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Sensational NEW video "Unwavering Consistency, Unparalleled Foresight”


This has serious viral potential. Best use of 2 min of video I have ever seen.

Also See: My God, He's like a hockey goalie!

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It's gone!


This is from August of last year, and it's gone? Maybe other people duplicated it ... I'll go see ...

This looks like it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6EueTLiash8

"Moderation in temper is always a virtue; but moderation in principle is always a vice." -- Thomas Paine

Video as been removed. Is

Video as been removed. Is their another somewhere?

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I hope the video will be available again soon


Ron Paul is the greatest man

Ron Paul is the greatest man in our lifetime.

HOT DAMN! It's just about

HOT DAMN! It's just about PERFECT, in what it does. KUDOS! Terrific!


This ALMOST ruined it for me. In doctor pauls first speech you cut out, "Recession of 86 or 87". He PREDICTED THAT and you cut it out. /sigh.

there is something about the ending of this

that makes me able to watch it over, and over, and over again

Campaign Ads

While the current ads for Ron Paul are acceptable, I think this is proof that a different approach needs to be made. People want to trust the next president, while feeling true inspiration. The Campaign should start a contest for Ron Paul supporters that can make the best 30 or 60 second advertisement. I suggest this because we are the ones with the most passion and that will be conveyed in the ads. In the past I have noticed a variety of commercials for products expressing the same concept through different means. For example, a series of ads that as a whole promote what Ron Paul is all about fitting together like a puzzle because each is related to the other.

Liberty: Too big to fail

very nicely tied together

very nicely tied together video. Talking about the Real estate bubble, Gaddafi, inflation stealing the wealth of the dollar. ALL before the crisis happen.

Thank God he has existed fighting these battles for Liberty from before I was born.

A Masterpiece

Oozes style in addition to being moving and thoughtful. This, ladies and gentlemen, is how you promote Ron Paul.

Hello, my name is Andrew Ryan and I'm here to ask you a question: is a man not entitled to the sweat of his brow?

Beautiful video

And it helps that Ron Paul was movie-star handsome when he was young.

Nice Video but needs improvement as follows...

To the creator of the video, one thing that would greatly add to the quality would be to modify your sound settings. Use your editing software and go to your equalizer for your music track and lower the midrange frequencies - that way those frequencies are not competing with Dr. Paul's voice. It's common practice in movies and commercial media when you have a music track with a voiceover. If I remember correctly, it's called 'making a hole'. Or something like that.

Good Job!

audio: add a professional touch-

It's called side-chain compression and its used by most producers/audio engineers to soften background music at each moment vocals come in.

1. download the demo version of ableton live 8 (www.ableton.com)

2. create two tracks in ableton, one with nothing but Dr. Paul's voice, and another with everything else.

3. Go to audio effects, audio effect rack, compression; then click/drag generic compressor to audio track (the one without any voice).

4. Click side chain (upper left on compressor box) and select your input as the other track (good doctor's voice track).

5. Fiddle with the ratio, threshold, gain, and q knobs until you get the sound you love.

This particular process will add a very professional sound. I should also mention that ableton live is a great program for getting you eq perfect. Also, the full version of ableton live has a built-in interface for video-audio editing, (as in see your video play in real time while you edit your audio).

adam t

That's great advice Adamt81...

...I edit a little video now and again. I'll have to check that out myself! I usually just do it by hand in Ozone.

Very good!

It combines Ron Pauls consistency and his actual positions in a very intriguing way!
No candidate could ever make such a commercial, because no one else has Pauls consistency. It should be shown on TV!




good video. I wish it were longer

Pretty cool vid

Glad to see more of these showing up these days.

We are about to release a few videos as well. It really is an amazing way to get people to WAKE UP.

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Well done. Thanks for working so hard!



Gave me chills. Made me cry.

This video needs to be shared and put on TV.

But - it's 35 years no 30. He entered CONgress in 1976.

Ron Paul is My President

well he did take a break for

well he did take a break for a little bit in the 90s.

Not unlike God, Ron Paul is

Not unlike God, Ron Paul is the same today as yeaterday. I appluad him an dhis wife for such a long marriage.They should be an inspriration to many.I see Ron as the only hope for restoring the Constitution and liberty to America. Christians know who is in control and they don't reside in either the Whitehouse or in the halls of Congress. 2 Chronicles 7:14

Bob Marshall

After Watching That Video

I'm not sure if America actually deserves someone like RP as President.

Excellent video! I've been

Excellent video!

I've been working on one and it fell apart on me. I know how tough these are to make without a room full of original footage to put together.

Great work!

Hey, let's not steal Ron Paul Flix's thunder

No need to edit the OP and put a YouTube link before Flix's link! Supporting YouTube rather than the grassroots should NOT be what DP is about!

Use this link: http://rpflix.com/2108


WAS. AWESOME. Posted on fb and got immediate response. One of which opened up a dialogue to discuss foreign policy with a foxnews conservative who is now inspired to read his book! And yes - that moment where his announcement is met with uproarious applause...his humility nearly moves me to tears every time. This desperately needs to get on televison.


I wonder if this could be trimmed to 60 seconds.

Michael Nystrom's fists can punch through FUD.

New Commercial

This is the type of commercial the campaign needs to do...a collage of these predictions showing his unwavering stance through the decades. If millions of people would see something like this on TV it would turn heads. This blows the campaign ads for Ron Paul out of the water.

He said in 1983...

...in a couple years we'll see a depression? There's an "oops1"

Ron Paul screamed, "Hey you kids!!! Get outta my yard!!!"

Awesome vid! I agree with

Awesome vid!

I agree with this point. Take that out. please :)