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Paul vs Bachmann

I have this friend who is a volunteer for the Bachmann campaign. I wondered if some of you could help me out. I want to try and bring him over the Paul side of things. He says he likes Paul, just likes her better. How can I convince him about Paul without bashing him or making it sound like I'm just trying to run down his gal. Not that I care about defending her, I just want to come across in a positive way. Any ideas?

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a thought...

if you can get him to step back a little and take an historical look at what has happened to societies under totalitarian regimes - such as the one our govt is becoming vs those where the govt has had minimal intrusion into people's lives, perhaps he'll be better able to see how Dr Paul falls on the right side of history - and Bachmann does not.

goes along with the "changing his worldview" comment from earlier.

we talked...

and i mentioned some of the points mentioned here. He was surprisingly receptive. I think it is one of those situations where no one point or single discusion will bring him around. I'll have to "work" him slowly. Let him feel like he is the one doing the work and research. kinda like fishing. :)

Give me liberty or give me death.

Dont sugar coat it. Tell him

Dont sugar coat it. Tell him like it is. Bachmann is a wolf in sheeps clothing. She is just another neocon in disquise. I think its funny how she chairs the tea party caucus because the tea party movement isnt about a top down power grab its a GRASSROOTS bottom up movement. Its obvious to see why Dr. Paul is the godfather of the tea party because he doesnt parade it around like she does but agrees with the general consensus. Its obvious she along with Palin are attempting to highjack the tea party for there neocon power grabs. OR.... you could just tell him good luck voting for a tax lawyer bigot.

There is a world of

There is a world of difference between Ron Paul and Bachmann. Ron Paul is an advocate of Constitutional government. Bachmann is an advocate of more wars, more foreign aid - especially for Israel. Ron Paul wants our civil liberties restored. Bachmann voted for the Patriot Act.

I think you have to change your worldview to go from one candidate to the other.

you might be

right about that changing world view comment. Especially since he is a "political science" major, I just wanted to try, nothing wrong with trying.

Give me liberty or give me death.

by the way...

He is a political science major...

Give me liberty or give me death.