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Video Update: Ron Paul on Anderson Cooper 360 / CNN, 8/30/11

Thanks to SaveOurSovereignty for the video:


From His Facebook page: I'm going to be on Anderson Cooper 360 tonight on CNN at 8PM Eastern. Tune in if you can.

WooHoo! It's like a media blitz day for Dr. Paul!!!

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If your looking for style

go find another candidate. If you want substance, Ron Paul is the lone choice.

So he wasn't super smooth. I don't care. I listen to the content of his words.

Another great interview as far as I'm concerned.

On a positive note.....

Even though this interview wasn't the greatest (whether you think it was bad or not, it's definitely not one of Paul's better), it's awesome to see hardly any bias on this website. Could you imagine Mitt Floppy posting an interview that didn't go so well at the top of the website? Dailypaul.com posted this interview, just like all the rest. People on this forum are some of the most rational on the internet....able to discuss that it probably wasn't the greatest interview and not being blasted by everyone else on the forum.

after listening to this a 2nd time

i don't think dr. paul did all that poorly under the circumstances. anderson seemed to get confused talking about the seawall, and interupted dr. paul about a half dozen times. all in all dr. paul got his message out, it wasn't terrible, so net plus imo.

Two Galveston B.O.I.s

that is born on the island and went through Carla 1961 (fishing camp moved by torando)and Alicia 1983 (tornado grazed house) made it without FEMA. Wife had 6 great grandparents and three grandparents go thorugh the 1900 storm on the island and after the storm - no FEMA. Dr. Paul was correct the seawall was built after the great storm that killed 6000 people - you would think a newcaster would be educated about the greatest natural diaster that has hit the U.S. The city elevation was also raised after that storm without FEMA. I know I was very annoyed at the ignorance of the questions being asked and the interuptions of Dr. Paul's answers. I dont know how anyone could keep thier composure during this type interview but I feel Dr. Paul got his point across and it is appreciated. And may I say my opinon of the news media has been lowered again -greatly.

What's the difference?

Not counting grunts and unhuhs in the interviews, Ron was interrupted 5 times in 5:22 by Cavuto and 5 times by Cooper in 6:48. Why did Cooper's seem so much more strained? Is it the breaking of a train of thought or what?

I'll take my Liberty, it's not yours to give.

to be objective...

we have to consider the interviewers side too. If given the chance, an interviewee would ramble on and on to make his point. RP is no different, in fact rambles on quite a bit sometimes. The interviewer has got to break in eventually, else he can't cover all topics at hand.

RP needs to be more concise and give shorter, more to the point answers.

'Cause there's a monster on the loose

The below post is absolutely

The below post is absolutely correct.

Dr. Paul needs to control the pace. He cannot get into a shouting match. That simply is not presidential.

He needs to take his time and have a calm interview, when the interviewer is being an ass and Dr. Paul is being calm, cool, and collected, making the most salient point only in a calm voice, he will come off so much better.

Slow. down. Dr. Paul.

Jesse Ventura has a great method for dealing with interruptions

I've seen him do it several times when an interviewer starts trying to interrupt or cut him off.

Simply stop talking, and if it's in person stare the interviewer in the eyes. Don't participate until the interviewer is left talking to themselves or there's dead silence. If the interviewer asks what is going on, or why you are not talking, tell them you would love to answer if they agree to stop interrupting you. They will have no other option than to agree and have a decent conversation, or look like a fool.

This method works really well, makes the interrupter look like the blabber mouth and idiot that they are, and you take the higher ground.

hard to do on remote location interview...

but probably still a better idea to just stop talking and ask not to be interrupted.

'Cause there's a monster on the loose

Point Made and Understood

Ron Paul did another great job in explaining his position. The urgency was because he was being interrupted and he seemed exasperated that Cooper was using the 1900 Galveston storm wall reference to FEMA and he had to clarify that they didn't build the wall.

Anderson Cooper used a sneaky snippet phrase of "..you want to go back to 1900" (that is a common tactic being used against Ron Paul, that he wants to take us so far back in time to make him sound like a crackpot) under the guise of speaking quickly to make a point and Paul rewound him on that too. You have to listen very closely to every little thing the media says because now that their cat is out of the bag on their little blackout stunt against Paul, they use very subtle and not so subtle semantics to undermine him that could easily be chalked up as little harmless misspoken phrases when in reality they all know exactly what they're saying and how to say it.

I also loved that Paul was able to explain his solution to offset the disaster responsibility by taking billions out of the empire building abroad and use it to help the people the government assists in making poor decisions if the disaster need arises.

Any time Paul gets to use the example of the wasted hundreds of billions of dollars on foreign wars, nation building, and occupations around the world to illustrate his points about further waste in bloated government programs in this country and our need to end them, we have a victory on our hands.

Just awful...

This was on while I was doing cardio at the gym and I was so embarrassed that I almost had to change the channel. I hope no one there was paying attention to it like I was. I've been supporting Ron Paul since the last election and if he keeps this up, I don't know if I'll be able to defend him anymore. If a libertarian like me thought that interview was bad, I can't imagine what the general public must have thought.

I love it!

Because the R3volution does not depend on Ron Paul. It is about the people's morals. It is about wanting to be freemen. The people that want freedom and a government that oversees "just" courts and little else will vote for Ron Paul and take responsibility of their own lives and apply it to their occupations. They will not get hung up on a 76 year old hero stuttering with a reporter over things he has said X times before. If people want to be "saved" by Ron Paul (every i dotted and t crossed) they still don't understand what he stands for.

Mistakes have to be part of a free and REAL society.

I don't really like the way

I don't really like the way he slurs his words sometimes too, but I thought he made his point clearly, and once again the interviewer didn't really see it as a good point.

It seems though that he slurs his speech more though, when he's upset. Some people in the media are always trying to box him in and distort his views, I can see that as something that would upset me too.

Would it make you feel any

Would it make you feel any better if Ron had thick black wavy hair and a million dollar smile and said all the things the other people in the gym wanted to hear. That's Rick Perry.

no, Ron looks just fine...

the poster was talking about the mispronunciations, stammering, broken sentences, etc. This was down near the bottom of RP interviews, IMO, though his message is right on.

'Cause there's a monster on the loose

What was bad about it?

Just curious, because I had the opposite reaction.

If it makes you feel any better

... I happen to think that Ron Paul handled the questions quite well. His comments might make some people uncomfortable, but after Paul articulates his thoughts, they make perfect sense and anything else seems illogical.

Cooper is such a tool

Ron Paul did a good job against that big govt tool, I hope the libs watching this got the message.

In the old days journalists were pale and only came out at night

now (like Anderson) if they go in the sun they sparkle.

Bring back the gritty tobacco stained journalists who got paid per article accepted.

Debbie's picture

Wow, that was great! The more chance to inform on FEMA, the

better!! Got one in on DHS and TSA too!! It looked like Anderson Cooper got messed up on his teleprompter questions about Galveston but the Doc set him straight! All these msm's think they're going to "get" the doc on these FEMA questions, and he winds up taking them all to school and I've learned a lot from it too!


If I were him I wouldn't even

If I were him I wouldn't even bother going on CNN...no one watches that network anymore. They have some of the worst ratings ever...and we just witnessed why.

Anderson looked like a jackass. No wonder he is starting a day time talk show...

SteveMT's picture

How to look dumb by asking a smart guy dumb questions

By Anderson Cooper

Sounded whiny and

Sounded whiny and inarticulate and unnecessary. very depressed.

You know, sometimes I want to post stuff on Facebook like, FEMA should be abolished. But somewhere out there is a friend who has probably sustained a lot of damage. That person WOULD NOT appreciate my comment, albeit honest. That's the problem with this campaign. It's not a campaign to win; it's an honesty campaign. That doesn't win. Face it. Some people appreciate it, we appreciate, but the masses don't! I don't mean we shouldn't tell the truth. I mean we need to tell it in a way that people understand it.

Your friend needs to be warned about FEMA!

I witnessed it personally. Ron Paul is describing the Truth of what happens when FEMA gets involved. We got hit here on the Big Island of Hawaii by a 6.7 earthquake in 2006. I knew two families who turned to FEMA for help. FEMA is a cruel hoax and your friend needs to be warned. Just as Ron Paul describes, FEMA agents put yellow ribbons on homes and ordered the owners not to enter and PROVIDED NO HELP. We are in this to win. The Entitlement/Warfare System that everyone got suckered into has turned adults into infants who are unprepared, thinking Big Government will take care of them. Like the former Soviet Union, the Welfare/Warfare is in the process of collapsing. We need to be a clear beacon of light and confidence: Liberty works and and Freedom is the best way for humans to interact with one another.RON PAUL 2012!!

He didn't do well in this interview.

But that's not a reason to avoid the truth. It's only the truth which has been waking people up and began this revolution.

He didn't do well in presentation, but he did reach some people with the truth, which overall is a good thing.

Good point

Exactly. Lies and slogans and talking points don't stick. When someone gets the truth, it sticks. We're all proof. The truth will set us free.

Keep the faith.

Michael Nystrom's fists can punch through FUD.

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Ron Paul has been elected to Congress 12 time by TELLING THE

TRUTH to his constituents!!! He said so himself!


It's all too much for the

It's all too much for the masses to take in all at once. They can't handle it.

How about instead of "Get Rid of FEMA!" Why not phrase it "The States and Locals can do a better job" Make the sale in a gentler way.

Imagine if you were in East Berlin just before the Wall fell...

Imagine if you were in East Berlin just before the Wall came down and it didn't seem possible. Do you want to be the one saying, well, we shouldn't tear the wall down, maybe we should talk about extended passes to visit the West?! The System is collapsing. That's why Ron Paul is gaining traction and the collapse is getting more and more obvious. If we coddle the listeners we compromise the Truth. Lady Liberty must be loved or we lose her. You either believe in Entitlements and the Warfare State or you believe in Liberty. It's a package deal. RON PAUL 2012!

That's a terrible analogy.

That's a terrible analogy.