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Glenn Greenwald: The Decade's Biggest Scam

Ask yourself a question after reading the article below: Are there any candidates running for president, Republican or Democrat, that could agree with what Mr. Glenn Greenwald stated so eloquently in this article?


"The LA Times, while skillfully highlighting these wasteful programs, depicts them as some sort of unintended inefficiencies. That is exactly what they are not. None of this is unintended or inefficient but is achieving exactly the purposes for which it is designed. That's true for two reasons.

First, this wastefulness is seen as inefficient only if one falsely assumes that its real objective is to combat Terrorist threats. That is not the purpose of what the U.S. Government does. As Daniel Weeks explains today, the Congress -- contrary to popular opinion -- is not "broken"; it is working perfectly for its actual owners. Or, as he puts it, "Washington isn't broken -- it’s fixed":

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No its not the biggest scam.

No its not the biggest scam. The biggest scam is the giant housing bubble, with the criminal banksters profiting mightily on the way up, then being corruptly "bailed out", then dumping all the rotten loans on the taxpayer via fannie/freddie; and now finally buying up hard assets (real estate) from F/F for pennies on the dollar through their corrupt vulture funds, all the while charging interest on the titanic debt that it cost to fill their filthy carpet-bags.

We know that it was a deliberate scam, not unfortunate stupidity, because we know that Greenspan the bankster was a disciple of Ayn Rand , the Austrians and gold - before he got "stupid". They know EXACTLY what they are doing.


and there will forever be ambitious people co-opting

the government as long as power is centralized there.. the only way you can solve this is to force smart people make a honest living that benefits the society.. because they are always smarter.. no matter what you do, blaming simply 'the banksters' won't help.. the problem is in the government because again.. the 'banksters' will always be smarter and will continue to outsmart the public as long as the system is there.. it's not bankster vs the people rather smart vs the stupid so reforming government is about all you can do. blaming banks is like pissing into the wind.

and oh ya people who bought houses with no down payment and a floating interest rate are equally to blame, on top of being stupid.

Terror Scam.

thanks, - it is quite a relief to see this kind of material /data is now being made available. Glenn's -""Exaggerating, manipulating and exploiting the Terrorist threat for profit and power".

Pls also read -"US funds groups to peddle Islamophobia",

Fear, Inc. The Roots of the Islamophobia Network in America, - http://www.americanprogress.org/issues/2011/08/islamophobia....

Greenwald is brilliant. He's

Greenwald is brilliant. He's another guy that's actually fighting for our freedom.

y really good

y really good

Amazing article

Very pleased to read this - Greenwald shows depth in his understanding of state affairs by elevating to a relevant discussion on the militarized police apparatus and its corporate sponsors.

adam t

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G Greenwald analyzes the Security State Scam:

"Exaggerating, manipulating and exploiting the Terrorist threat for profit and power has been the biggest scam of the decade; only Wall Street's ability to make the Government prop it up and profit from the crisis it created at the expense of everyone else can compete for that title. Nothing has altered the mindset of the American citizenry more than a decade's worth of fear-mongering So compelling is fear-based propaganda, so beholden are our government institutions to these private Security State factions, and so unaccountable is the power bestowed by these programs, that even a full decade after the only Terrorist attacks on U.S. soil, its growth continues more or less unabated."

(We just came back from our family/clan summer gathering and, yes, we do have our share of "frightened sheep" among our family members, ready to dance and march as the gov dictates, all while losing their retirement savings and going bankrupt. Some former-Obm supporters on the left seem to be more receptive to RP's pro-peace pro-civil liberties talk. We did what we can to spread the message: the rest is in God's hands ;-)

That is such a great comment.

We can only do what we can do.


The rest is left for another ...

Or for God.

One bump for prime time crowd.