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Military wife describes how her husband committed suicide

State Of The Soldier Forum Ashley Joppa-Hagemann
Military wife describes how her husband committed suicide in June to avoid another 8th or 9th tour of duty in Afghanistan. After so many times literally begging for help from "the system. ". He was one of five soldiers a month, killing themselves at the same base JBLM.


Widow confronts Donald Rumsfeld at his book signing


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Revisit Morals.

there is a quote from a book that comes to mind, -
"There is nothing more dangerous than false religion, because in the punishment of imposture the hand is held back lest some injustice might be done".

The impostors are safe, but those who were tricked or misled into joining the war are later found suffering. But this must change, truth must be announced. This is one reason I like the approach of IVAW -(Iraq Veterans Against War). Denounce the unjust wars and the war-mongers, MIC, the profiteers from war, those who finance wars, the provocative media, etc. Many priests played a big role in instigating & supporting wars.

The widow's story is a sad one, its tragic and should not have happened this way, support should have been provided. Think also about those many many thousands who were bombed by the U$ military, shot at by american soldiers unjustly.

My cousin

SSG Ronald Nuttall hung himself in Oct 2007. He just got back from Iraq and they made him a recruiter. I guess both the stress of PTSD and being a Recruiter got to him, so he hung himself. His wife kept telling Ronnie's superiors that he needed to be checked out, but they ignored her and said he was fine. Now I am without a cousin and she is without a husband!

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Its a very solemn talk by

Its a very solemn talk by her.

Suicide from the current 2 wars is one of the biggest hush-hush topics not being covered by the media. Something Ron should bring up in the next debate.

I'll second that.

During the Viet Nam war soldiers had to volunteer for a second tour. It is absolutely insane to ask our military to suffer through 6, 7, and 8 tours. God help us. What have we become?

IVAW - friends.

very few of us can understand what these soldiers go thru, - wife, parents, doctors can help up-to a limit, but they canNot go into the soldiers' thoughts. In my humble opinion the best help can come from those with similar experiences, = "sympathy of soldiers", + wife & doctors.

We have seen some videos from IVAW -(Iraqi Veterans Against War), they share their experiences, - say it out, confess to wrong-doings, drain the disturbing thoughts. I think this is more healthy, clear the way for rehabilitation.

For obvious reasons the military is handicapped, cannot help in such cases. IVAW does not care for hush-hush, actually they are exposing the racket of unjust wars.

bumping . . .

this is what matters.

Yes, she is brave.

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

Very brave

lady and very sorry for her husband. RIP

"We can see with our eyes, hear with our ears and feel with our touch, but we understand with our hearts."

Yes. What she is doing honors

Yes. What she is doing honors him. Hope the warmongers at least see something like this sometime..