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Troops, we REALLY need to comment on this article. It's one of the worst I've read!


Please go read this at the Daily Beast (Newsweek magazine) & leave comments. I've already left mine, as well as a few replies.

The GOP’s Leading Crank
Aug 29, 2011 10:38 PM EDT Ron Paul has attracted widespread support this election cycle. But as Michael Tomasky argues, he’s an out-there extremist who deserves to be rejected by responsible voters.

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I think it's imperative to deluge trash like this

with the truth. Now that Ron's star is really rising, he's going to be attacked more. We need to answer these attacks because there are always people who don't know the truth.

21 minutes from OP

to reply/comment from the original post. lol
Glad that this was posted simply because it reminds me of what has become of (some of) the human species.
That rant deserves zero attention; It has to be one of the blindly hateful, and sneering articles I've ever seen. I'm certainly not going to sign up on yet another site, lending credence by association, just to de-bunk an already self-defeating article written by an obvious sociopath. Let Tomasky wallow in his own hatred, arrogance and self-delusion all by himself - you'll likely never convince these personalities of anything else.

I agree, who would read a

I agree, who would read a newspaper called The Daily Beast? A few Satan worshipers? Screw them.

Turn off the TV Propaganda.
Find out what's really going on!
"Your portal to reality!"

The guy tries to act like he

The guy tries to act like he is in the majority, when he holds very odd views. We are quick to "jump" when the media treats Ron unfairly, etc., but now they are doing slightly better, so maybe we did ok. I ..this guy reminds me of a group like the KKK or something. The daily BEAST? What does that mean? Sounds like a Devil's advocate, to me, and I am not religious at all. He is not the majority with his thoughts. I would not waste too much time on him. His mental processes are skewed.

There are a few new comments,

that support our cause. I hope they came from YOU!

No response?

Now really!!!!!!!!!!!!