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Ron Paul's Texas Straight Talk - Obama's UnConstitutional Misadventures: Libya Now, Syria Next - August 29, 2011


Even as a major hurricane hit America's eastern seaboard, the administration is determined to expand the war in Libya while threatening the regime in Syria. Is there any limit to government's appetite to create more problems for our nation and economy?

Americans may be tempted to celebrate the apparent victory of US and NATO backed rebels in Libya, since it seems the Gaddafi regime is overthrown. But I believe any enthusiasm for our Libyan misadventure is premature.

The Obama administration attacked Libya without a constitutional declaration of war, without congressional authorization, without meaningful consultation with Congress -- and without a dollar being authorized from the House or Senate. It was a war started by a president who turned to the United Nations for its authority and ignored the authority of the US Congress.

Are we better off as a nation by ignoring and debasing our Constitution? Are we better off having spent more than a billion dollars attacking a country thousands of miles away that had not threatened us? Are we more financially sound having expanded the empire to include yet another protectorate and probable long-term military occupation? Are we more admired throughout the world for getting involved in yet another war?

Still, many will claim that getting rid of Libyan ruler Gaddafi was worth it. They will say that the ends justify the means. As the civilian toll from NATO bombs adds up in a war started under the guise of protecting a civilian population, even the initial argument for intervention is ridiculous. We should not forget that there were no massacres taking place in Libya before the NATO attack. The attack was a dubbed a preventative humanitarian intervention. But as soon as NATO planes started bombing, civilians started dying.

Gaddafi may well have been a tyrant, but as such he was no worse than many others that we support and count as allies. Disturbingly, we see a pattern of relatively secular leaders in the Arab world being targeted for regime change with the resulting power vacuum being filled by much more radical elements. Iraq, post-Saddam, is certainly far closer to Iran than before the US invasion. Will Libya be any different?

We already see grisly reprisals from the US-backed rebels against their political opponents. There are disturbing scenes of looting and lawlessness on the part of the rebels. We know that some rebel factions appear to be allied with Islamic extremists and others seem to have ties to the CIA. They also appear to have a penchant for killing each other as well as supporters of the previous regime. The tribal structure of Libyan society all but ensures that an ongoing civil war is on the agenda rather than the Swiss-style democracy that some intervention advocates suggest is around the corner.

What is next after such a victory? With the big Western scramble to grab Libya's oil reserves amid domestic political chaos and violence, does anyone doubt that NATO ground troops are not being prepared for yet another occupation?

Neo-conservatives continue to dominate our foreign policy, regardless of the administration in power. They do not care that we are bankrupt, as they are too blinded by their desire for empire and their affection for the entangling alliances we have been rightly counseled to avoid. They have set their sights next on Syria, where the US moves steadily toward intervention in another domestic conflict t

hat has nothing to do with the US. Already the US president has called for "regime change" in Syria, while adding new sanctions against the Syrian regime. Are US bombers far behind?


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First time posting, long time listening

First of all, I support our military 100%. What I do not support is the corruption run amok in our foreign affairs. It is baffling how no one has brought forth evidence to prosecute hundreds of political figures under the Logan Act. Makes one wonder when the people will actually act on our right to abolish our government as stated by Jefferson in the Declaration of Independence. The media is more dangerous than any enemy in our history, yet we fail to enforce laws regarding libel and slander. I hope the next uprising in the world involves our men and women in the military refusing to carry out the global agenda set forth by the treasonous criminals in our government and the big banks. A message needs to be sent loud and clear.

Liberty: Too big to fail

Gibson guitar and UN agenda 21

It's time Ron Paul came out against the UN. The Gibson guitar raid is a golden opportunity to raise this issue and bring it into the debate.

End the Fed
End the UN

Famous Quote from Justice William O. Douglas

"The Constitution is not neutral.
It was designed to take the government
off the backs of people."

“We are in the midst of the

“We are in the midst of the greatest exhibition of propaganda that the world has ever seen.”

- J. Reuben Clark (1941)
Recognized as the #1 authority on the U.S. Constitution back in his day.

If what Mr. Clark was true in 1941, then you can only imagine the deception present today.

I was just buying some ammo at Wal-Mart yesterday, and the old guy behind the counter was saying, "you better stock up, Obama's leading us down to tyranny. The end is near."

We talked a sec and then he exhorted me to listen to Fox news, the "only fair and balanced news media around."

Needless to say, he knew little of Ron Paul. I told him Fox was just as bad as any of the other MSM outlets. I recommended infowars.com.

But this just highlights the deception out there. And also highlights how this freedom movement is growing, one person at a time.

"It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a rEVOLution before tomorrow morning." - Henry Ford


blinded by the US Government then we have ever been.Ron Paul is going to heal our blindness and educated us to help us see the truth behind enemies lines (government)... STOP THESE STUPID WAR PROPAGANDA/WARS!!! BRING OUR TROOPS HOME! let us LIVE. Unite the World. to the Ron Paul people, LETS KEEP OUR CHIN UP LETS WALK WITH PEACE IN OUR HEARTS AND LIBERTY POURING OUT OUR VEINS. RON PAUL WILL BE VICTORIOUS. RON PAUL 2012 President.



Ron Paul is the only honest candidate

I had two interesting experiences over the weekend, totally unrelated to the non-event of Hurricane Irene, which only dropped an inch of rain on northern Virginia. On Friday I went to dinner with a mixed group consisting of the women who are in my wife’s quilting group together with their husbands.

All of the men were in their late fifties-early sixties and everyone but me and my wife was an evangelical Christian. One husband was a former employee of an airline and retired but the rest were all recently unemployed, having held management positions that have been made redundant. They have been looking for work but, at their age, they are finding nothing even when willing to take large cuts in pay and benefits. One will be moving back to his family home in Ohio next week because he can no longer afford northern Virginia. I was the only one with an actual job.

Two of the men have been prominent in local Democratic Party circles and the remainder vote Republican. All agreed, to my surprise, that the US economy is broken and that it is the result of the wars and globalism that have marched together hand in hand over the past ten years. They also all agreed, even when they do not support specific policies, that Ron Paul is the only honest man running for the presidency. Which is not to say they all would vote for him, but the approval rating was 100%..Full Story: http://www.oakparkrepublic.com/2011/08/most-agree-that-ron-p...

Advocating Liberty all the time http://tinyurl.com/4yhzbjo

Low hanging fruit

Being picked off readily and Syria will obviously be next. Assad should go to Saudi Arabia to save his hide imo.


"What is next after such a victory?

Will the big Western scramble to grab Libya's oil reserves abate domestic political chaos and violence? Does anyone doubt that NATO ground troops are not being prepared for yet another occupation? Neoconservatives continue to dominate our foreign policy..."
from 3:10

This article is about Syrian President Assad’s sentiments (obviously), but it serves pretty well as a template for how any leader of another nation will respond when their nation is at the top of the U.S.’s “to do” list, at least in the present world environment. Especially a nation in the Middle East, where the U.S. must seem to be basically “picking off” nations one by one (with Syria being #3, just a nose ahead of #4 Iran). In fact, in such a situation, it seems reasonable to expect that each successive leader/nation in the area will feel all the more responsibility to resist.
-PNAC, 2005

Oh Lord. What sort of country

Oh Lord. What sort of country am I now part of? How can we just go on like this, murdering and plundering our foreign brothers? If we can not stop this travesty, then I know You will, as your essence pervades us all. Who was it that said, "I tremble for this country when I know that God is just"..? I am so ashamed.

The neocons have succeeded in a total victory

claiming the minds of the sheeple who heed the word of their Prophets, the MSM puppetry. I find this interesting- PNAC was saying even back in 2003 that Syria was in their crosshairs. PNAC did no dispute this claim from the Guardian, but asserted its accuracy:

And their Middle East plan? The US establishes a reasonably democratic, pro-western government in Iraq. When Palestinians see Iraqis beginning to enjoy real freedom and economic opportunity [they'll] demand the Palestinian Authority reform politically and negotiate with Israel. A democratic Iraq will also hasten the fall of the fundamentalist Shia mullahs in Iran, whose citizens are gradually adopting anti-fanatic, pro-western sympathies. Jordan's pro-western Hashemite monarchy would likely come into full bloom. Syria would be no more than a pale reminder of the bad old days. (If they made trouble, a US invasion would take care of them, too). The corrupt regimes of Saudi Arabia and Egypt would [look like] holdouts against the democratic tide. We could decide whether to ignore them as harmless throwbacks to the old days or deal with them, too.

very informative,

zion's sinister plot is unraveling.
unravel = To separate and clarify the elements of (something mysterious or baffling); solve.

:) Unraveling, yes

as the sheeple realize what's going on with the MSM. Ron Paul's success despite the media war against him is proof that the free-speech internet is starting to beat the MSM at influencing popular opinion.

so Fair,

and honest, shows faith. very encouraging.

"Oh Lord. What sort of country am I now part of?"

A country that has been infiltrated at the highest levels of Government by murdering zionists.

It is not just the U.S. Many European countries have also been taken over by these murdering zionits.

What a shame!

“I have joined your revolution and I’m proud to be part of what you want to do.” - Ron Paul

bold but true.

courageous witness. forwarded here is a link to a video I found on Max Keiser's site, - language is a bit ^#@/,
young folks are gathering their wits and speaking out. enjoy.

F*** You - and Don't Forget to Sing Along –

Yes, it is TRUE!

Take, for instance, William Kristol, one of the founders of the Project for a New American Century (PNAC). He writes stuff like this:

And is part of this committee:

And check this out:
Bill Kristol says Obama-McCain election was about Israel

And it goes without saying that Kristol is one of the many neocons holding dual citizenship: