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CNN: Rick Perry Al Gore 2012

CNN Atlanta Georgia
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We have just learned that Governor Rick Perry chose Al Gore as his running mate.
Perry said in a brief statement:
"Al Gore is a good friend with a powerful message for America. We need democrats and independents in our camp and having him as my running mate will bring millions of Americans to our side insuring our final victory"

Governor Rick Perry also announced Ben Bernanke to be his campaign Chairman saying quote:
"with Ben Bernanke as my campaign Chairman I will no longer have problems with fundraising. Any time campaign will need money for some major television ad I will tell Ben to just print it. Actually our campaign slogan has changed to: Perry Gore American Phoenix Rising -- Just Print It"

There is more positive news for the Perry Gore 2012 campaign. Our latest CNN scientific poll done by our well paid contractor indicates Perry has moved far ahead of all his rivals. We are still counting the numbers but at this time we can say Perry has at least 66.6% of the vote. Others have about 6% each with soon to be former Congressman isolationist Ron Paul at the bottom of the pack as was expected by our pollsters and commentators.

Perry also issued statement regarding his foreign policy quote:
"My foreign policy will help bring jobs to Americans. Under my leadership I will draft at least six million people. We will build six thousand new military bases in many countries that still do not have them such as Switzerland and Norway. Placing six million new soldiers abroad will solve the unemployment problem in America"