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the algemeiner article: Iran and All, It’s Got to be Ron Paul

I don't see a note here for this article yet. I wanted to put it in so it gets more of a bump. This is a decent article from someone who is not in full agreement with Ron Paul's foreign policy, but understands it's probably a lot smarter than the status quo or neocon nonsense. This is both the type of more civil/reasonable dialogue that needs to happen and also a good example of people coming into the fold despite not being 100% in agreement.

More interesting though, this is a Jewish newspaper. It should reach some of a demographic that (I think) would be extremely valuable to spend more time _politely_ trying to recruit to the campaign. Ron Paul's foreign policy ideas are arguably much more beneficial to Israel's defense and sovereignty than the status quo is, despite him being bashed in an ignorant mainstream fashion as anti-Israel or even anti-semite because of a less aggressive or fundamentalist driven war ideology.
While I don't pretend that the Jewish population vote swings entirely on Isreal-related foreign policy, I do think it is significant, as are cultivating allies in news channels like this, and helping gain mindshare in a circle that "we" are allegedly bigoted against (a bunch of nonsense outside of the rare loony toons that exist in any candidate's camp). I would recommend checking out this pretty thoughtful article and giving it a boost, linking to it and/or leaving a (reasonable) comment.


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So, this author, Gabriel Martindale, thinks that unless

USA continues to meddle and police in countries all around the globe with "competent interventionism", mind you, "other governments - variously nasty, stupid, thieving, grasping, murderous and incompetent" will take over.

His profound contempt against these "other governments" is astounding. In his mind it seems foreign governments and foreigners are NEVER equal to him & his people.

He even chides USA for having "infantile delusion" for not allowing Israel to grab "Judea and Samaria". . . while only giving "lots of shiny fighter jets it can use for totally pointless bombing raids on Gaza".

See how these "foreign aids" are received SO RESENTFULLY?

only half helpful

It's true that there are some assumptions/stances in the article that may not be dead on, although some of that is subject to opinion. I agree with your _position_ more (at least I think, that's not the clearest post ever, but it I'm guessing based on where the campaign stands and that I agree with it), but wonder if you realize how close you are to the inflated rhetoric game we would like to avoid? Especially among allies on the Daly Paul site where there really is no need... "Profound contempt" - are you sure it's that profound? "Astounding," - really, because personally I'm not that easily astounded. And superlatives in CAPS - why bother.

I don't want to get on your case too hard, there are plenty of worse things to say or ways to say them, but there is a reason why parts of the media and political sphere react with annoyance to ardent/zealous/obsessive Ron Paul followers. Adding drama and flair just escalates quickly into a hot-air war. It's on us to stay that much more reasonable and level headed in order to keep proving that the RP base is more than argumentative zealots like certain reason-resistant outfits would like to paint us as. I hope everyone remembers this when they take the debates to places outside of the Daily Paul.

Excellent article. Not

Excellent article. Not everyone has to agree with everything and he does not BUT he STILL realizes the great value of Ron as President. I really liked hearing his thoughts.

I Left My 2 Cents

Backhanded, and partly wrong, but thoughtful at least! I mean, he lists three options, and correctly rejects his first choice as nearly impossible. Wisdom. Gotta love it.

What do you think? http://consequeries.com/

this is a pretty thoughtful article!

Great find!

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That was actually an excellent read, thanks for posting the link.

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