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Politico: A New Town Hall Strategy for Ron Paul

I just found this article on Politico: http://www.politico.com/news/stories/0811/62255.html

Apparently the campaign is shifting to a new town hall based strategy that will get Ron out there with the people. I find this pretty exciting. You have to admit that this strategy worked wonderfully for John McCain in New Hampshire back in 2008. And it will be great to see Ron Paul handling questions directly from the people. We all know he's going to be great at it!

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This is brilliant!
Most of the other candidates cant hold town halls because they have to run from their voting record.
Ron is literally putting his face in front of the public where the other ones can only hide theirs!

"OH NO! He has a SON?" Neoconservatives and Liberals EVERYWHERE!

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If he is going to do this the following would be helpful.

1) Give him a microphone with a feed into a camera.
2) Set up a camera in a good location, or have a professional cameraman
3) Put the recording up on YouTube while still fresh

That way the good news can be spread better.

A lot of meetings Ron Paul has does not have good video and sound.

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Video all of those and put them ALL on youtube. No way other candidates would do that.

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A great move

One criticism about Ron Paul in this format is he sometimes does not answer the questions directly, but sometimes indirectly in kind of abstract terms or through short lecture. So maybe at times the people do not feel that he is answering their questions.

Also I hope that at these events and in the upcoming debates he speaks about his stances as president and much less in philosophical terms. This is especially important for questions on Medicare/Social Security. He needs to answer the question specifically, what will a Ron Paul presidency look like for this country, and what actions will be taken? Right now the image of a Ron Paul presidency is all over the map from extremely good to extremely bad. This format may allow him to improve that image, which is needed to win.

This next month is huge with all the debates and now townhall meetings.

If McInsane can get this to work for him, how much better will

this work for Ron Paul? Can you just imagine?

It's a awesome idea. The 'Status Quo' are talking like Ron Paul, So its only fair for Ron Paul to borrow from their 'Townhall' successes as well.

This is huge!!

It worked really well for Obama..sure there will be plants -comes with the territory. Corporatist hacks like Maddow will try and take some bits out of context but it'll backfire. It'll get us out of this 10% polling range..

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This can be a winning

This can be a winning strategy...

A great idea

This is where he shines the brightest. When he's talking directly to the people answering their questions he is at his best.

A true miracle!

Politico has seemed to actually report on real NEWS for the first time ever!

I am Ron Paul

this is great however,

he better get a concise answer for his 9/11 stance.
i.e. blowback, etc., etc.
While we all "get it", the hoards he'll be talking to DON'T yet and there will probably also be some plants in the crowd.

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War is an instrument entirely inefficient toward redressing wrong; and multiplies, instead of indemnifying losses.
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Since the moment I saw the

Since the moment I saw the buildings fall and the newscasts said they were blown up... I have been a 9/11 truther. I recently relistened to the debate where guliani asked Ron to apologize and withdraw his statement on blowback to the audience. I honestly feel that that "blind patriotism" thing is slowly dying.

Ron's logic is sound, I am not sure how he could present the information any better. It's one of those topics where he would need like 15 minutes to talk about it.

he could say this, only completely accurately . .

I believe that to truly honor the victims, their families and the fallen heroes of 9/11 we must demand a true and complete investigation.
then spout a few statistics, especially the VERY inflammatory statements that came from the 9/11 commissioners own mouths
mention how many 9/11 commissioners quit
mention about bush not wanting to investigate
mention that cheney and bush DEMANDED that they testify together
mention the insider trading based on the event happening in the future
mention bin ladens family being flown out of the us after 9/11
etc., etc., etc., etc - I could go on . . .
basically pick a few of these items and say this is why it needs investigated so we can KNOW why it happened and WHO was involved

As true as it might be, and as pitiful as it is as an immature bunch of idiots we are as a country, "BLOWBACK" will blowback on Ron Paul.

Jackson County Georgia

War is an instrument entirely inefficient toward redressing wrong; and multiplies, instead of indemnifying losses.
Thomas Jefferson

I wish I could give you more encouragement than this simple bump

but I do what I can. Agreed entirely!

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This is a great strategy. It is true that McCain stumped all

over N.H. doing these "town halls" everywhere. I'm really glad Ron is going to be doing this!


i agree

He does fantastic, even that one hr vid where he spoke with the editors of a newspaper, he did great, even with tough questions from a more liberal journalist


Yes, he does a great job of

Yes, he does a great job of giving real answers to questions. Instead of spewing out the ambiguous drivel that we are accustomed to coming from politicians.