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Ron Paul: What It Takes To Win

What does it take to win?

Ron Paul spoke on this to supporters recently at the Florida Liberty Summit 2011

"There's two ways to define winning. To win liberty, a lot of people need to be more involved. It isn't a numbers problem. We don't need 51%, and the majority will rule, we don't say a majority is all we need. Rather, we need a determined minority; they must be thought leaders, they have to be involved, they have to lead others, and they have to be in positions of teaching, in the media and in different places. We have lost that fight because Keynesianism and Interventionism and our foreign policy have been the prevailing attitude. So whatever you can do to change the prevailing attitude as a leader. You are a unique group, absolutely unique, because most people either don't pay attention or they pay attention at the last minute before an election. So your responsibility is much different. The burden is on individuals like you because once you've discovered what's going on, and are confident about it, you have a greater moral obligation. You are not capable of just dismissing it, you can't dismiss yourself from the importance of this. If you understand it, you have this obligation to spread this message."

"People ask, 'What should I do?'"

"Do whatever you want. Do what you think is important. Everybody is an individual.

The most important thing is the responsibility of yourself and to study and read, and understand it, and how to explain it and convert people. Then, make a decision. Being a participant in Campaign for Liberty is pretty important, and keeping that going, and getting more groups, and more organizations..."

"Our efforts, should, in order to win, what we have to do is continue campaigning for liberty and get more people to agree with us."

What it takes to win - Dr. Paul

Florida Liberty Summit 2011


@ 2:00

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That quote is exactly why I love ron paul as well. He empowers us to be our best selves. Do our own research. Form our own opinions. He is so right....once you know the truth, you feel a strong moral obligation to help others learn the truth.

heres an idea??

try to get ron to tour a blue state like new york hes got a good following in buffalo and the syracuse area, he could also stop at fort drum and give a speech to the troops on his way to new hampshire or something

You could listen or call in

You could listen or call in and debate on my talk show. It's 2 hours every night from 12AM to 2AM central. at http://blogtalkradio.com/ronpaulgirl. Igain listens slowly but it is something! Just spread the show around if you can. Podcast on itunes. I want criticism from yall!! Everyone loves Ron Paul once I'm done with them!

“Wherever the standard of freedom and independence has been or shall be unfurled, there will her heart, her benedictions and her prayers be. But she goes not abroad in search of monsters to destroy...." Adams. http://ronpaulgirl.com http://blogtalkradio.c

Needs to win Iowa and New Hampshire

Ron Paul needs to win both Iowa and New Hampshire to have any chance to winning the nomination. The media will not do Ron any favors and the neo-cons will do everything in their power to ensure Perry wins the nomination.

Please visit my youtube.com channel for a list of my videos on Ron Paul and the 2011 Republican Primary. I hope you enjoy them!!


Please subscribe to my YouTube Channel.

God bless Ron Paul!

I’ve recently been struggling with the same question. “What do I do now"? I’ve felt a need to learn more about every subject; monetary policy, foreign policy, etc… but I must admit, sometimes it seems like such an overwhelming task. There is SO MUCH to learn! I pray that God will give each one of us the wisdom necessary to contribute to the cause of liberty. If God gives us free will who is the government to take that away from us?

Jack Hunter for Vice

Jack Hunter for Vice President!

"The world is a dynamic mess of jiggling things, if you look at it right." - Richard Feynman

I think he asked at the end

I think he asked at the end where is the washroom lol

President Ron Paul 2012: Yes He Can!

If I convert 2 people, and they each convert 2 people, and so on, and so on...

Thanks be to God for Ron Paul,

for helping us see that it is possible to live according to principles and taking the risks of truth telling, is worth everything.

He truly is a leader, a great leader among men.

His life and words makes my soul feel good.

God bless him and his loved ones.


Honest, Pure and Sincere

"Do whatever you want. Do what you think is important. Everybody is an individual"

I was deeply touched by how articulate Congressman Ron Paul was. He doesn't give u any BS or some agenda or praganda for me he's more like an enlightened teacher who have experienced it all, who knows the way and the truth and he is sharing it to all his people. A truthful president that's who will he be. When our nations ppl finds out the ugly truth about our present liberty, monetary policy, individual rights, the bailing out of corporations via taxpayers money i think we all go crazy. But as long as we continue to depend on a broken system of lies, deceits and half truths and govt regulations true liberty and free society will cease to exist. Would you vote for someone untested, corporate sponsored, with hidden agenda, war monger and promoted by mainstream media? I would rather educate myself find out the truth do whatever i want which i think is d mst important and decide to the best of my ability cuz one candidate has bestowed upon me that trust and that is Ron Paul.

"When the people fear the government, there is tyranny. When the government fears the people, there is liberty."

"People ask, 'What should I

"People ask, 'What should I do?'"

"Do whatever you want. Do what you think is important. Everybody is an individual.

This simple comment, all by itself, is the reason that I am have been on board 100% for years. It is what truly sets RP apart from every other candidate on either side.


They Just called Ron an Idiot on CNN!!
The gov. of Vermont on cnn morning

Tasers are Torture, Deism.com

the campaign for liberty.

the campaign for liberty.

After spending three weeks at the Florida beaches reading Liberty Defined and just now listening to this speech it brought me back to the true goal, the campaign for liberty.

When asked about winning Ron Paul choose to discuss the broader definition of winning, attaining true liberty, instead of an election. Ron Paul just like you and me are all participants in the campaign for liberty.

The greatest task that remains is to introduce people to what liberty truly means and then to show people that liberty works. The second part seems to be the hardest as many people who finally get a true idea of what liberty really is it sounds to good to be true to really work in the real world. This is the myth that must be broken.

Great post Tex

Thanks for reminding us all!

Advocating Liberty all the time http://tinyurl.com/4yhzbjo

Wow. "The burden is on

"The burden is on individuals like you because once you've discovered what's going on, and are confident about it, you have a greater moral obligation. You are not capable of just dismissing it, you can't dismiss yourself from the importance of this. If you understand it, you have this obligation to spread this message."
I like to hear Ron telling it like it is and addressing his supporters. The above reminds me of mario savios famous words
If the link doesnt work youtube mario savio. Itll be up top.

Pat Tillman would have voted for Ron Paul

The campaign should reach out to his family that this is a once in a lifetime chance to bring change to this world and make a paradigm shift in consciousness. If Ron is not elected, we are going to be Children of Men.


Too Bad

A distributor bought rights to Pat Tillman movie only to shut it off. Most didn't get a chance to see.

Reminds me

Reminds me of the Iowa straw poll. Bachmann and Pawlenty tried to force the people they bused in to vote for them by making them sign pledges. When asked if they did the same thing, Ron said "no, they're free to vote for whomever they want.". Perfect example of who wants to lead by force and who wants to protect freedom.

Plus bachman distributed 6000

Plus bachman distributed 6000 tickets for free and got 4000 votes for it. She lost 33% percent of her investment but shes still happy for it. This is a prelude to bad economics dont u think?

"When the people fear the government, there is tyranny. When the government fears the people, there is liberty."

"Change you don't have to Hope for"

- Ron Paul 2012

“I don't think we should go to the moon. I think we maybe should send some politicians up there.” -Ron Paul

█████ R █ O █ N ██ P █ A █ U █ L ███ 2 0 1 2 ██████

One of my favs

"It does not take a majority to prevail ... but rather an irate, tireless minority, keen on setting brushfires of freedom in the minds of men." ~ Ron Paul quoting the revolutionary Samuel Adams

A very common thought

during the tail end of the Enlightenment. Kant said essentially the same thing. That Enlightenment is a process that each man goes through as he learns and studies and uses his reason to decide what is right. And for a mass of people to become Enlightened, it takes a vocal minority to speak without fear, to disseminate the information.

Eventually the immature (in the Kantian sense) among us will wake up--we may have to shake them from their slumber, but it will happen. It's lovely to see a politician who has a sense of history and some substance and doesn't just change his views whenever the wind blows.

Kant, you must be a lawyer.

the first time I heard of him, was when my brother finally graduated law school and passed the BAR.

I waited for 3 years to ask him this question....
what is natural law? his answer? he made a vague reference to Kant, and left it at that.

Nope, not a lawyer

But a political philosophy junkie. And, frankly, the "What is Enlightenment?" essay really struck a chord with me--especially considering my own political/philosophical ponderings of late. (New to the Ron Paul thing, but have been concerned about the Fed and civil liberties for more years than I care to say.)

For what it's worth, natural law is a tricky one, and what it is varies widely depending on which philosophers you believe. Ties into the notion of the Social Contract as well as questions of ethics and the source of Rights.

I could have been a lawyer--according to my parents, anyway. Instead I opted to answer the call to teach.

Bastiat, Emer vattle, John Locke.and Ron Paul.

Vattle wrote the Law of Nations, mentioned in our constitution. I read a bit of it, and it is based on the natural law of nations. my brother told me it has been superseded by admiralty law.
I had never heard of Kant before, and had to look him up.
from what I can tell, natural law is a Deist and christian belief.
the very first paragraph of our declaration makes this very clear, right off the bat. it makes good sense if you want to avoid a theocracy. everyone should be able to identify with the concept of natural law.
my remark was not meant to be disparaging.


Not disparaging at all

Natural law--the kind that Ron Paul would affirm is definitely at least a Deist belief--that our rights come from God. The French turned this on its head when they adopted their Declaration of the Rights of Man and Citizen (1790?)where they said Rights are an essential part of being human. Not from God to us, but residing within us as a condition of humanity. Interesting notion, and one that caused quite a bit of stir back then. Unintended consequences, of course, in that, once rights were moved out of God's hands and into an individual thing, they had to be guaranteed by some entity--the State. And in the post WWI era (and now, in a way) when you have States refusing to guarantee those rights, individuals have very little recourse. Citizens have more rights than non-citizens, and historically this was quite a problem in the chaotic European system of the 1920s.

We'll never get back to a rights system based on Deist beliefs, as there are too many people who disavow even the notion of a Creator. The only way to move forward where everyone's rights are guaranteed is to have people aware of what rights they do have and be willing to fight for them. Not even specific rights (guns, religion, speech, etc) but the very notion of the Right to have Rights at all. When we remove natural law as a concept from which laws should be derived, we open the door to theocracy, dictatorships, totalitarian regimes, torture and overall disenfranchisement of groups we "don't like". (The recent Tea Party idea to only allow property owners to vote is an example of this trend).

Philosophy is fun.

Even if we lose, " WE WIN! "

"Nothing can stop an idea whose time has come." ~ Victor Hugo

"We're in a revolution! - and i'm lucky enough to be part of it." ~ Ron Paul

Sunny Girl..Missed you..That's my line...Ha!

"There's no on Gods green earth like Ron Paul." ~ Me

"Ron Paul is the exception to that gang of 535." ~ William E. Simon, Deputy Assistant Secretary-Treasurer Under Ronald Reagan

Dear Lord,

there is NO one else like OUR guy.

What he said was just TOO beautiful for words.

No One else thinks and speaks and carried himself with such integrity as The Good Doctor.

We are SO blessed to be a part of all that he is and all that we are learning from him.

God Bless you Doc - you have inspired so many of us.

Ron Paul is My President