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Is it time for an "End the Wars" campaign like the 1960s and 1970s?

This one issue alone could put Ron Paul in the White House because most of the people are tired of the wars which are bankrupting US!

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Wars Can End,

overseas, since there is no match for U$-NATO military machine on the world stage, - the decision is a political one to be made by americans. Nobody is making territorial claims, and on two sides - east & west are the oceans. The job will become easy if you go after the criminals at home, & 911 is a key issue. For some serious reading, -
9/11 After A Decade: Have We Learned Anything? by Paul Craig Roberts,-

No, the anti-war movement was

No, the anti-war movement of the Sixties and Seventies was anti-military and anti-American. It was composed of hippies, draft dodgers, commsymps and fellow travelers, and a few sincere people.

There is nothing unpatriotic about opposing needless undeclared wars run for the benefit of defense contractors, and the megalomaniac politicians with a lust to rule the world. All rational people are opposed to terrorism, but intelligent people know that terrorism doesn't drive foolish people to commit these atrocities for no reason. And while those who commit terrorism need to be hunted down, tried and punished, we need a foreign policy that does not encourage terrorism.

And that means ending the undeclared wars, ending entangling alliances, ending foreign aid, and instead trading with other nations. No threats and no bribes. We mind our own business. We try to have friendly relations with other nations. We need a military second to none, and we avoid war except as a last resort when we are attacked. And then, we declare war, and we win it!

Well you know

I was involved in the early 70's in the anti war movement and I didn't see communists or anti-Americans. I saw people sick to death of a senseless war that had already killed over 50,000 of our young men. You know what the difference between then and now is? The draft! If they were dragging people out of college like they did then the campuses would be burning today. With the volunteer army, however, the sentiment is "well, they volunteered and knew what they were doing, didn't they".

Jim Rogers

Well, so was I. We wanted

Well, so was I. We wanted LOVE, not war. We wanted PEACE not killing. We were and ARE Americans!

My life has been inspired by that movement.

and believe that every one involved in such things, hasn't had the opportunity to read free market econ, and the inner workings of liberty, so they think up welfare societies because they don't know a world with limited government.And that collective mindset is what sets us apart, and it is our duty to help each other reach a mutual goal. PEACE