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Flash!! Feds May Seize 'Liberty Dollars'

Feds May Seize 'Liberty Dollars'

Coin World reports that the feds are looking to seize liberty dollars from collectors and those using the coins instead of inflation-ridden Federal Reserve notes.


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Gold is up over $44 bucks an oz.

So the Feds want our gold & silver because the markets are about to crash. That is what this is all about..The prelude to confiscation of our precious metals.

Oh boy!

The Gold Seizure law has never been recinded. Now they want our

silver. I would expect Obama to tell Secret Service to confiscate our silver. If they go after the silver liberties, why wouldn't they send the feds to your house and my house.

Hide your gold and silver now!!

Uh oh.. I guess those

Uh oh.. I guess those autographed Ron Paul liberty dollars are now illegal contraband. I guess now they can just be thrown in the drawer with all the other 'illegal contraband'.