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Video Update: Ron Paul on Neil Cavuto / Fox Business 8/30/11

Video: Thanks to DPer drheyde & Mox News:


Interview with Neil Cavuto on Fox Business – 6PM Eastern

Congressman Ron Paul will interview with Neil Cavuto on Fox Business Tuesday, August 30, at 6pm Eastern

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Cavuto is the best friend

Cavuto is the best friend we've got in the media.

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I like when Ron Paul said the governors could handle these

situations themselves if they had their National Guards back! Go Ron with logic that cuts through all the b.s.


offensive comment

neil really didnt have to say to dr.paul, you really have no chance of winning..i wish paul respectfully bit back a little

That wasn't what he meant. He

That wasn't what he meant. He meant that Ron Paul can't win with the media no matter how well he does with the populace.

Anything is possible even getting Ron Paul elected.

Anything is possible. Throughout history people have been doing what seemed to be impossible. Fighting for change is hard and will always be hard. If we don't try, we might as well bow down to the masters at be and submit to whatever they want.


Neil is mad you can feel it...

Faux News

why didn't you call it Faux News, was it taken?

Here is the Video


Holy monkey that was fast!

That was...

...the first time I'd heard Gary Johnson speak. He looked and sounded like he was on meth. Slow down there a bit Governor. Take a lesson from Ron and Rand.

That Was

nearly a waste of time with Ron Paul....
Cavuto - I'm not saying you or Johnson will win ...
No - you're not but you sure are saying they will not win.

MSM is such a joke.

thanks for throwing RP a bone today.

That wasn't what he said.

That wasn't what he said. What he said was... "I'm not here to say either one of you should be president"... which is exactly where a good journalist should stand. Good journalists should stump for no one but make sure that everyone is heard. That is what I got from Neil in this interview.


Cavuto made a pretty good plea for the networks to show more of Gary Johnson. But then he said, up next "Ron Paul" and had a presidential shot of him then cut to a commerical how FEMA is underwater.

Great interview.

Johnson copying Paul's positions?

Is somebody else already watching it?
Gary Johnson is exactly copying Ron Pauls positions. Abolishing the Fed, stop printing money, completely scrapping the tax system, (and also lightly suggesting to reconsider the foreign policy).

Gary Johnson

Supported Dr. Paul in 2008. I think he'd make a good VP.

Johnson is not copying Ron Paul

This is what he has always believed.



Johnson has had similar views for a long time. Not as long but Ron Paul did try to mention on this show that Johnson had the most Vetoes of any governor before he was cutoff.

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Ron Paul up next


He's the man.

Cavuto was right about Gary Johnson and others..

The media really IS hurting the American people by cutting these candidates out of the debates. Cavuto is doing a helluva job this year. I tip my hat to him:)

"sometimes I hug the coffee table when no one is looking."

That was

a waste of time with Johnson.

He didn't let Gary finish his

He didn't let Gary finish his thoughts.

On now..Gary Johnson gonna be

On now..Gary Johnson gonna be on too..looks good

Try this link


Off Topic ...

Does anyone know how I can get tickets the debate on Sept 7th in Simi Valley, CA?



Live link anyone?

Live link anyone?

Shd be coming up in half an

Shd be coming up in half an hour..:)

Perry Mandated Dangerous Gardasil Vaccination for Young Girls'

Rick Perry knew that Gardasil was a dangerous and unsafe product. He first said it was mandated by law, then when many children got deathly ill, he then reversed himself saying the shots were voluntary.

When The legislature returns from recess, I wouldn't be surprised if the lawmakers sponsor legislation absolving him of any wrong doing.

This could destroy his candidacy if this became a major news story. At the time this story aired on CNN, Perry had not yet declared his candidacy for President.

Btw, Not one word has been heard about this story since CNN covered it.


I'll be watching like always

and on a sort of related note...not directly to Dr. Paul but t liberty in general and one of his mots notable opponents:


This is corporatism at it’s finest, the government makes regulation at the expense of liberty and possibly even safety, in order to benefit one giant corporation. This should serve notice that corporatism is a bipartisan effort administered by the one big government party.
Rick Perry is a big government Republican and Jerry Brown is a big government Democrat, yet they both agree that the state has the right to ignore parental will and force our children to take drugs.

 If we allow the government (any government) to take away our parental rights, if we allow them to force feed us medication out in the open without shame, what’s next?


Advocating Liberty all the time http://tinyurl.com/4yhzbjo

The ETHICS of putting TAXPAYER money into the Stock Markets

What does Neil think of that? Because whether the money is printed by the Federal Reserve or borrowed, it started with Hank Paulson 2 weeks AFTER the Banking Bailout was granted, when he came on TV and announced, "Oh, by the way, the $700 billion won't be going to pay off toxic debts. It will go towards buying bank equities."

The idea that this government via the Federal Reserve would conspire to take TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS from the AMERICAN PUBLIC via higher taxes & never-ending money printing causing INFLATION of our goods & services exponentially, the idea that they would then turn around & put OUR MONEY (not theirs) into the gambling casino stock market, at the expense of taxpayers & many elderly who don't have their money in the stock market & who depend on interest rates to rise (not stay at .0001%), is OBSCENELY CRIMINAL. Perhaps THAT was the reason Hank Paulson needed to have the verbage that he would be free from criminal prosecution inserted inside the ORIGINAL 2 PAGE BILL.

So, let's get this straight. The TREASURY SECRETARY wanted to bail out the banking corporations, which are owned in great part by the Federal Reserve families, so that they wouldn't lose all their money, so that not only could they recoup their losses, they could then turn around and make TONS MORE MONEY in the stock market that THEY rig!

Pretty disgusting is what I say...pretty disgusting....and I just wonder what Neil Cavuto really thinks about this modus operandi of this money-laundering operation, because THAT is what it feels like to me---money-laundering through Goldman Sachs, etc. all at the expense of the public.

And, I'd also like to know the same with Dr. Paul's thoughts, too, on the UNfairness of this.

How Bout Neil Cavuto for Press Secretary