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Ron Paul's Candidacy vs. Biblical Law

Ron Paul's Candidacy vs. Biblical Law

Monday, August 29, 2011

Kevin Swanson interacts with the rosy outlook of Christian sociologists like Bradley Wright, who is not really all that bothered with the divorce rates, the shack-up rates, the fornication rates, the massive increase in the size of government (thanks to modern "democracies"), etc. Is there a problem with our socio-economic systems? Some tell us to relax, take a pill, and everything will be better in the morning. But the break down the family and the break down of our debt-driven economic systems over the last 90-100 years may yield worse results than people think. Is this a time to elect moderates, or should we get back to electing men who have a strong record of standing for principle? This brings up a discussion on Ron Paul. How might a Christian whose ethics are based in biblical law look at a candidate like Ron Paul?


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