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Buying Things With Silver

I have to admit I am somewhat amazed at the reactions I have been given trying to buy a 1911 Style handgun for Silver.
I thought that gun owners would be more hip to buying and selling with silver, since I have seen vendors selling silver at gun shows...but, only a few even seem to know what Im talking about. Most seem very suspicious of me like Im trying to pull a fast one. Funny.I have bullion and US 90%.
Sometimes having contact with the general public is depressing.

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The Liberty Dollar is partly responsible.

I've tried to deal in silver many times - the official US Mint kind. I have to explain every time that I am NOT trying to peddle "Liberty Dollars" on them.

The mindset of distrust in NORFED is pervasive.

It is hindering using official silver coins.

I'm not surprised you are finding similar problems.