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When they wanna talk "poll numbers", send em here.

We all know how much our media loves to report and analyze all the various polls during an election season. It's their system of seeing "who's on top", but of course, it is a VERY flawed system. Unfortunately, these "polls" have a tendency to sway American voters to see the "poll winners" as the top tier candidates. Are the polls being manipulated to produce a desired establishment outcome? You betcha!
Now please note, Penn & Teller's show isn't exactly "family friendly". You're going to hear some foul language and raunchy humor, but underneath the "eye catchingly offensive" exterior, you'll find the truth.
Penn & Teller do an excellent job of explaining how polling data is quite irrelevant... and rigged.
Many of you have probably already seen these videos, but in case you haven't, give them a view. Also, next time someone says to you, "Ron Paul can't win, I've seen the polls. He never comes in first, his percentages are too low...blah blah..", Simply send them to these links, (if they can handle it), and THEN ask them what they think about all that precious polling data. Hope some of you find this useful.

(Please note: if you are offended by the "F" word, maybe it's best if you ask someone to just summarize the episode for you)

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

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