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Update: Ron Paul on the Alex Jones Show, 8/31/11

Thanks to DPer m72mc for the video find and YouTuber RonPaulFriends for the capture & upload.


According to Alex Jones at the end of his Monday show Ron Paul will be on Wednesday. The time when Ron will come on will be announced at the start of the show Wednesday August 31st. Depending on the Dr.'s schedule it could be at the very start of the show or later on in the show. The radio show starts at 11 AM CST/12 PM EST.

Listen live at http://www.infowars.com or http://www.gcnlive.com/li... to listen on the internet, channel 166 on XM for satellite radio, or check your local radio station.

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I'll prob get rated into the

I'll prob get rated into the toilet for saying this but I don't know about Alex, I like him more or less and his stuff on Waco was amazing but.. he's so angry and crazy at times. I feel like saying "Jess Alex chill out". Ya know Adam Curry on the No Agenda show does the same kind of news (if not better) and he does it in a much more light heated and entertaining way.

I guess you can pick and choose your style but Alex should know better than trying to attach Paul to these conspiracy theories the way he does.. it's almost like Alex is working against the campaign in that regards.

I would suggest Grandfather Paul keep doing these once-a-monther

s w/ Alex. They've been talking for a long time, Alex has consistently had interest in him & new people keep tuning into Alex every day. Its 1 thing to have the Campaign staff on the show, its another thing to have RP himself. Alex (Infowars) is on the frontpage of the Drudge Report & is VERY WELL listened to. Its refreshing for Grandfather Paul to go on a radio show that reinforces him, validates him, is nice to him. AJs radio show is not nothing. If AJ were willing to interview Rand, 2 members of the Campaign staff, whoever was authorized & Grandfather Paul once a month, say 1 a week, that would be 4 interviews a month. Instead of interviewing 2 members of the National staff, 1 could be from the state staff, like where the next Primary was scheduled, or maybe 1 should be from the Revolution Super PAC. Someone who is an election fraud expert really should be on the staff of Revolution Super PAC.

For some reason, we're expected to know every law that exists in America & in our state so we don't break it. We're supposed to know this when we're 18. There's no litmus test for them, as in the 10 commandments or rhyme or reason. C.U.R.E.

Yes and No

Yes, he could still talk to AJ, who is doing great work indeed, but there is also a problem that AJ is associated with the "911 inside job" (your grandfather not) and your grandfather needs to reach out to the type of people that do NOT listen to AJ. He should be IMHO more often instead on Brian Wilson's and Mike Church's shows (to also talk to the base) and some other radio shows. Perhaps they can get someone from the campaign to talk to AJ often, to give updates, but one also does not want to spill all your beans and strategies in the open.

Perhaps schedule a communique of your grandfather with bloggers and blogtalkradio as well, as well as senior advisers with the campaign, like Cory Adams, Doug Wead, Bruce fein etc.

sweet he let ron talk lol

I like Alex, most times though he is usually so excited he tends to talk more than his guests. He let ron have the floor, now my question is, will he put his $$$ where his mouth is and donate big to the super pac?

We need these big boys who have PULL to actually put up some decent cash and get things moving. I know we have millionaires and billionaires SOMEWHERE who should, could or would donate to someone like ron paul SO we need them to learn about the revolution super pac.

I mean yes, donate to the official campaign until you MAX OUT but then why not donate to the revolution super pac.

He might already be doing so, not sure BUT anyone with an update I would love to know.

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Wow that was interesting!! Great interview. Alex loves Ron

Paul so much, it always comes through in every interview he does with him. And he nearly always says something that makes Ron chuckle or laugh. This was most informative. It's up to us to expose the record of Rick Perry - I think Romney's is well known by now, but Perry hasn't been out there as long, so we best get busy on that one , , , Ron is doing a fantastic job on the issues, but we need to expose the rat Perry so people are aware of his record like Ron says - they need to know his record. The rhetoric ain't the record!!


Alex Jones is a fear monger

Alex Jones is a fear monger who makes money off that, not mention that guy likes hearing sound of his voice. Ron Paul should distance himself from this guy or this could torpedo his campaign. This Alex Jones guy is the same guy that claimed that a race riot would break out if the movie Machette was released and claims that 9/11 was an inside job (Debra Medina, the tea party candidate went against Rick perry, went down when she gave the impression that 9/11 was an inside job on Beck's show). You guys want to know why Ron Paul doesn't get respect, it is because he appears on this self-promoting whacko's show.

Fox News promotes fear (of

Fox News promotes fear (of Muslims under the bed) for money. Should Ron Paul refuse to appear on Fox News? What about MSNCB, CNN, etc.? Should he only talk to people with whom he is in complete agreement?


Sorry to inform you of this, but the only reason Ron Paul's campaign shot off the ground in Feb 2007 was because of the Alex Jones listeners. He promoted Dr. Paul before anyone else, and his listeners where the core of Ron Paul supporters in the beginning. If it wasnt for Jones, Im convinced we wouldnt be here today.

This is a fact

...says the fly on the wall.

: )

Alex Jones?

Never heard of Alex Jones until you trashed him - caused me to search him out. Thanks for the tip.

You are not yet awake

For the love of truth, please investigate a tiny bit of 911. In fact, all you need is to watch one video. See below.

FYI, Ron has been a regular speaker at JBS meetings, and they have been the cutting edge in exposing the criminal banking cartel which rules all major and most countries in the world. That's why our military is attacking all these countries, the current one being Libya. These countries are "rogue", meaning they refuse orders from the banksters. And THEY don't tolerate disobedience.

Wake up! Ron knows the powers that be. But you are still in the dark at midday.

RP's approach is less direct than Alex Jones'. I wouldn't call Ron's toned-down approach of calling for an audit less effective than Alex's bold call to repentance and actual naming of names.

They are different in style, but ONE IN THE SAME in purpose - which is to enlarge freedom and pull down tyranny.

If you are against that, then brother, you are against Ron Paul and Liberty.

Choose sides. Stop being a chump. Stop watching the MSN which you undoubtedly do now, thus your brainwashed state, joining millions of like minded, dumb-downed serfs.

Here's one video. If this doesn't convince you, then you are beyond help. You would have to refuse to believe your own eyes and ears if you don't instantly become a "truther" after viewing this:


Viewed almost 200,000 times in less than 2 weeks.

"It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a rEVOLution before tomorrow morning." - Henry Ford

You are so right..

Ron Paul should only seek votes and support from TRUE Americans who think like you do. You should just go ahead and let Ron Paul make the decisions..he's the one out there with the wolves while you type on your keyboard and spread your infinite knowledge and wisdom. But I suppose you armchair quarterbacks always know what's best don't you.

Without Alex Jones I wouldn't have known who Ron Paul was

Let me give you a little history lesson.

When the only other place to hear Ron Paul have a platform was the rare appearance during goings on in the capital on CSPAN. Ron Paul was given a carte blanch bi-weekly platform by Alex Jones usually for about a half hour to millions of people globally.

The only difference between a fear-monger and an alarmist is whether they have solid information. While he was wrong about the outcome of machete, probably do in large part to the entirely placated nature of the general public. The intersecting factors were there for the possibility of violence. That movie did completely and libelously demonize G. Edward Griffin; the author of the creature from Jekyll island; and his anti-fed organization "freedom force international"

Also, he didn't just SAY 9/11 was an inside job, he warned everyone about what was going to happen just several weeks before the event.

Beck is a backstabbing snake, what do you expect.

None of that is a reason to

None of that is a reason to not do his show.

But you're right - there will come a day when the mainstream media will link Ron to 9/11 truther movement and appearing on The Alex Jones show.

And when that day comes, we'll obliterate that attack like we always do. Also, Alex Jones, while I don't agree with him on a lot, I like him. He gets you questioning things and I think that's a good thing.

We need our OWN MEDIA to go to bat for Paul from this point forward. It's an INFOWAR out there and we need to fight, not back down.

Samuel Adams interviews Thomas Jefferson

I've always considered Alex Jones to be a modern day Samuel Adams. I think it is fair to compare Ron Paul to Thomas Jefferson. Two men who have put it all on the line for LIBERTY. We are blessed to have both.

Debbie's picture

I agree! I have always thought of them that way myself!

We are so blessed the have both.


Adam Kokesh

I think RP needs a different & or new spokesman. It does sound like Jesse was trying to say "because Adam is on everynight promoting RP. RP can focus on media & audiences that aren't RP supporters. People who are ripe for the message." or something like that. But if his spokesman can't articulate himself well enough. That's just going to hurt RP down the road. Why not hire Kokesh as his new spokesman or someone with better charisma & talking ability.


For one reason...

There's all that lame drama surrounding Kokesh, that only like 50% of the people (who even care) understand. But apparently, it's supposed to be a huge gigantic deal or something.

It's sooooooooooooo lame-

A guy like Slick Perry can work for Al Gore and promote Nancy Pelosi and vote for NAFTA superhighways and basically be a complete enemy, yet whatever obscure/petty issues that someone who just works for RP has to pass a white-glove inspection for everything they do. It's totally ridiculous.

Perfect. He spoke slow,

Perfect. He spoke slow, steady, made sense....if all the interviews were like that it would be in the bag.

I'll be totally honest...

Alex Jones does occasionally jump to or arrive at conclusions that I disagree with. But it doesnt change the fact that he and his team are the best reporters in the media today. No investigative journalist works harder or reports the truth more blatently than Jones. Hate him all you want, but the amount of people he has awoken makes him a hero in my mind. A true patriot.

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"Ron Paul is the real deal."

That's right.

All you AJ haters should listen to this.

If you don't understand that Alex is one of the greatest assets this movement has, your eyes and ears aren't open.

You may have that backwards

The movement is one of the greatest assets that Alex has.

Thanks Webmaster

For putting the interview video up very quickly. I was going to wait to listen to the podcast of the radio show but now as I listen too it I will not get antsy to hear the interview.

Live Free or Die

Ya go

ytc's picture

Thank you, m72mc!

What a positive, encouraging, energizing interview with Ron!

Alex asks interesting questions about CIA "coup", FEMA HR 605 and such, while giving us the most practical instructions about how "Ron Paul can and WILL win, if we get behind him."

Awesome interview

It makes such a huge difference when the interviewer is on your side. Thank goodness for guys like Alex Jones, Mike Church, and the Judge.

Yes, was very good. Alex is

Yes, was very good. Alex is probably the most helpful supporter that Ron has, irregardless of anything else.

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i recorded it

but i dont have time to upload right now.. if i see that no one uploads this to the tube, then i will upload it later.. but, knowing AJ, this will be up in minutes.

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