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Let's shower Chris Wallace with some LOVE!

everyone says how negative we always are...so let's do a solid & flood chris wallace's email with thank you emails! does anyone have his fox email address?

it's imperative that we always remain grateful when our candidate is given a chance to speak fairly...and compared to how chris treated ron previously...this was a huge step forward. we owe it to Ron to represent him well...

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Let's wait and see that it airs on the main FOX channel today

first. From the looks of it, it WILL NOT BE ON. The guide says "Hurricane coverage" all the way until 7:30PM, long after the Fox Sunday show normally airs.

It can always get cancelled or chopped up and edited down for "breaking" (no-longer-a)-hurricane news.


Ya. He finally did his job.

Ya. He finally did his job. Kudos to US for forcing the issue with the FEC. He was one of the MAIN pundits after Ames. I am not willing to forget and forgive so easily. Thank him for what, really? Do people go gaga when they do a story on Perry? I am not into this "thanking" stuff when they act like they should. If they endorse him, they will get my thanks. Maybe. Depending on how bad they treated Ron before, and this guy was horrible.