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Mitt Romney will headline a major national tea party rally?

"For the first time, Mitt Romney will headline a major national tea party rally. On Labor Day the Republican presidential candidate will join the Tea Party Express' "Reclaiming America" bus tour in Manchester, New Hampshire, organizers tell CNN."


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The 'TEA PARTY' was an event, 'THE REVOLUTION' is the movement..

The bats got into the "BELFREY" Its time to dump that catch word.

The Tea Party was the outgrowth of an event that originally took place in 1773 in Boston Harbor. In 2007, Ron Paul supporters organized a simulated 'TEA PARTY' event.

The MSM ran with it, never giving The Ron Paul supporters credit for defining their movement with Ron Paul as their hero and candidate for President.

The event defined the Ron Paul Revolution movement so well that it had to be co-opted and destroyed by the establishment and their bought and paid for hacks.

** Note : THE REVOLUTION is a movement for the restoration of the American Republic and The Constitution. ie, Limited Government, Sound Money, Balanced Budgets and a Non-Interventionist Foreign Policy.

"We are in 'A REVOLUTION' and I'm luck enough to be apart of it." ~ Ron Paul

I predict an EPIC FAIL.

too much, too little, too late.

Romney will 'reclaim' America about the same way . ..

that FDR 'reclaimed' America; remember the 'reclamation'--


it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

Dump the Tea Party

It's time for all Ron Paul supporters to dump the Tea Party. We may have started it but should not be associated with this group any longer. Let's start a new one based on principles. The Tea Party is far too influenced by the GOP.

Any suggestions??


While there aren't too many TP supporters in my area, the ones I encounter both online and offline are just beyond help IMO.

So many of these people have this...thing in their head about our "duty" to protect Israel. They're completely obsessed with hating Muslims and Democrats ("they want to kill all the Jews!!!1"), love the Patriot Act, think the TSA is keeping us safe, etc.

They're a lost cause at this point and make the R3volution look bad...but that was the goal to begin with.

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The Ron Paul Revolution. It

The Ron Paul Revolution. It is what comes after the tea party.

This was all planned years ago, with the logical response to them trying to hijack a 4 year old protest. Our historic protest would have been meanigless without a revolution. The Ron Paul revolution.

And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor.

I have to say-

After reading a couple hundred comments on the FreedomWorks Facebook page about this, and no offense to anybody, but what an AMBIVALENT MESS the Tea Party is in it's current state. It's no longer about small government, less taxes, sound money, ....that stuff's all out the window. They really didn't care WHO they voted for, establishment neocons included, except to get rid of Obama. I'm no Obama fan, but the last few years has been a PERFECT continuation of neocon policy, and yes, the country is being imploded 'right on schedule'. If Grandpa Munster and Lady Blah-Blah were running the show, nothing would be any different right now, except maybe a full scale war with Iran. If Obama's replaced by an establishment neocon, NOTHING will change, ....nothing.
These people clearly take their orders from Fox "news", and the only thing that HAS changed, or will change again (maybe), is that Fox will be cheerleading for a neocon president rather than running a hit-piece every five minutes on a Democrat president. Other than being the 'Get Obama Party', they're clearly fine with the status quo as long as it's some globalist neocon doing it.
I really love Dr Paul, but hate what these establishment toadies of the media have done to what is rightfully, initially, HIS movement for change.

Well said and I too am

Well said and I too am considering leaving the Tea Party groups due to their lack of willingness to learn about true liberty or follow the Constitution.
Statist are everywhere and in every faction of party and so called conservative groups.

Nullify and set your self free!

I don't see masses of Romney supporters

showing up for him. He has a fixed number in his posse, plus who he can pay, but, even bussing them in, he has to provide air conditioned lounges playing Fox News to get his supporters out of the house.

Defend Liberty!

I don't expect Tea Partiers to drink the Romney Kool Aid

even given the way that the Tea Party has been infiltrated and corrupted. All we need now is a cross-dressing Guliani to show up.

A lot of wannabe's are courting the Tea Party vote, but only one candidate remains true to the roots of the original Tea Party.

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yes...Guliani in drag doing the moonwalk across the stage as the 'The Tea Party People' sing "macho-man"

I expect Mitt to receive a

I expect Mitt to receive a huge middle-finger for his efforts.

Another hi-jacking attempt and proof that the Tea Party...

doesn't know it's a** from a hole in the ground.

There is an organization called "Tea Party Patriots" whose founder said he wants nothing to do with Ron Paul.

Yet they have the gall to send me mail asking for contributions.

The only good thing here is that the corrupt republican party and RNC is being split from within.

"We have allowed our nation to be over-taxed, over-regulated, and overrun by bureaucrats. The founders would be ashamed of us for what we are putting up with."
-Ron Paul

Why not invite the CASTRO BROS and while your at it!

Invite CHAVEZ, and ask him to bring an oil tanker full of that cheap venezuelan oil to spray on them, so the audience would be in Socialist heaven with FREE OIL coming from the sky.

I hope one of the audience member is a smoker;)

I mean WTF, MIT MONEY at a tea party rally.

Freedom may be worth searching for.

I have given up on my fellow Americans, (not DPers) as I will not shed one more calorie trying to awaken anyone else who is not a critical thinker and does not have the inherent feeling that something is wrong.

A tax collector, a wanna-be

A tax collector, a wanna-be cowboy and a rich brat all trying to out 'tea party' the other...my God...why don't they all just come out in costumes like the Village People and do a little dance routine?

Ho, Hum?

The Ron Paul Tea Parties didn't get much media coverage. We should be sure to point out that our multiple tea parties nationwide drew huge crowds. Somehow, I don't think Romney will translate into as much enthusiasm and support as the supposed tea-party power-seekers or Romney hope.

So, do you go, wearing your Ron Paul gear? Line the bus route with signs? Or ignore them?

Logistics: It would be nice to provide free coffee at a Ron Paul booth and get headlines for being arrested...?

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Media coverage-

I'd never even heard of the Tea Party until after Obama was elected- er, innaugurated. Fox "news" used it to mobilize disgruntled Munster/Blah-Blah (McCain/Palin) voters, which is to say, it was THEN that is was hijacked, and used to (dare I say) 'radicalize' complete idiots. Nothing has changed, except, well, EVERYTHING.
The Tea Party is owned by neocons. Big money corporate welfare sponges like the Koch Bros, Dominionists like Palin or Bachman (as if the Constitution hasn't sustained enough damage), BFF's with the FED like Herman Cain. All are fine with globalism, empire, and think Israel's interests come before our country, EVEN if that means a few extra trillion in debt.

What do you guys think of this?

What do you think? We can use this in conjunction with The Daily Paul and other sites we love.


Using this site to organize press bombs (ie, emailing, faxing, calling the press organization in question) and setting the record straight.

Muckraker, Inc

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The Comments Were AWFUL

I couldn't read them all, but wow. Is there any way to get the commenters to see the light? They have a very low opinion of the Tea Party.

I was almost glad Ron Paul wasn't mentioned.

What do you think? http://consequeries.com/


Romney is about to jump the shark

With any luck, the shark will

With any luck, the shark will swallow him whole.

The Rush Limbaugh Wing of the Tea Party

Neocons feasting on oxycodone tea bags paid for with the blood of other people's children.

Any "Tea Party" event that headlines any of these neocon shills for big government and empire is NO Tea Party!


This is going to make for a great youtube video lol


Letter I sent:

I find it hilariously curious that Mitt Romney is headlining for anything labeled "Tea Party"! Ron Paul is the godfather of the Tea Party movement and any of the other Republican presidential candidates who have recently attached themselves to this label should be immediately discredited!  Mitt Romney is staunchly anti-Tea Party. He has repeatedly proven himself to be a big-government, pro-war and anti-limited government politician!  Ron Paul, on the other hand, has a 30+ year record of consistently voting for non-interventionist foreign policies and Constitutionally-limited government. Ron Paul is the founder of the Tea Party and is the only one in this current field of Republican candidates who has the bona fide credentials to headline in your upcoming tour.

 Movements come and go and the Tea Party movement is short-lived, rest assured. The Ron Paul Revolution is growing exponentially and is here to stay! Watch out, Tea Party and clear the way!!

Seriously...we saw this coming a mile away

No surprise here. It's very fashionable these days to be associated with the TP.

I hear they are only inviting people who are corporations and corporations who are people to this event.

In my mind, the current hijacked "Tea party" is only really made up of folks who hate Obama, and don't really care about the real issues.

The Ron Paul Revolution will continue with or without them.
Ron's supporters aren't going anywhere


also claimed to be "Tea Party friendly" a month or two ago, didn't he?

Over the past few weeks I've lost what little hope I once had for the teabaggers.

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Sounds more like a Douche party

If it were a real tea party they would throw Romney into the harbor.

Wonder how many actors he'll have waving signs.. you know like all the actors the president had when he declared "bin laden" dead ?


"Take hold of the future or the future will take hold of you." -- Patrick Dixon

lol how can he be a tea

lol how can he be a tea partier when hes never been to a tea paryty?!

Tea Party = Ron Paul and His Loyal Supporters

Everyone Else Need Not Apply...



Not a chance he will be able to play this part...

its funny because the audience sounds like crickets when he speaks at debates but suddenly he's THE TEA PARTY PATRIOT!!!


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