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dnj.com - Establishment, Media Afriad to Raise Ron Paul's Profile

One of the biggest fears the progressive, liberal, socialist establishment has is that the general public will catch a glimpse of presidential candidate Ron Paul and his message. Although he came in second in the Iowa straw poll just 152 votes shy of first place, the establishment media does not dare make any reference to him or his message.

The reason is that he is the only candidate with the courage to challenge the two most powerful establishments on the face of the earth. The first is the Federal Reserve Banking cartels that can create trillions of dollars called, Federal Reserve Notes, out of thin air and then force us taxpayers to pay them interest on their printing press money.

The second is the formidable Military Industrial Complex as referenced by former president Dwight Eisenhower. With the simple control of the presidency they can implement a constant stream of no win wars by simply calling them "peace keeping actions." They can make an endless stream of billions of dollars profit by simply blowing up things and then rebuilding them.

The hidden strategy of these two untouchable monoliths was revealed by the first President Bush. It is to establish "The New World Order" or One World Government under the control of the world's super elitists.

Working in harmony, they have, with the aid of their front organizations, bought control of ALL the major news media with which they can carefully formulate the news to fit their agenda.

There are only two types of governments. One is a government of, for and by the people; the other is government of, for and by special interest groups. Which one will you serve?

Link---> http://www.dnj.com/article/20110828/OPINION03/108280307

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