home state win in a home state are 1. A home state counting on victory assures victory.

Statistically 100%.

Disclaimer: Mark Twain (1835-1910-To be continued) is unlicensed. His river pilot's license went delinquent in 1862. Caution advised. Daily Paul

Tough time for Cain, won only

Tough time for Cain, won only by 4 votes in his home turf. lol

Here's another photo from the event

Here's a picture I took right before they started taking down the decorations. All the blue balloons you see say RON PAUL!


Big Smile on Ron Paul's Face

Congrats Dr. Paul!

hey you guys you know of

hey you guys, you know of anywhere i can see more pictures of the event? man i wish i could be there to see it in person :(

My wife added a good one

Check the comments of the post for "here's another photo..."

Potential new recruits?

Unfortunately Newt and Callista had already voted in the straw poll, before I was able to convince them to join the revolution:



...just f'in' funny.


what did you say to him to get him in a photo with you wearing that t shirt


After looking at your photo of Newt...He doesn't look very healthy and fit...at least compared to Ron Paul. In fact, Ron looks younger than Newt! hahahaha

It was a great day...

I think Ron Paul would be very happy with the way his supporters represented him in GA today. People got to see how many of us there are (of all ages) and that we're friendly and polite. We were all over that place. Any direction a person looked, they saw RON PAUL!!!

FIRM 2nd in each case

FIRM 2nd in each case

Second Close Second

...in as many State Party polls, both times being only slightly trumped by native favoritism.

The "real story" here (beyond Paul's steadily growing solid support) is OTHER native favorite Newt Gingrich placing an embarrassing FOURTH.

After his THIRD place finish in his NEIGHBOR State, T-Paw saw fit to drop out. Newt should catch a clue.

dynamite anthrax supreme court white house tea party jihad
West of 89
a novel of another america

Cain was a big radio talk show host in Georgia.

After the first debate in SC I saw a map of where the support was for each candidate. Georgia was a super hot spot for Cain. By rights he should have romped with this straw poll, not barely beaten Ron Paul.

I guess Gingrich has soiled his own nest as former congressman from Georgia. If he should have done well anywhere it was here.

New Hampshire and Ecuador.

this is a big deal

So Ron Paul almost knocks off Bachmann in her HOME STATE.
Then he's THREE freakin votes from tying Cain in HIS home state??

Jackson County Georgia

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