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Can the government and pharm empire be trusted? (A compilation of conflicts-of-interest and unethical trials)


*(Please read the comments section as many of these examples continue into that area as well)*

Dr. Andrew Wakefield is being falsely accused of picking fleas off his behind. Meanwhile, these HUGE corporations - in cooperation with governments - are completely raping innocent people around the world with illegal and unethical trials, conflicts-of-interest, etc.

Can the government and pharm empire be trusted?

Decide for yourselves:

U.S. infected Guatemalans for STD tests



Dr. Jonas Salk, inventor of polio vaccine, exposed as criminal-minded scientist who conducted illicit medical experiments on mental patients



Vaccines and Medical Experiments on Children, Minorities, Woman and Inmates (1845 - 2007)



Medical ethics violation to be made punishable offence

Online edition of India's National Newspaper
Sunday, Aug 01, 2010


Aarti Dhar

NEW DELHI: With the number of incidents related to violation of medical ethics increasing, particularly those involving clinical trials by foreign pharmaceutical companies, the Centre has now decided to bring such cases within the purview of law.

In a recent episode in Indore, doctors were accused of carrying out clinical trials for a multinational drugs company on patients without obtaining their consent, which is mandatory as per the guidelines of the Drugs Controller-General of India (DCGI). The doctors are also reported to have been given monetary incentives and free foreign trips for carrying out the trials.

Earlier, the Centre ordered suspension of clinical trials on tribal girl students in Andhra Pradesh and Gujarat, carried out by a non-governmental organisation, Path-International, for U.S-based pharmaceutical company MERCK for HPV (human papilloma virus) virus to prevent cervical cancer.....there was violation of guidelines on the ground and this became known after some girls reported adverse side-effects.


More vaccine trials kept secret by Irish government



The Irish government was told about secret vaccine trials at least six years ago but has refused to investigate them ever since.

Pharmaceutical giant GlaxoSmithKline -- the firm that was behind controversial vaccine trials on children in state care during the 1960s and 1970s -- handed over records relating to the tests to a child-abuse inquiry in 2004.

The revelations have piled pressure on the Republic's Health Minister Mary Harney to launch an independent probe into the contents of the documents.

The Irish Department of Health admitted last night that its officials have been "in discussions" with the Commission to Inquire into Child Abuse about what to do with the records.

While the documents only show that "other vaccine trials" took place, it is so far not known how many other people were involved, whether children in state care were used for the trials or what medicines were tested.

Victims, adoption groups and opposition parties are now demanding a full investigation into all the vaccine trials on children in state care.

GlaxoSmithKline declined to comment. Its silence has raised serious concerns about the nature of the medical tests.

Those concerns have deepened as the department has so far failed to answer questions on the issue.

This newspaper put a series of questions to Ms Harney's officials this week. No answers were forthcoming.

These trials involved 211 infants and babies and were carried out in mother and baby homes and children's residential homes across the country in order to test new vaccines.

It remains unclear whether the parents or guardians of the children involved had consented to the trials or whether the company had complied with Irish licensing legislation.

As well as these tests, details of further, previously unknown trials, were also handed over to the commission by GlaxoSmithKline.

"The documentation discovered by GlaxoSmithKline also disclosed a considerable amount of information in relation to other vaccine trials in the State," the report said.

It stated that no decision had been taken on whether the extra trials could be investigated. In the end, no such investigation took place.

In June 2006, Ms Harney instructed departmental officials to discuss with the commission what should be done with the documents.

A spokeswoman for the commission confirmed that no decision was ever made.

The commission is not at liberty to release the files publicly without the approval of the department.

Adoption agencies last night led calls for an independent inquiry into the vaccine trials.

Susan Lohan, co-founder of the Adoption Rights Alliance, said: "I'm flabbergasted that the State and the adoption authority didn't know the extent to which vaccine trials were being used in this country.

"I am calling on the Government to ask the commission to hand over this new evidence to an independent inquiry, where it can be investigated immediately and authoritatively."

Fine Gael children's spokesman Charlie Flanagan said: "The Government needs to direct the commission to hand over this new evidence to be examined by the Oireachtas Health Committee.

"Then, based on the outcome of this, a national investigation needs to be held in order to gauge the extent of the vaccine scandal."


Out of India:

Thaindian News

After deaths, cervical cancer vaccine trials stopped


Friday, April 16, 2010

New Delhi, April 16 (IANS) The government Friday said that the cervical cancer HPV vaccination drive in Gujarat and Andhra Pradesh was indeed part of approved clinical trials. But after the death of six tribal girls who were administered the vaccine, the government has told other states not to carry out any further such trials.

“Two imported brands of the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) vaccines, namely Gardasil and Cervarix, were allowed to undergo clinical trial (Phase III) in India, before being granted permission for import and market authorisation,” said S.Gandhiselvan, minister of state for health and family welfare, in a statement to the Lok Sabha.

He added: “To assess the need of health services and the preparedness for introducing the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) vaccines in the future, PATH, an international NGO, was given permission for a post licensure observational study of HPV vaccination in Khammam district (Andhra Pradresh) and Vadodara district (Gujarat). The study by PATH was recommended by the Ethical Committee and Advisory Groups at the state and central level.”

According to the minister, the trial was “provided technical support for the development of protocols and advised on ethical issues” by the Indian Council of Medical Research, an autonomous research agency under the health ministry.

“Four deaths in the target of 14,019 in Andhra and two in the target of 10,686 in Gujarat have been reported from among the children who were administered these vaccines. The cause of deaths was determined as viral fever, drowning, suicide, severe anaemia with malaria and suspected snake bite. Based on the concerns on these deaths, states have been advised not to carry out any further vaccinations at present,” Gandhiselvan said.

Earlier this month, several enraged public health activists and Communist leader Brinda Karat had asked the union Health Minister Ghulam Nabi Azad to spell out the government’s stand on the very same vaccination programme alleging that there were murky practices being followed by Path and pharma companies.

They slammed the programme for being unethical and also because the trials were being conducted on poor and socio-economically marginal tribals who were being treated as “guinea pigs”.


Out of the Ukraine:

information agency

friday, 21 january 2011

Implementation of mandatory vaccination in Ukraine might have hidden agenda


These industries push their product, they want monopoly and they play on people’s basic needs, most of all health which is a number one market. Vaccination is one example of such policies. Very often, under the umbrella of big international humanitarian organization whose main goal is global disease control, governments and companies are implementing their marketing strategies in search of high profits, says Mr. Yermolayev.

We had a number of cases where it was clear that vaccination was nothing but marketing and a tool to make money. It is possible that we are dealing with international corruption and international lobbyism here.

Otherwise Ukraine will soon become a victim of the world health care and drug industry and a target for cheap experiments disguised as charity and various humanitarian programs.


From ABC News:

World Health Organization Scientists Linked to Swine Flu Vaccine Makers

Investigation Raises Questions About WHO's Handling of H1N1 Pandemic


Scientists who advised the World Health Organization on its influenza policies and recommendations—including the decision to proclaim the so-called swine flu a "pandemic" had close ties to companies that manufacture vaccines and antiviral medicines like Tamiflu, a fact that WHO did not publicly disclose.


Conflicts of Interest in Vaccine Policy Making
Majority Staff Report
Committee on Government Reform
U.S. House of Representatives
June 15, 2000



Section I

In August 1999, the Committee on Government Reform initiated an investigation into Federal vaccine policy. Over the last six months, this investigation has focused on possible conflicts of interest on the part of Federal policy-makers. Committee staff has conducted an extensive review of financial disclosure forms and related documents, and interviewed key officials from the Department of Health and Human Services, including the Food and Drug Administration and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

This staff report focuses on two influential advisory committees utilized by Federal regulators to provide expert advice on vaccine policy:
1. The FDA's Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee (VRBPAC); and
2. The CDC's Advisory Committee on Immunizations Practices (ACIP).

The VRBPAC advises the FDA on the licensing of new vaccines, while the ACIP advises the CDC on guidelines to be issued to doctors and the states for the appropriate use of vaccines.

Members of the advisory committees are required to disclose any financial conflicts of interest and recuse themselves from participating in decisions in which they have an interest. The Committee's investigation has determined that conflict of interest rules employed by the FDA and the CDC have been weak, enforcement has been lax, and committee members with substantial ties to pharmaceutical companies have been given waivers to participate in committee proceedings. Among the specific problems identified in this staff report:

§ The CDC routinely grants waivers from conflict of interest rules to every member of its advisory committee.

§ CDC Advisory Committee members who are not allowed to vote on certain recommendations due to financial conflicts of interest are allowed to participate in committee deliberations and advocate specific positions.

§ The Chairman of the CDC's advisory committee until very recently owned 600 shares of stock in Merck, a pharmaceutical company with an active vaccine division.

§ Members of the CDC's advisory Committee often fill out incomplete financial disclosure statements, and are not required to provide the missing information by CDC ethics officials.

§ Four out of eight CDC advisory committee members who voted to approve guidelines for the rotavirus vaccine in June 1998 had financial ties to pharmaceutical companies that were developing different versions of the vaccine.

§ 3 out of 5 FDA advisory committee members who voted to approve the rotavirus vaccine in December 1997 had financial ties to pharmaceutical companies that were developing different versions of the vaccine.

A more complete discussion of specific conflict of interest problems identified by Government Reform Committee staff can be found in Sections 4 and 5 of this report. To provide focus to the discussion, this report examines the deliberations of the two committees on one specific vaccine -- the Rotavirus vaccine. Approved for use by the FDA on August 31, 1998, the Rotavirus vaccine was pulled from the market 13 months later after serious adverse reactions to the vaccine emerged. Financial disclosure forms and waivers granted to committee members who participated in these meetings were analyzed, along with their votes and actions taken during the meetings.


Wakefield did WHAT again?

(Excerpt): U.S. Sen. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, continues to press for answers about the handling of fraudulent AIDS vaccine research conducted by a former Iowa State University scientist. The scientist, Dong Pyou Han, falsified research that helped secure millions of dollars in federal grants by contaminating rabbit blood with human antibodies, making it appear to show promise in neutralizing strains of the HIV virus. Han subsequently resigned and was slapped with a three-year federal research ban from the HHS Office of Research Integrity (ORI), but the grant money has not been returned.



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The vaccine fraud is continously overlooked

Wakefield did WHAT again?

(Excerpt): U.S. Sen. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, continues to press for answers about the handling of fraudulent AIDS vaccine research conducted by a former Iowa State University scientist. The scientist, Dong Pyou Han, falsified research that helped secure millions of dollars in federal grants by contaminating rabbit blood with human antibodies, making it appear to show promise in neutralizing strains of the HIV virus. Han subsequently resigned and was slapped with a three-year federal research ban from the HHS Office of Research Integrity (ORI), but the grant money has not been returned.




Out of Britain - Millions were in germ war tests


Millions were in germ war tests - Much of Britain was exposed to bacteria sprayed in secret trials



Sunday 21 April 2002 05.23 EDT

The Ministry of Defence turned large parts of the country into a giant laboratory to conduct a series of secret germ warfare tests on the public.

A government report just released provides for the first time a comprehensive official history of Britain's biological weapons trials between 1940 and 1979.

Many of these tests involved releasing potentially dangerous chemicals and micro-organisms over vast swaths of the population without the public being told.

While details of some secret trials have emerged in recent years, the 60-page report reveals new information about more than 100 covert experiments.

The report reveals that military personnel were briefed to tell any 'inquisitive inquirer' the trials were part of research projects into weather and air pollution.




Mainstream documentary on vaccine experiments - Ireland


Irish News Documentary on Unethical Vaccine Experiments in Mother-And-Baby Homes

Broadcast on: 6 October 2011

In a full-length film, Prime Time's Katie Hannon reveals details of how children from mother and baby homes were used as test subjects by pharmaceutical companies who were trialling new vaccines.





Washington Post - Aug 30th 2011


Compensation system urged for research victims

The researchers also scraped sensitive parts of subjects’ anatomy to expose wounds to disease-causing bacteria, poured infectious pus into subjects’ eyes, and injected some victims’ spines.





New Mike Adams article on Guatemalan experiments, etc


Investigation panel concludes U.S. government conspired with doctors to commit murderous medical experiments in Guatemala





Severe conflicts-of-interest at Institute of Medicine


This is an incredible article by Mike Adams at Natural News:

Severe conflicts-of-interest at Institute of Medicine

Institute of Medicine adverse reactions report admits MMR vaccines cause measles, seizures, anaphylaxis and other health problems





Even in 1920 it was known that the official statistics were B.S.




- "This slaughter of our precious children now reaches a most serious and shocking figure every year, far in excess of deaths from smallpox, and this fact is most persistently and shamefully denied and concealed by our vaccinating doctors, who, at present, control our Departments of Health and Vital Statistics."




Yet another quote from this book from 1920


This quote shows how, even in 1920, these pharmaceutical companies had a stranglehold on our government and were also covering-up many vaccine injuries:

A glance at this list of medical societies already given, with startling membership figures, combined with the ninety-nine nine vaccine companies, must convince any thoughtful man of the dangerous size and organization of these medical and vaccine interests, which obviously have more or less of a joint interest to force their vaccine operations and products upon the people as much as possible by compulsory laws, and otherwise, and whose joint profits are obviously in direct proportion to this use.

Now, no other profession has anything like the large and well organized membership and corresponding political power and influence of the medical profession in the body politic. Indeed, few, if any, trade or business organizations can compare with the medical profession in this respect, and this medical power is further greatly increased beyond that of any other profession, trade or business in being in practical control of our most important Departments of Public Health and Vital Statistics all over the country, so that in advocating and practising the dangerous barbarism of compulsory medicine this medical power can easily deny and conceal the actual effects of this dangerous medication on human health and life in our vital statistics. This is surely too much power and a power too dangerous to be left in the hands of one class or profession of men, and it would surely be an act of public wisdom to take this control of our Departments of Health and Vital Statistics out of the hands of this one medical class and entrust it to doctors of various schools or to some other professions, such as sanitary engineers, expert lay statisticians, life insurance actuaries, or even to able laymen, who would have no professional bias or interest to deny or conceal any medical mistakes or disasters, but who would hon­estly give to the public the true record, not only of deaths from natural diseases, but — what is even more important for public information, public health, and medical progress — the true rec­ord of disease and death from all artificial or inflicted diseases and medical operations in general.




thank you for this urgently important . . .

information. As someone whose life has been impacted by medical/pharmaceutical "mistakes", I can assure you that these things really have happened and do happen.

No, trust and government, trust and anything related to the medical or military industrial complex, especially pharmaceuticals--

do not go together. Do not trust *them*.

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

"Population control in the new world order" (unethical trials)

This person who SUPPORTS population control is admitting the following regarding a vaccine that sterilizes people and how unethical it has become:

Betsy Hartman, Director of the Population and Development Program at Hampshire College, Massachusetts in her essay "Population control in the new world order" has this to say about it:


“Although one vaccine has been tested on only 180 women in India, it is being billed there as ’safe, devoid of any side effects and completely reversible’. The scientific community knows very well that such assertions are false – for instance, many questions still remain about the vaccine’s long-term impact on the immune system and menstrual cycle. There is also evidence on film of women being denied information about the vaccine in clinical trials. Nevertheless, the vaccine is being prepared for large-scale use.”




Thank you for all those links - so tragic.

I bookmarked them for future reference. Thanks.

tragic, indeed, but there are people who are learning the . . .

truth and will not let it happen to the 'next' generation.

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--