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Intellectually Lazy AlterNet hit piece on Ron Paul (he hates the gays, blacks, women, seniors- yadayadayada)


blech- lazy and full of libel and hyperbole... Honestly, it not only sounds just lazy, but frankly stupid/uneducated....

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They are scared too.

Ya have to remember that the left is also a huge part of the estaablishment. In fact, there are probably more leftists in the establishment, than neocons. The left has been the establishment for a very long time, and in fact it is the Deomcrats that put the Federal Reserve into place, and the Income Tax, started most of the wars too(up till 1990), and pretty much everything bad that exists today.

So, they are not going to have anything good to say about any attempts to dismantle their statist tyranny.

The part that I find so funny about it, is that they take it so far "over the top". It reads like a comedy piece.
Are any leftists actually stupid enough to believe such an obviously hyperbolic description? I really find it hard to believe that anyone is stupid enough to believe that crap. Or that anyone is stupid enough to write it.

I saw that too

I saw that too, and I was pissed that the phony smears continue.

It is one thing to have specific policy disagreements (as I have on a few issues), but the smear-tactics are a horrible reflection of how even some "liberals" (faux liberals) would rather continue to have War Criminal, Fascist-Corporatist scum who happily lie to them each and every day continue on in power as their leaders ... then they would give proper respect and consideration for an Anti-War, Anti-Corporatist, honest man.

A response is necessary, because as we saw with Bush phony-attacks against Mike Dukakis in 1988, and exaggerated smears against Al Gore in 2000, and smears against John Kerry in 2004 -- if you let them smear you ... enough people will believe the smears.

The Ron Paul campaign needs to have a "War Room" similar to Bill Clinton in 1992 where he has a staff that combats all the attacks and smears, and sets the record straight.

You can never expect people to just be "smart enough" to see through the disguise. If that were true, America would never have gotten so messed-up and overrrun by corrupt people to begin with.