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Plot against the Ron Paul campaign?

Who really is Bruce Fein?

This is the question that Sibel Edmonds asks in her piece published today.

See the article here:


After reviewing this article I think there are serious questions raised as to whether the addition of Bruce Fein to the campaign is an asset.

Although Fein has publicly sought impeachment for many a president and has railed against loss of civil liberty, Fein's connections and his wife's public statements to me are a bit alarming and truly an antithesis to what Dr Paul stands for, if indeed they are true. I am hoping the Benton has done his research and knows for sure where exactly Fein's loyalty lies.

If anything it bears further investigation and flushing out. These ties, these comments must be fully examined and Fein must answer some questions.

His connection to the American Enterprise Institute scares me. The American Enterprise Institute's associates includes a roster of the who's who of neoconservatism, - the really heavy ones.

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