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Online poll that they'll probably delete: Who would you vote to see debate Obama!


who would you vote to see debate obama!

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Update: As of 10:54am, 8/28.....

Mitt Romney 10.31% (14,988 votes)

Gary Johnson 0.57% (822 votes)

Newt Gingrich 9.08% (13,205 votes)

Herman Cain 20.05% (29,152 votes)

Tim Pawlenty 2.9% (4,214 votes)

Ron Paul 22.22% (32,311 votes)

Rick Santorum 2.31% (3,357 votes)

Sarah Palin 9.65% (14,037 votes)

Mike Huckabee 2.67% (3,879 votes)

Mitch Daniels 0.49% (706 votes)

John Huntsman 0.51% (747 votes)

Michele Bachmann 10.11% (14,704 votes)

Donald Trump 6.54% (9,506 votes)

Other (post a comment). 2.6% (3,779 votes)

Poll has been up since 13 June.

It doesn't even have Rick Perry on it.


(I thought I was wrong once, but I was mistaken)


perry is a non factor

I always vote in these FIX

I always vote in these FIX NEWS polls but never hear about the results.....Dr. Paul has a small lead at the time....go Doctor Paul! :)

fuckin fuck

i love freedom

Ya, me too. Cain is coming in

Ya, me too. Cain is coming in second, and he would surely be my second choice..lol

Herman Cain?

You do realize he was the regional FED director in Kansas City; right? I'm sure he would get the FED under control, or even be willing to abolish it; I'm sure he would.

I do. In a debate with Obama,

I do. In a debate with Obama, though, he would reduce him to a little black dot on the floor. He is one hot speaker. Regardless, Ron's knowledge would have Obama stuttering and losing composure and babbling platitudes..I want to see Ron debate Obama Sooooo BAD..:)


I thought he was the chariman of The Rent Is Too Damned High party:

History does not long entrust the care of freedom to the weak or the timid.
Dwight D. Eisenhower


the rent is too damn high!